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+ 10th Grade Presentation. + OHS Counselors are here to help YOU! Ms. Kay Bloomdahl A - C Ms. Amanda HallD - Hi Ms. Kim ReykdalHj - Ma Mr. Dave ForresterMb.

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1 + 10th Grade Presentation

2 + OHS Counselors are here to help YOU! Ms. Kay Bloomdahl A - C Ms. Amanda HallD - Hi Ms. Kim ReykdalHj - Ma Mr. Dave ForresterMb - R Mr. Brian WentzS - Z

3 + How can we help YOU? Academic planning for graduation College advising & preparation Career planning Personal counseling

4 + Other people who can help you in Counseling Center Ms. Cathy Williams – Career Center Specialist (Monday – Thursday) Ms. Cheryl Dale – Career Center (Tuesday and Friday afternoons) Ms. Patty West - Counseling Secretary Ms. Vicki Ames - Registrar

5 + YOU HAVE MANY CHOICES AFTER HIGH SCHOOL Work - On Job Training Apprenticeship Military – enlist, ROTC, academy College--- Technical College Community College - 2-year degree or transfer 4-Year College State University or College Private College At our school 57% = 4-year college 38% = 2-year college

6 + What skills will YOU need for your future?  Effectively Communicate  Be a Self-directed Learner  Be Creative  Be information and Media Literate  Be a Critical Thinker  Be a Problem Solver  Be Flexible and Adaptable  Be Socially Responsible  Work well with others

7 + Jobs with Largest Projected Increase in the Near Future Registered Nurses Healthcare Technologists Automotive ServicesCivil Engineering Techs CosmetologistsArchitectural Drafters Fitness TrainersComputer Repairers ParalegalsBroadcast Techs Medical Transcriptionists Respiratory Therapists Welders

8 + YOU at OHS.

9 + High School Graduation Minimum Requirements All students must earn 22 credits, or pass 44 semester classes. 3 credits of English 2 credits of Math (Starting with Algebra 1; Pre Algebra does not count) 3 credits of Social Studies + WA state history if not taken in MS 2 credits of Science 1 credit of Occupational Education 2 credits of Health and Fitness.5 Health + 1.5 Fitness/PE 1 credit of Fine Arts All students must also meet standard on Reading, Writing, & Math on the state assessment and successfully complete a Culminating Project and the High School & Beyond Plan in Homeroom.

10 + More Requirements for High School Graduation High School and Beyond Plan folder is done in Homeroom. Lessons include annual goals, grade and credit checks, learning styles, and a career interest inventory Student Led Conferences will take place in April with your Homeroom Teacher (1 st period) A resume and cover letter will be taught in OHS occupational education classes Culminating Project Senior (or Junior) Year State Assessment Reading, Writing, Math & Science tests in spring

11 + Four-Year College Requirements NEW College Admission Distribution Requirements (CADR) for 2012 + 4 English 3 Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 are minimums-4 years recommended) Math during senior year in a quantitative course such as statistics, applied math or appropriate career and technical course; Seniors must take a meaningful math their senior year 2 Science (3-4 years recommended) Laboratory science including two Algebra-based science– Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics (most colleges require Chemistry or Physics) 3 Social Studies 2 World Languages (more recommended if schedule allows) 1 Fine, Visual, or Performing Art Students must take a minimum of three credits of CADR (core) courses each year of high school, including the senior year.

12 + Colleges want to see more than academics. Ask yourself these questions… What does your resume / activity log look like? Are you involved? Athletics Clubs Co-Curricular Activities Community teams or activities Are you in a Leadership position? Do you participate in Community Service? Do you have a part time job? What are your your dreams and aspirations for the future?

13 + Recommendation for Community College Preparation 3 English (4 highly recommended) 2-3 Math (Algebra 1, Geometry and at least Algebra 2 highly recommended! 2 Science (3 recommended) Laboratory science including two Algebra-based science– Physical Science, Biology (Chemistry or Physics recommended) 3 Social Studies Plus a high school diploma (and the remainder of credits that go along with getting the diploma)

14 + Registration for next year’s classes! April 16 Information in Homeroom “Showcase” to hear more about classes April 30 Subject Selection Sheets due to Homeroom teacher

15 + Options for challenging classes at OHS and other places Honors and AP Classes Open access A commitment to accept more challenge Can get college credit for taking AP Tests Classes in: English Math Social Studies Science Other Advanced electives Take the most difficult classes YOU can. Maintain the highest grades YOU can. Information about Honors and AP classes see Mrs. Riley, counselor, or teacher during registration time.

16 + Elective Classes at OHS Occupational Education Business- Visual Communication, Digital Design, Accounting, Work Based Learning, Marketing, Student Store Early Childhood Ed, Textile Design, Foods & Nutrition Web Development, Computer Networking, ONN Wood Tech, Auto Tech, Power Tech, Material Science Other: Photography, Visual Art, Journalism, Advanced Theatre, Annual Staff, Library Assistant, Applied Microbiology, Human Anatomy/Sports Medicine; AP Computer Science New Market Skills Center Programs Arts Art, Photography, Ceramics, Visual Art Drama, Adv Theatre Music- Band, Choral, Orchestra Business- Digital Design, Visual Communication Health/Fitness- Dancing Through Decades Other Electives Spanish, French, Japanese, German,

17 +. Tech Prep Classes at OHS Some Occupational Education Classes at OHS are Tech Prep. What is Tech Prep? Early Childhood Ed, Marketing, Advanced Marketing, Accounting, Visual Communication, Tech Communication, Applied Business Tech, Human Anatomy/Sports Medicine These classes start a training sequence at OHS that links to programs at South Puget Sound Community College after high school graduation, where community college credit can be earned for certain classes.

18 +. New Market Skills Center Combines half day at OHS with half day at NM. Three periods (1,2,3 or 4,5,6) Bus transportation provided each way Job skills training for credit. Up-to-date equipment taught by people in the industry. Variety of programs – Finance/Banking, Automotive, Construction, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Digi Pen, CISCO, Graphic Design, CSI, Early Childhood, Emergency Services, Medical Careers, Robotic Tech, Pre-Vet, Computers, Microsoft Office, Environmental Exploration, AMPS (Alternative Energy )

19 + Running Start Program Classes are taken at SPSCC for both high school and college credit. Tuition paid; students pay for books and provide their own transportation. Placement test needed; Must pass at college level. Recommended “B” average in high school. Classes must be 100 level or above. Register at OHS. Registration first week of MAY for Fall CC Quarter. For serious student who wants to earn college credit.

20 + What is YOUR next step? Plan classes at OHS carefully for next year Registration in late April through Homeroom Subject selection sheets will allow student choice Take PSAT in Fall of Junior Year Practice for SAT Learn about academic strengths Use results to work on weak academic areas Test offered only once a year

21 + Advice for High School Take most rigorous courses YOU can. Select course programs with YOUR interests. Maintain highest grades possible. GPA is important. Get involved in athletics or activities. Devote some time to meaningful community service. Develop clear goals for future. Ask for help. E-mail colleges for information.

22 + WHERE ARE YOU GOING? “If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up taking the wrong road.” (Counselors: Give each student a book “Where are you Going?” to take home.)

23 + Online Program: To Help You Become College and Career Ready!

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