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2 Our Mission To engage high growth companies in corporate citizenship and philanthropic efforts so that new and leveraged resources are generated for community benefit. Our Work Entrepreneurs Foundation (EF) works with emerging companies to create, manage and implement corporate foundations and community benefit programs. Our Vision Silicon Valley will be considered a leading community, not just for our innovations but also for our corporate commitment to the broader community. About Entrepreneurs Foundation STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES.

3 Entrepreneurs Foundation serves as a catalyst for: Corporate Citizenship: Strategically engaging the organization in values based business initiatives that serve the enterprise and social change Community Involvement: Building awareness and active engagement in global community Relations programs at all levels of the organization Philanthropy: Creating and implementing a model of giving that scales to the organization’s capacity STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. A Catalyst for Companies & Communities


5 STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Corporate Giving Corporate Giving: Donate stock/stock options Give direct cash donations Provide matching gifts Create a corporate advised fund Donate office space Donate/discount product or services EF Participating Company Corporate Giving Opportunities for CBO’s: Articulate needs for community/organization and activities. For example how much money do you need to raise, by when, and for what purposes. Promote benefits of every dollar raised on serving the the community’s needs. For example, $1 = 2.7lbs. of food or two full nutritious meals. Articulate in-kind donations needed, and the minimum standards for excepting those donations. For example, you are only able to accept computers with 64 MB, or higher, of RAM.

6 STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Employee Volunteerism Employee Volunteerism: Sponsor team-based company days in the community Support individual involvement in community activities Encourage employees to take Board and other leadership roles with community benefit organizations Encourage employees to provide skills-based volunteering Enable civic engagement & participation EF Participating Company Employee Volunteerism Opportunities for CBO’s: Create volunteer opportunities for large groups, such as sorting food/toys/other items. Create volunteer opportunities for large groups that interface with your clients, such as serving meals. Understand and incorporate how the company wants to benefit from the group volunteer activities; for example, team building events. Identify volunteer opportunities for individuals, such as mentoring, coaching, training, and small scale projects Groom volunteers to take on leadership roles in your organization, such as board seats.

7 STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Employee Giving EF Participating Company Employee Giving: Host drives for employees to contribute (e.g. food, backpacks, toys) Conduct fundraisers (e.g. silent auctions and bake sales) Enable employees to donate PTO Enable employees to make financial contributions through payroll deductions Support 10K and 5K walk/runs Employee Giving Opportunities for CBO’s: As with corporate giving, articulate your needs. Enlist corporations to participate in barrel drives for such items as canned foods, school supplies, toys and clothing. Facilitate “wrap around” events to support your organization. For example, in addition to the barrel drive, the corporation raises money through grassroots efforts, such as bake sales, to support the drive. Make it easy for individuals to contribute by joining the United Way, and/or provide a “donate now” button on your website. Cultivate volunteers, growing them into donors.

8 STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Employee Giving EF Participating Company Corporate Infrastructure Corporate Infrastructure: Create a community involvement (CI) mission statement that incorporates the company’s mission, vision, and values Set goals for the program and community outcomes Survey employee interests Form an employee CI Planning Team Plan an annual community calendar Recognize and reward employees for their participation

9 STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Business Practices Business Practices: Institute policies such as volunteer time off (VTO), matching gifts, or dollars for doers Enable employees to donate PTO Institute a payroll deduction program Become an environmentally green company: waste and air pollution reduction, and energy saving measures (e.g. recycling, fluorescent light bulb, and alternative transportation programs) Order supplies where nonprofits benefit Use nonprofit staffing services that transition people back into the workforce EF Participating Company Business Practices Opportunities for CBO’s: Identify socially responsible practices, for example identifying computer recycling centers. Recommend socially responsible services to corporations, such as green supplies. Engage corporations in contributing to events, such as conferences or workshops. Enlist corporations to engage and participate in civic activities, such as legislative advocacy, or school initiatives, i.e. bonds.

10 STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Companies in Marketing/Communications EF Participating Company Marketing/Communications : Educate employees on community needs Represent CI program on internal and external websites Promote program through press release(s) Include program in employee orientations and handbook Develop cause-related marketing campaigns Summarize community involvement & impact in annual reports to share with company stakeholders Sponsor nonprofit events Publish an annual calendar Celebrate results! Marketing/ Communications Opportunities for CBO’s: Provide corporations with resources and materials, such as brochures and other collateral. Provide statistics and other compelling information about community needs and impact. Speak at corporate, all-staff, communications meetings. Conduct onsite tours and provide demonstrations. Promote the corporation as a supporter in your collateral. Provide the corporation with a logo and link to add to their website. Celebrate the impact of the corporation’s involvement.

11 STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Engaging Community Partners Entrepreneurs Foundation Engagements with the community must meet both corporate objectives & community needs. Types of engagements are selected based on company interests: –Business priorities –Leadership interests –Employee interests –Geographic proximity to the company Ideal community partners are organizations –who achieve their mission through broad community engagement and outreach. –have multiple ways for people to get involved. –have a well-organized volunteer program. –provide education and outreach around community needs. –can communicate impact/measurable results.

12 Ways to Engage EF STRONGER COMPANIES. STRONGER COMMUNITIES. Community- Benefit Organization Keep EF informed: Ongoing and upcoming volunteer activities, including seasonal activities, such as the holidays or Earth Day –EF will promote on EF’s Online Social Network –EF staff will bring CBO opportunities to the attention of individual companies as appropriate Special, one-time needs, such as beautification projects, or supplies needed Events, such as grand openings or fundraising events Personnel changes, such as Executive Directors and Volunteer Coordinators Share Results/Impact: Numbers of people served Demographics of those served Community statistics Direct impact of the help received by EF companies Statistics on improvements or worsening of community needs Annual Report

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