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Destination: South Eastern Europe 11. – 19.7.07 Martin´s and Jonatan´s hitchhiking adventures.

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1 Destination: South Eastern Europe 11. – 19.7.07 Martin´s and Jonatan´s hitchhiking adventures

2 P A R T I C I P A N T S Name: Martin (Macane) Vacek Age: 20 School: student at UJEP Interests: Music, English, volleyball, philosophic literature Name: Jonatan (Kalhota) Kaleta Age: 23 School: teacher in Kladno Interests: Music, mountain- climbing, diving, work with children

3 „I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.” Rosalia de Castro The way there The way back 1 2 3 4 5,6,75,6,7 8 9

4 11.7. 21:34 This is the first day of our journey. We set it off at 8 am at one petrol station near Prag. First man who took us was a scout, who was on his way to Slovakia where he was going to camp. We got out of his car at another petrol station near Brno. We had an incredible luck this time. A worker for AAA Auto took us with him on his way to Budapest!!! We arrived at another petrol station near Budapest at around 5 pm. Then we waited for an hour and were taken by a truck company on it´s way to Bucharest. We let get out at a petrol station about 8km to Szeged in South Hungary. We will sleep in a neighboring forest;)). Good night!!! Back to the map sunset on the Budapest- Beograd highway

5 12.7. 22:00 Today is the second day;)! A Hungarian driver took us to Szeged in the early morning. We spent 3 hours there trying to find fresh water into our bottles. We were hitchhiking then for an hour and were taken by a married couple in Volvo. They were unfortunately locals, but they wanted to help and took us to a truck park place. Then they left. No truck company was willing to take 2 dirty guys;) So we walked a bit. Then we stopped one Serbian driver. We got to Serbia in the afternoon. The driver took us to Subotica. Subotica is a town in West Serbia. To the next page Serbian panel houses

6 Regarding hitchhiking, we were unsuccess- ful. We decided to walk again. This time 8 km to the Budapest-Beograd highway. We reached the highway exhausted. The sunset was about to come. For 2 hours we were unsuccessful again. The last car we bet on really stopped. Such a toddler´s joy. We discussed many topics with the driver. He is a doctor and is good at politics, so he explained to us the situation of Serbia quite well. We got out of his car in Novy Sad in South Serbia. We built our tent near the highway. It´ll be a wild night;) Sleep well!!! Back to the map Jonathan and me in Novi Sad A hypermarket in Novi Sad

7 13.7. (01:00 14.7) We had posh breakfast this morning. We bought different kinds of bread in a nearby supermarket. Our breakfast lasted for an hour;). We met a wandering dog and played with him a bit. We set hitchhiking off. After a while, we were taken by a German speaking driver. We could hardly make clear, where he was going to take us, but we managed it finally. We got out of his car at one petrol station near Beograd. It wasn´t a good choice. The traffic there was extremely busy, that we had no chance. Then, the extraordinary solution came. We paid a taxi through Beograd. It wasn´t so expensive. About 200 crowns for both. To the next page Jonathan while having breakfast Our friend from Novi Sad

8 The driver introduced us to the history of Beograd. We followed his speech so intensively, that we almost forgot to get out. It could have been definitely an expensive story;). Behind Beograd we were taken by a Turkish driver. We were happy about that, but not for the long time. He started to haggle over money and we had decided that we will never give us money to anybody. It may be conceited but it´s hitchhiking though. We got off his car at (how is it called?;)) another petrol station. There, we met group of awesome truck drivers. They took us to the Serbian-Bulgarian border. We passed it exactly at 24:00. P.S. Serbian girls need to be in Vogue;) Back to the map Martin while hitchhiking The flag Of Stari Grad

9 14.7. 23:30 We woke up to the next hot day. Hitchhiking was dreadful, because the way was so dusty. After 2 hours we got in an older man´s car heading to Sofia. He was like a spaceship driver. I was really scared. Jonathan was scared a bit, and that means something;) He didn´t communicate at all. But finally it was ok. We were hitchhiking next 4 hours near Sofia. It was so hot and so long that we gave up and got to the Sofia´s main railway station by taxi again. We didn´t plan anything and decided where to go with a small help of the railway station´s board. In 21:00 we have already been in the train to Varna. Can you hear the sound? tata tata....tata tata;) Back to the map

10 15.7. 23:15 So we are in Varna. What a distance!! We arrived at the railway station at about 7 am. The train was quite overcrowded;). We decided to take a rest but at first we had to find where. We found a cozy place without piles of people on the beach. We slept 3 hours then. Then the sea had already waited!!!;) We spent all day on the beach and eventually we found a pub, where we had our dinner. Back to the map A beach in Varna Our hotel;)

11 16.7. 23:30 We visited Varna in the morning. It´s really a beautiful place with plenty of cozy nooks. But you can also see the great contrast between tourists and local people. A 4 star hotel on the right, and a simple fishing hut on the left. We had our lunch at the same place as previous day. The incredible heat lasted for many days. We spent the rest of the day in the sea doing tommyrots;) Then the night!;) We decided to get to know Varna at night. When we got the main boardwalk I couldn´t believe my eyes. Beautiful girls all around me;). We took place in a bar with a wonderful view of the sea. Then, we listened to a pianist not far away from the bar. Wonderful end of the day;) Back to the map Another beach in Varna Jonathan in a restaurant

12 17.7. 22:00 This was our last day in Varna. We visited Byzantine cathedral in the morning and then jumped into the sea again...for the last time. We wrapped our "hotel" up and went to the railway station. We spent a few hours in e-café just not to forget how pc looks;) We got on the train to Sophia at about 21:00 pm. But this time with beds;)...Good night!! Back to the map Jonathan and me by the Varna´s cathedral

13 18.7. 12:00 We are in Sofia again. We booked a bus ticket to Prag. We are tired but grateful for everything what we have already experienced. Back to the map a hot basin in Varna

14 19.7. 8:00 We have just arrived at Prag. We´ve got mixed feelings and it´ll be a long time before we are able to sum our journey up;). But it´s interesting to be on Czech train by the way. Finally I´d like to say that if you haven´t visited Serbia, or Bulgaria yet, you need to do so soon;)!!! saying goodbye to Varna

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