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THE ON MISSION CELEBRATION. Partnering with other Southern Baptists to be On Mission with God.

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2 Partnering with other Southern Baptists to be On Mission with God

3 What is our privilege as we serve God?


5 What is God’s passion for the nations and our promise?


7 What is God’s plan for the nations and our mandate?


9 God Is At Work Today  He is moving among every people group in the world.  God’s desire is for all people to know him personally and to bring glory to His name.

10 God is at work in North America!

11 God is at work overseas!

12 God is at work in your association!

13 What is an OMC?

14 A Customized Strategy for Missions Awareness among Southern Baptists

15 What is an OMC? It is more than just an event. An OMC introduces international, North American, state, and local on mission Christians, highlighting the continuing missions opportunities and needs of Southern Baptists. Participants are encouraged to examine their personal and on mission commitments in a festive and energetic atmosphere. OMCs are customized for churches and associations.

16 What is the purpose of an OMC?

17 Mobilize participants to:  Intentionally celebrate God’s activity in the world  Anticipate their role in God’s mission  Participate by making a commitment to being on mission with God

18 Why should my association conduct an OMC?

19 Portrays the Cooperative Program Builds relationships between church members and Southern Baptist missionaries Emphasizes the biblical basis for missions Leads churches to broaden their missions commitment Strengthens financial support of missionaries Inspires a deeper commitment to pray for missions and missionaries Leads churches to reevaluate their methods of churchwide missions awareness and mobilization Leads to life changing decisions Educates church members about missions

20 Whom do I contact to schedule an OMC?  Contact your state convention’s OMC coordinator. If you do not have this information, call the OMC office at (770)-410-6478 to obtain a name and phone number.

21 The OMC Time Line  18 to 24 months in advance –Contact your state OMC office and set a date for consultation and a tentative date for your OMC –Enlist an OMC Coordinator and Vision Team –Complete and mail an OMC Scheduling Form to your state office.

22 The OMC Time Line  12 to 18 months in advance –Develop an OMC Financial Plan –Enlist an Associational Coordinating Team –Enlist local churches to commit to participate in the OMC

23 The OMC Time Line  7 months in advance –Orient local church OMC leaders –Communicate # of participating churches to the North American Mission Board (Realistic Planning)

24 The OMC Time Line  4 months in advance –Contact your guest missionaries –Ask guest missionaries about travel plans –Begin to pray for missionaries by name –Share associational prayer requests with them

25 The OMC Time Line  1 to 2 months in advance –Share with missionaries expectations and schedules –Buy airline tickets –Finalize all local church and associational plans

26 Whom Do You Call with Questions??? Beth Wolfe--IMB 1-800-999-2889, 1398 Karen Campbell-IMB 1.800.999.2889 Ext. 1712 Beth Bootz - NAMB 1-770-410-6478 1-888-634-2462, ext. 6478

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