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INTERTIME CONTINENTAL Construction Company. “Intertime Continental” was found at the end of 1991 as a real estate brokerage agency. Soon after that, on.

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1 INTERTIME CONTINENTAL Construction Company

2 “Intertime Continental” was found at the end of 1991 as a real estate brokerage agency. Soon after that, on the base of the innovative decisions, the market situation is used in a way, which leads the firm as one of the most popular trade marks in the field of the real estate in Bulgaria. In May 1992 starts the publishing of “Imoti” newspaper, the business of Intertime Continental, is additionally stimulated by the idea of publishing of a listed information in a table on the inner two pages of the newspaper, which gives a comfort in the searching of the appropriate offer. Later the idea is accepted and applied by the rival newspapers.

3 In August 1993 “Intertime Invest” JSC was found with the main task - creation of instruments for house economizing. This allows the firm to spread its market segment mainly, not only in Sofia, but on the territory of the whole country. Mutual firms are found, under the name of “Intertime Continental” with branches in the biggest towns. In this way, in a short period of time are erected buildings in the center of Bourgas, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, Bansko and other towns.

4 In April 1999 “Intertime Continental” buys a furniture and wooden !joinery! factory near the town of Bansko. The all 16 edifices that have been constructed until this moment are supplied with the joinery, of our own production. In the connection of the building of administrative edifices on the “G. M. Dimitrov” boulevard, “Vitosha” boulevard, “Khan Asparuh” street, and others, appears the necessity of great amounts of aluminum joinery, the firm develops its own production of aluminum joinery - !glass package!.

5 “Intertime Continental” opens in September 1996 office - a kind of a showroom on the “Patriarch Evtimii” boulevard, close to the great people-stream. The good results lead to the opening of a second office - showroom on the “King Boris III” boulevard No 282 by the international way Sofia - Kulata in the center of Kniajevo.

6 In the end of 1997, after the publicly announced policy of quick privatization and the improvement of the investment policy in Bulgaria, we started the publishing of “Investments” newspaper. It is closely specialized in the field of investments. That gives the opportunity to a high number of Bulgarian and foreign firms to discuss the business themes in Bulgaria. Some opportunities in the field of franchising are created and realized, as well as the using of a high qualified Bulgarian and foreign specialists, as consultants on a permanent work in “Intertime Continental”.

7 1995 - 1999 The quick and critical changes of the market situation makes The Board of Directors to search for the creation of a flexible and quickly adaptable organization and regulates the firm’s structure and creates a collaborators equip with a high professional qualities. As the basic instrument for achieving the wanted results the Board defines the use of the most contemporary methods and management technologies.

8 Since 1994, “Intertime Continental” JSC has build and given out 18 housing and administrative buildings with a total area of 68000 square meters (m 2 ).At the present moment the Firm is building eight buildings with a total unfolded area of 34000 m 2. ”Intertime Continental” JSC has employed on a contract basis 62 engineers, architects, IT specialists and about 350 workers. We can find more information on the firm’s site:

9 Thus, in the beginning of 1996 an equip of managers and software developers starts to work out software products, as the functionally effective interactive system, apart from the obligatory and the most contemporary mechanisms, there are also traditional ways for thought conducting and organization such as the use of the chess clock during the time of the work meetings, a situation state mechanisms by each employer, a mechanism for bringing up a debatable themes directly to the corresponding department, with the opportunity for making analyses and suggestions, suggestions directly to the asked part, an innovation system, marketing and control, an operating plan system, an execution control system, an investigation and analyses system, a firm training system, as well as other satellite software products, which are combined in an information management technology “Professor Build”.

10 In 1999 is realized the basic part of the for an organization founding with the all necessary systems, guarantying a high effectiveness, efficoucioness, high quality of the business process. This is a natural consequence of the process in the firm from the moment of its founding until now. A time, characterized with ambition and constancy in the realizing of the given aims. Where each unsuccess is a stimulus for a constant fight for improving the team’s professionalism and the management system. Time in which Intertime Continental gained experience from the reconstruction of old buildings to the construction of offices with a non standard execution. Time in which the power of the firm was best realized in the residential construction and in the office and administrative edifices, trade complexes and stores.

11 “Intertime Continental”JSC is the absolute leader in a electronic trade in Bulgaria through its e-business site “EVERYTHING THAT PRESENTS INTERTIME CONTINENTAL NOW IS A SYNTHESES OF THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE, GATHERED IN A SHORT AND CLEAR PHILOSOPHY…….. LETS MANAGE!”

12 For comunication: Tel: ++359-2-91020 Fax: ++359-2-9870113 E-mail: URL:

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