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TravelWise West Midlands Website Launch Andy Thorpe Sandwell MBC.

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1 TravelWise West Midlands Website Launch Andy Thorpe Sandwell MBC

2 How did we get here? Finally, we can launch the TravelWise West Midlands website….once again! Address is the same as before: Based on the innovative Community TravelWise website Also schools, residential developments and companies – 5 website addresses potentially! Needed to bring all websites under one umbrella / portal



5 Why did we start the journey? Same as most organisations, to provide information How to travel in healthy and environmentally friendly ways and provide information about TravelWise activities To overcome the barriers to accessing helpful but “buried” information, ie many websites/pages Not just well-meant words on sustainable travel We needed a useful tool for use by the public etc

6 Which direction? The website provides information on: - sustainable travel and TravelWise - different methods of transport in particular areas - news and events - carbon, calories and car costs calculators - links to the Company, School, Residential and Community areas with own travel related web pages Where do you want to go?

7 Which direction? Sustainable travel and TravelWise Banner on the right hand side Navigation bar “About TravelWise” and “Smarter Choices?”


9 Which direction? Travel Information Mode of transport – specific pages with journey planners Map or list for district based information, banner - “Go to…” for more Can go straight to a district page from the home page - drop-down list on the right Coming soon – “Alternatives to Travel” flag and page




13 Which direction? News and Events Use navigation bar on home-page Most recent story highlighted, plus a link to the ACT TravelWise news page - regularly updated national news For events either click on calendar dates or look at the list - all the main sustainable travel events are listed



16 Which direction? Calories, Carbon and Car Costs Calculators What can be saved when travelling by different methods of transport Use links at the base of the home-page


18 Which direction? Company, School, Residential and Community Areas Please feel free to register your organisation! From homepage click on “enlist your business today” - wizard is available to help with setting up page “Get Directions” - quickly plan journeys Dedicated travel page for staff, visitors, interviewees Can be used for travel surveys, useful for Travel Plans



21 Where do we want to go next? Useful resource, but still room for improvement Increase number of visits from the general public, employees, residents, schools, community groups Companies and business parks to register with the site…..and then to tell others about how useful it is! Website to be regarded as the main reference point for general journey planning

22 It’s your turn to drive! Bound to be mistakes so please let us know Would like to make improvements to the website, to ensure effective connection with people When using the website and promoting it to people, think about possible different approaches then let us know: “Contact Us”

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