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Entrepreneurial Leadership in STEM Teaching and Learning EnLiST Developing Entrepreneurial Teacher Leaders Presenters: Jeanne Koehler, Raymond Price, and.

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1 Entrepreneurial Leadership in STEM Teaching and Learning EnLiST Developing Entrepreneurial Teacher Leaders Presenters: Jeanne Koehler, Raymond Price, and Fouad Abd-El-Khalick

2 Conceptualizing Entrepreneur How would you define: Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial

3 Generating Knowledge Through EnLiST Overview of EnLiST Conceptualizing Entrepreneurial Teacher Leadership Creating a Conceptual Framework Engaging Entrepreneurial Leadership within EnLiST Discussion

4 Purpose and Goals of EnLiST EnLiST aims to build the capacity of a new generation of science teacher leaders through: Teachers contribute to transforming science teaching and learning in their classrooms, schools, and districts. cutting edge content and pedagogical knowledge institutes; building a community; fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset.

5 Overview of EnLiST EnLiST began in 2009 and includes: a focus on physics and chemistry (high school) and physical sciences (elementary and middle school); a three year commitment/engagement from teachers; a series of summer institutes on the Illinois campus coupled with school-year activities and support; partnership and collaborative activities within and across partners; entrepreneurial leadership opportunities.

6 Conceptualizing Entrepreneurial Leadership A conceptual journey featuring: a process; interdisciplinary participation; concept mapping and sorting; operationally defining and redefining terms; messiness.

7 Entrepreneurial Teacher Leader Conceptual Framework Moved forward through: more extensive review of the literature; –Social Networks –Teacher Leadership –Entrepreneurship: Business, Social, Intellectual, and Educational ongoing discussions with interdisciplinary research team; concept mapping and visualizing.

8 Research Team Fouad Abd-El-Khalick, Science Education Liora Bresler, Qualitative Research and Intellectual Entrepreneurship Janet Gaffney, Special Education and Teacher Leadership Wei Gao, GSLIS and Social Networking Caroline Haythornthwaite, GSLIS and Social Networking Jeanne Koehler, Organizational Change and Educational Entrepreneurship Anita Martin, EnLiST Project Coordinator Raymond Price, Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering Patricia Shapely, Chemistry

9 Overall Conceptual Model




13 Social Networks Actors –Nodes in the network –Interact and maintain relations with each other Relations –Lines in the network –Connect actors in specific kinds of interaction Ties –Lines between actors –Ties exist between actors who are connected by one or more relations Networks –Whole configuration of ties and actors

14 Social Network Questions Addressing information flow among teachers about science and science teaching Questionnaire Summer 2009 –Re 5 to 8 people you communicate with most frequently about science and science teaching (1) who do you learn from about science and science teaching? (2) who learns from you about science and science teaching? Describe briefly what you / they learn Interviews Fall 2009 (n=14) –More in-depth about: relationships with those they learn from, what they learn from others, significant learning experiences, change or innovation in science teaching

15 Educational Entrepreneurship An era of educational entrepreneurship has begun. Unconventional thinkers have founded organizations that are influencing K-12 education. Innovative models for delivering instruction and recruitment of teachers have been introduced. (Hess, 2007, p. 21)

16 Developing Entrepreneurial Teacher Leaders Since the early twentieth century, educational entrepreneurs have made major changes in U.S. public school goals, governance, organization, and curriculum. (Cuban, 2006, p. 224). EnLiST teacher leaders will: increase science content knowledge; develop and maintain more complex social networks; build entrepreneurial leadership competencies.

17 Educational Entrepreneurship Defined An entrepreneurial educator: changes the school system in significant or fundamental ways; creates innovations that disrupt the status quo; transforms the system itself. (Teske & Williamson, 2005, p. 45)

18 Entrepreneurial Teacher Leader Conceptual Framework

19 Entrepreneurial Teacher Leaders: Challenges For Teachers Teachers: often work alone with small networks; have limited non-classroom experience and responsibilities; have little exposure to leadership development and competency building; face economic, political, and regulatory constraints; lack of organizational encouragement for innovation; encounter systemic forces that limit innovation (real and perceived).

20 Developing Entrepreneurial Teacher Leaders Teacher leaders are encouraged to: identify opportunities to enhance science teaching and learning; create innovations in instructional delivery; broaden social networks; use entrepreneurial competencies to foster change at the classroom, school, and district level.

21 Building Entrepreneurial Teacher Leader Competencies Entrepreneurial Leadership course focuses on: building entrepreneurial competencies; gaining perspective (recognizing how one sees the world); practicing engagement and leadership skills; partnering with cascade teachers; creating entrepreneurial leadership projects that are supported; ongoing coaching and mentoring to sustain project development.

22 Ongoing Research and Measurement Evaluation team is collecting formative and summative data throughout the 5-year project. Data will include: –surveys (mid and post surveys); –content assessments; –interviews; –observations (using Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol). Assessment data from state and classroom tests. Ongoing research: social networks and entrepreneurial leadership.

23 Discussion

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