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1 Roles - Responsibilities ROLES - RESPONSIBILITIES.

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1 1 Roles - Responsibilities ROLES - RESPONSIBILITIES

2 2 Roles - Responsibilities THE PLAYERS The Adjutant General (TAG) USPFO Grants Officer (GO) Grants Officer Representative (GOR) Federal Program Managers (PM) State Finance Personnel Assistant USPFOs (ANG/ARNG) Legal Counsels Others

3 3 Roles - Responsibilities FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT AGREEMENT Required Agents per NGR 5-1/ANGI 63-101, Para 2-5d: The Adjutant General USPFO Who Signs First/Last?

4 4 Roles - Responsibilities The Adjutant General Head of State Military Department State Employee - Member Governor’s Cabinet Vested by Law to enter into agreements Ensures state upholds their end of agreements Ensures proper administration of agreements

5 5 Roles - Responsibilities USPFO Appointed by Chief - NGB as Grants Officer Not a warranted contracting officer Accountable and responsible for obligation and expenditure of federal funds Accountable Officer for real and personal property Appoints Federal Program Managers & Assistant USPFOs Appoints Grants Officer Representative Final decision authority in state on CA Matters

6 6 Roles - Responsibilities GRANTS OFFICER REPRESENTATIVE Appointed by USPFO to administer Cooperative Agreements (IAW Sect 21.22, DoD 3210.6-R) Must be a federal employee May be empowered to act on the USPFO’s behalf Coordinates Cooperative Agreement matters both internally and externally Performs routine administrative functions

7 7 Roles - Responsibilities ASSISTANT USPFO’S (1 of 2) Air National Guard Fiscal (Base/Wing Comptroller) Property (Base/Wing Readiness Management Officer) Real Property (Base Civil Engineer) ARNG Real Property (Facility Management Officer) The USPFO may place conditions upon the appointment, i.e., training.

8 8 Roles - Responsibilities ASSISTANT USPFO’S (2 of 2) Appointed IAW NGR 130-6/ANGI 11-02, Chapter 3, para 3-3 - in writing with the TAG/Commander’s concurrence Fiduciary link to the USPFO for statutory and regulatory management of programs Responsible technically and militarily to their Commander or TAG

9 9 Roles - Responsibilities DUTIES OF THE GOR Maintain CA files Monitor CA program - ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, terms and conditions Coordinate and enlist advice of specialists Prepare MCA, appendices and modifications Obtain required reviews and signatures Prepare and submit the Defense Assistance Award Data System (DAADS) Assist with the close out CAs

10 10 Roles - Responsibilities FEDERAL PROGRAM MANAGERS (ARNG) USPFO appointed Federal ARNG employee Obligate Federal funds IAW Federal laws, OMB Circulars, DoD Regulations, CA’s and State laws, regulations, and directives Coordinates with state finance personnel State link to NGB Program Managers Provide financial reports Prepare input to annual federal budget

11 11 Roles - Responsibilities FEDERAL RESOURCE MANAGERS (ANG) Appointed by the respective Group Commander in the wing Place orders/requests against the program funds Do not obligate funds - Obligation is a function of the Financial Manager Responsible for the proper expenditure of funds within the laws and regulations supporting the program Coordinate with NGB Program Managers, GOR, State Resource Manager and Wing Financial Manager

12 12 Roles - Responsibilities STATE FINANCIAL PERSONNEL State military department financial personnel Oversees fiscal control and accounting procedures of State Military Department Ensures expenditures are IAW law and terms of agreements Coordinates fiscal information with program managers, GOR and federal comptroller Certifies availability of funds prior to state purchases/contracts Provides reports and is the POC for the Single Audit Act within the State Military Department

13 13 Roles - Responsibilities LEGAL COUNSELS Federal >AGR staff member of JFHQ >Advises USPFO on CA matters >Advises TAG on other legal issues >Reviews CA issues for legal sufficiency State >State Attorney General or designated rep >Advises TAG on CA matters >Reviews CA issues for TAG >May be fulltime DMA employee

14 14 Roles - Responsibilities AUDITORS External Audit Organizations –Government Audit Office –Army Audit Agency –Air Force Audit Agency –Defense Contract Audit Agency DOD AND SERVICE INSPECTORS GENERAL Internal Review –NGB –USPFO STATE LEGISLATIVE AUDIT BUREAU

15 15 Roles - Responsibilities COMPTROLLERS STATE LEVEL –Federal fiscal law expertise –Funding regulation expertise –ANG = Certify funds for payment –Coordinate transfer of funds to programs –Coordinate with state financial manager –Coordinate with GOR and program managers

16 16 Roles - Responsibilities NATIONAL GUARD BUREAU Chief, National Guard Bureau Directors of ANG/ARNG NGB-ZC-PARC NGB-ZC-PARC-A NGB-ZC-JA NGB Program Managers NGB Comptrollers

17 17 Roles - Responsibilities NATIONAL GUARD BUREAU Chief, National Guard Bureau Directors of ANG/ARNG NGB-ZC-PARC NGB-ZC-PARC-A NGB-ZC-JA NGB Program Managers NGB Comptrollers

18 18 Roles - Responsibilities TEACHING POINTS TAG and USPFO sign Cooperative Agreements USPFO signature authority NOT delegated USPFO appoints Federal Program Managers GOR submits reports (ie. DAADS) State Federal Program Managers obtain funds and guidance NGB Program managers allocate program funds

19 19 Roles - Responsibilities QUESTIONS ?

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