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The Great Depression Life in the City Day 2 of a two day lesson.

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1 The Great Depression Life in the City Day 2 of a two day lesson

2 Objective Students will identify federal recovery initiatives put in place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and how they changed regulation, administration and work programs.

3 Franklin Delano Roosevelt “Economic Regulation” 4:32

4 FDR’s “NEW DEAL” -Jobs Programs, public infrastructure, rural electricity, roads bridges, government buildings, art -Tried to find work for everyone no matter what skill -Jobs had to have a public purpose Alphabet Soup Programs

5 America: Lets Roll up our Sleeves Impact of the New Deal (4:32) Impact of the New Deal (4:32) NOTE: Film made by Government

6 Strong Armed by Policy: Did the Government end the Great Depression? End of Great Depression…WWII??? Critics of New Deal Policy ◦Little to boost the Economy and business ◦Created massive government spending and crippling debt that would be dealt with in future ◦Created BIG GOVERNMENT that hurts business ◦Government should NOT Regulate money End of the Great Depression (1:50)

7 What did I just Learn? Put it on the board….

8 What to you think? ( Quick Assignment: No specific Length. I WANT YOUR IDEAS!!! Write down what you think was the better approach to ending the Great Depression in the long term concept of the economy. Do they think FDR’s programs or WWII had more influence fixing the economy Tomorrow: Review and Exam HINT: Bringing Completed Reading Guide would REALLY help……

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