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External Leadership Leadership 201 The National Democratic Institute.

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1 External Leadership Leadership 201 The National Democratic Institute

2 Introductions Ground rules Ice breaker exercise ICEBREAKER/INTRO/ GROUND RULES Photo: Amy Hamelin, NDI

3 SESSION OBJECTIVES  To learn strategies for gaining support from friends and family  To understand the role and importance of mentorship

4 EXTERNAL LEADERSHIP TOPICS Gaining support for your leadership Facing obstacles Mentorship

5 GAINING SUPPORT Family/friends (personal) Colleagues/leaders (professional) Sponsors Photo: obsidian-sky

6 GAINING SUPPORT - PERSONAL Consider your family Discuss roles Discuss risks Enlist allies Photo: Sfriedberg Photo

7 5 STEPS TO SUPPORT OF YOUR PARTY/ORGANIZATION 1.Know Your Goal 2.Get to Know Your Party/Organizational Leaders 3.Make a Step By Step Plan 4.Identify Allies - Ask For Help 5.Find Mentors

8 1: KNOW YOUR GOAL Be Clear Be Vocal Don’t Give Up – It Will Be Tough

9 KNOWING YOUR GOAL What Do You Want? Who Knows This? Who Can Help You? Do They Know What You Want?

10 2: GET TO KNOW YOUR LEADERS Articulate Goals Be Consistent How Do Your Leaders Benefit? Don’t Be Shy Speak Up!

11 3: MAKE A STEP-BY-STEP PLAN Be Systematic Be Confident Be Specific

12 4: IDENTIFY ALLIES – ASK FOR HELP Articulate Your Goal Ask for Help List the Help You Need Follow-up

13 5: FIND MENTORS Ongoing Guidance May Help You Achieve Your Goals

14 SUMMARY 1. Know Your Goal 2. Get to Know Your Party/Organizational Leaders 3. Make a Step By Step Plan 4. Identify Allies - Ask For Help 5. Find Mentors

15 FACING OBSTACLES  Consider their role  Acknowledge their concerns  Ask for their help Photo: US National Archives and Records Administration

16 FACING OBSTACLES  Be persistent  Find allies  Consider their role, again


18 WHY PARTICIPATE IN A MENTORING PROGRAM? Builds confidence and skills Creates opportunities Helps to expand networks Builds sustainable relationships Photo: Alvar Canivell

19 BENEFITS OF MENTORSHIP “Paying it forward is an essential element of being an outstanding leader, and it benefits everyone involved—it’s a virtuous circle that leads to more of the same.” ~Ilene H. Lang, President & CEO of Catalyst

20 GETTING INVOLVED IN MENTOR RELATIONSHIPS Be open to the various types of mentoring relationships – Traditional – Intergenerational – Peer-mentoring Use online tools to stay connected


22 Working for Democracy and Making Democracy Work

23 EXAMPLE: Mentoring and Networking Initiatives Partners in Participation (PIP) Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow (YOTLOT) Tamkeen

24 MENTORSHIP ADVICE For mentors: – Communication is key – Share your experiences – Be committed For mentees: – Be proactive – Be prepared Mentor relationships are what you make out of them.

25 CONCLUSION Gaining Support 5 Step Plan to Gain Support from your Party/Organization Mentorship  Questions?  Feedback?

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