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Transfer Student Success: Building Partnerships Across Departments and Institutions.

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1 Transfer Student Success: Building Partnerships Across Departments and Institutions

2 Charlene A. Stinard Director, Transfer and Transition Services Mark Allen Poisel Associate Vice President Student Development and Enrollment Services University of Central Florida

3 Develop strong networks, collaborative relationships with community college partners Establish strong partnerships within the university Create effective programming Improve retention rates Why Are We Here?

4 The UCF Model Collaborative Partnerships Programming for Transfer Success Summary and Recommendations Questions and Answers Agenda

5 Metropolitan research institution 3 rd largest university in the nation 2 nd largest university undergraduate population 53,000 students enrolled (45,500 UG) Over 8,000 new transfer students annually 28% of FL CC students transfer to UCF Over 87% of transfers are from Florida community colleges University of Central Florida

6 Vision for Transfer Services Help students before they arrive Work with them during the transition/first semester Help them graduate by providing a solid foundation Transition Progression Preparation TTS

7 Transfer Peer Mentors Transfer Student Counseling Manual Monthly counselor e-mail update Transfer and Transition Services Web site Knight Quest, transfer student guide Orientation Survival Guide Resources

8 Partnering with Students Peer Mentor Program: students helping students in the transfer process Transfer students, paid 10 hours/week Preparation: pre-admission advising Transition: significant role in transfer orientations, becoming a Knight Progression and engagement: connecting new transfers to the campus community Facebook: partnering with other students

9 Transfer Student Counseling Manual CD sent to all community/state college advisors Program of study for all majors Available online

10 Partnering with Colleges Develop advisor ListServ Send monthly reports of UCF news and updates Sample Counselor Update Enlist UCF academic colleges and departments for information Establish important links for timely communications

11 TTS Web site Resources for prospective students, current students, advisors News and announcements for students Links to other important campus resources NACADA award for Excellence in Advising Technology

12 Publications KnightQuest, transfer student guide Print publication, used by Admissions in recruiting transfer students Contains Transfer Tips and Checklist Contact information for important offices, e-mails, Web sites Paper vs. electronic format

13 RC/ ADM ADM  TTS RC/ADM  RC  TTS Transition Retain Graduate Advocate Advise Prepare Recruit Admit Direct Connect TTS ADM = Admissions RC = Regional Campuses TTS = Transfer and Transition Services Consortium Partners

14 Guarantees admission for graduates  A.A. or A.S. required Four consortium partners Embedded UCF advisors Pre-admission academic advising Early application process  Apply at 30 hours earned DirectConnect to UCF

15 On-site at partnering community colleges Programming in preparation for transfer  Choosing a major and taking prerequisites  Academic plans of study Pre-admission academic advising  Two assigned advisors from 30 hours earned Programming for transfer success TransQuest programming Direct Connect Advising


17 Collaborative Partnerships

18 Regional consortium partners Articulation agreements: shared responsibilities Internal partners  Student Development and Enrollment Services Reconsidered  Admissions  UCF colleges and departments  Undergraduate Studies  Academic Advising Council UCF’s Best Collaborator

19 Community College Counselor workshops Targeted workshops and programs  Faculty collaboration  Updates for counselors Collaborative programs  GradTrack with Valencia CC  Outreach programs for specific majors Programs with Community Colleges

20 GradTrack at Valencia Community College Community college and university faculty and advisors participate Students invited at 45 hours earned General transfer, admission, financial aid information Advising by major A Model Program

21 Decision Days at community colleges TransQuest Transfer TableTalk Campus visits and tours for students University Quest with SCC Major-specific programming Outreach Programs

22 Targeting Transfer Populations Transfer Success Workshop Series Programs targeting at-risk students  By major (business, engineering, etc.)  By GPA – easing “transfer shock”  Minority, low income, first generation transfer students  Students with disabilities University-wide collaboration in preparation for returning veterans

23 Articulation An effective tool for transfer transition Academic elements: community college A.S. program, university B.A./B.S. program of study Admission requirements Foreign language admission requirement General Education Program Graduation requirements Agreement terms

24 Assessment Institutional Effectiveness Plan Departmental Performance Reviews Satisfaction surveys  Students  Advisors  Faculty Student focus groups Program evaluations Student learning outcomes

25 Establish a transfer friendly environment Develop good policies and procedures Build strong relationships Exchange data and information Involve faculty, staff, and students Require orientation and make it applicable Create joint programs that prepare students for transfer Make Transfer Students the Priority

26 Assess your culture and programs Establish strong internal and external partnerships Arrange joint meetings; partner with your regional institutions Create and implement collaborative programs Get students highly involved in the process Develop a communications plan Recommendations for Partnerships

27 The key to success is developing relationships and working with others Summary

28 RESOURCES National Resource Center NACADA (Clearinghouse) er.htm er.htm –Creating Bridges Between Institutions, Hatton, A., Homer, S. & Park, L. (2009) –From Bridges to Coalitions, Harding, B. (2009) Comprehensive state Web resources – –http://FACTS.org

29 RESOURCES Jack Kent Cooke Foundation – encouraging transfer to selective institutions AACRAO articulation Web sites for all states National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students – –Association for the Study of Transfer Students


31 University of Central Florida Mark Allen Poisel 407-823-4425 Charlene A. Stinard 407-823-2231 Contact Information


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