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The central part of a word

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1 The central part of a word
Root Words The central part of a word

2 Structure Prefix-root-suffix Prefix-root Root-suffix un-success-ful
Re-do Root-suffix Happi-ness

3 Sense Roots Root Meaning Example aud To hear To listen audience audit
Audition auditorium

4 Sense Roots Root Meaning Example vis To see Visual supervisor vid
Video spect Spectacle Spectator spectacular

5 Sense Roots Root Meaning Example Dic dict To say To talk Predictable
Dictator Voc vok To call Vocal Vocation provoke

6 Sense Roots Root Meaning Example scrib To write Prescribe inscribe
scrip Script inscription Graph,gram To write or draw Autograph diagram

7 Use it! 1. A vocation (voc) is really a: Calling time away song

8 2. Post-script (PS) really means:
Pretty smart After writing Before writing

9 3. Predict (pre) (dict) To hear before To say before To write before

10 4. When a driver’s license is revoked (re) (vok), it is:
--taken back --called back --looking forward

11 5. When you win your first trophy, your name will be inscribed on the brass plate.
Called in Written in Seen by all

12 6. The counselor advised me about colleges.
To call toward To see toward To write toward

13 Combine a prefix and root
7.Did your (VIS) ___________ check your work? 8. I’d rather be a (SPECT) ___________ than a participant in sports. 9. The doctor will (SCRIBE) ________ new medicine. 10. No one can (DICT) _________ the future.

14 ROOTONYM--DICT 1. A book containing a selection of words of a language, usually arranged alphabetically. DICT__ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 2. Something that foretells the future; a prophecy. ___ ___ ___ DICT ___ ___ ___

15 ROOTONYM 3. Any judgment or decision. The findings of a jury.
___ ___ ___ DICT 4. To say or read aloud for a person to write or type. DICT ___ ___ ___

16 YOUR TURN Make four “rootonyms” for a root word that you learned today.

17 More Roots Root Meaning Example hydro water Hydroplane hydroelectric
Aqu- Aquamarine aquarium Cred creed To believe Incredible

18 Root Meaning Example -mis- To send Transmission missionary -mit- Remit submit -port- To carry Transport portable

19 Root Meaning Example duct To lead Educate aquaduct pos To put position pon Component Exponent

20 Try These 1. During summer, we (POS) ____ our skin to the sun.
2. The mean lady (DUC) __________ the child from his yard. 3. We must (PON) _______ the concert until Friday. ________________________ Choose from: composed, reduce, postpone, repose, expose, abducted

21 Flip a Chip 1. Four syllables=Four Words Example: re vision Pro spect
2. Flip your chip and record the words. Revision Respect Provision Prospect 3. What do these words mean?

22 4. Write a paragraph using the four words:
Out of _________ for Mrs. B., the students made a _____________ of the paragraphs that they submitted first semester. Because they knew the task would be difficult, the group decided to make a ___________ and get food to keep them alert. The sub sandwich looked like a good _____________ for dinner.

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