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Trocaire Development Review launch. By Bobby Kerr – CEO Insomnia November 2009.

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2 Trocaire Development Review launch. By Bobby Kerr – CEO Insomnia November 2009

3  Education  CBS Kilkenny (primary) Castleknock College (secondary)  DIT Cathal Brugha St. Catering Management & Business  Graduated in 1981 Bobby Kerr – Who is he ?  Career  Worked on Oil rigs in the North Sea as a chef for 2 years  Moved to Canada worked as a catering manager for Aramark in the stadium and parks division  Moved back to Ireland and worked for 13 years in the Campbell Bewley Group. Started as a catering manager in UCC. Worked in regional management and national sales for 5 years.  Appointed as Managing Director of Bewleys in 1993. Ran the Cafes, bakery and franchising company (turnover €30 million) for 5 years  Finished career in Bewleys in an International Development role  Opened PERK in 1999 and grew the business to six shops over 5 years  Sold to Insomnia in 2003 and became CEO in 2004.  Was also Chairman and director of Newpark Hotel Ltd for 8 years. Sold this family business (after 42 years) in December 2007  Selected as one of the Dragons on RTE Dragons Den – New series starts February 2010

4 Key Facts Irelands leading Coffee Company  5 million cups of coffee sold annually  3000 sandwiches distributed to our shops every day  First Irish Coffee Company to go 100% fairtrade  5 th fastest growing coffee chain in Europe (2007 Allegra Report)  55 shops in Ireland  70 Tonnes of coffee used per year

5 Insomnia Fairtrade Facts First Irish Coffee Company to go 100% Fairtrade In 2006 Fairtrade Ireland increased its turnover 20% as a result of Insomnia conversion We never increased price to the consumer (we had an 8% increase in costs) Our Coffee is also 100% Organic since early 2009 We support Fairtrade fortnight and donate 5 cents for every coffee sold (€8000 - 2009) We are actively involved in countries of origin and make regular visits We spend over 3 Million on Fairtrade purchases

6 Nicuragua January 2008





11 Kenya May 2009







18 Tanzania May 2009




22 Fairtrade – Supply and Production Need for Irish aid funded work in agronomy training, building stronger co-ops, affordable credit etc Need quality product from producers Need continuity of supply Need a stable price Fairtrade price allows producers to plan and gives security

23 Demand/Market Need Trocaire and others to raise awareness for Fairtrade Need recognition of effort when companies do the right thing Need to mainstream Fairtrade so it benefits more producers Awareness of Fairtrade is now 64% of consumers (up from16% in 2002) Need to widen the product base on Fairtrade Need to ensure that Fairtrade initiatives benefit producers – less red tape

24 Reasons to be Cheerful ! Bobbys Top ten Tips for 2010: 1. Forget the begrudgers 2. Enjoy what you do 3. Be thankful you have your health 4. There is real value out there go and get it 5. Surround yourself with positive people 6. Set goals and targets for yourself 7. Be realistic 8. Don’t be afraid to modify or change the plan 9. Enlist a mentor – share your thoughts 10. It costs twice as much and takes twice as long - keep going

25 Questions?

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