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How different types of sentence add variety and precision to your writing.

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1 How different types of sentence add variety and precision to your writing

2 The Sentence Patterns Code 1. Sentences that have a basic Subject-Verb pattern are underlined. 2. Sentences that open with a Prepositional Phrase are in Blue Type. 3. Sentences that have a phrase or clause between the Subject and Verb are in Italics. 4. Compound Sentences with a Coordinating Conjunction (“and” “but” “or”) are in Green Type. 5. Sentences that have a Subordinating Clause with a Coordinating Conjunction (“when” “although” “if”) or (“who” “which” “that”) are in Red Type. 6. Sentences that have an (“ing”), (“ed”), or (“to” plus a Verb) Phrase are in Purple Type. 7. S entences that do not fit any of the above categories are in Brown Type.

3 First, in the construction field there are many opportunities that allow me to show my talents. I am good in mathematics, which helps me figure out how many studs are needed to go in a wall that is a certain length. I also like working with power tools. I use saws, jackhammers, drills, and other tools that help me perform the task that needs to be done. Coordinating time and dates for subcontractors is also important. It allows me to see who is on site, and when they should be done. These three skills help me perform my job well in construction.









12 Sentence Stats Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 16 Sentence 2 25 Sentence 3 7 Sentence 4 19 Sentence 5 9 Sentence 6 15 Sentence 7 11 Sentence Variety3/7 Ave. Words per Sentence14.6 Word Total102 Number of Sentences7

13 One of the hardest parts of attending school is the time constraints placed on me and my family. At home, I will have to juggle time with my family, time for homework, and time to sleep. For instance, I have less time for our game night that is when we all play a game together. It is because I have to do homework that makes me miss out on this special time I use to spend with my family. I miss out on sleep simply because I work full time on top of going to school, and spending time with family. There are just not enough hours in the day. In the end, though, these obstacles and sacrifices of time and sleep will be worth it in order for me to better provide for my family.








21 Sentence Stats Paragraph 1Paragraph 2 Sentence 1 1618 Sentence 2 2518 Sentence 3 719 Sentence 4 1924 Sentence 5 922 Sentence 6 159 Sentence 7 1126 Sentence Variety3/7 Ave. Words per Sent 14.619.4 Word Total102136 Number of Sentences 77

22 Breathing sounds so simple, but few of us breathe correctly especially under stress. Controlled by two sets of nerves, one belonging to the voluntary nervous system and the other to the involuntary nervous system, breathing is the only function that a person can do consciously or unconsciously. Under stress, however, most of us tense up and hold our breath, tightening our stomach, which doesn’t allow for breathing easily. Because the breath is the bridge between both systems, we can gain control of our autonomic nervous system and reprogram it by the simple act of slow, deep, regular breathing. The next time you feel tense or under pressure remember to take a couple of deep breaths and relax; you will feel the difference.






28 Sentence Stats Paragraph 1Paragraph 2Paragraph 3 Sentence 1161813 Sentence 2251834 Sentence 371920 Sentence 4192430 Sentence 592219 Sentence 61595 Sentence 71126 Sent. Variety3/7 6/6 Ave. Words per Sent. 14.619.417.3 Word Total 102136121 Number of Sentences 776

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