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Laptop mobile work station. Laptop mobile work station with drawers.

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1 Laptop mobile work station

2 Laptop mobile work station with drawers

3 CPU mobile workstation Laptop mobile work station Quick resource guide Product specification Work surface size: 19.5” W x 20.5” D Base size: 17.5” x 17.5” wheel to wheel Weight: approximately 100 pounds Maximum standing height : 45” to work surface Minimum sitting height: 33” to work surface Height adjustable monitor: 6 “ Four 5 inch medical grade, sealed, swivel casters Included hardware & accessories Work surface keys Mouse cubby Storage basket Monitor mount ( CPU version ) Electronic locking double drawer ( optional ) Universal corded scanner bracket ( optional ) Wireless scanner mount (optional )

4 1.Work surface for locking technology 2.Height adjustment lever 3.Adjustable keyboard tray 4.Wrist rest 5.Mouse holder 6.Universal scanner holder – (wireless scanner holder optional ) 7.Locking front casters 8.Work surface key locks 9.Rear access panel for technology 10.Locking double drawers ( optional ) 11.Electronic keypad lock Key Features

5 Operating your mobile CPU / Laptop work station Your Alliance mobile work station come fully assembled. Your cart has several height adjustment features which can be changed to accommodate different users. Work surface height adjustment Use the hand lever located on the right side of the cart to raise and lower the work surface. Squeeze the lever up and either pull or push down to adjust work surface.

6 Electronic keypad General operating instructions The default maser lock code is 2-2-4-4. To unlock, enter the code on the corresponding push buttons. The blue LED will turn on indicating acceptance of the code. Rotate the oval lever to the rear of the cart. To lock, rotate the oval lever toward the front of the cart. Tamper time out / penalty time Entering three incorrect codes will cause the lock to shut down for 10 seconds Battery power The electronic lock is powered by 2 AAA 1.5v batteries. The lock will provide over 15,000 opening before the low battery signal starts Low Power When the battery power is low, the Red LED will flash 3 times after a code has been entered. Batteries should be changed immediately. The lock will operate on low power for approximately 100 opening. Battery failure override If a low power signal is ignored, the electronic lock will stop working. The lock has a built in override feature to provide access to replace the batteries. See Code Lock brochure for instructions. Programming and coding The electronic lock has a variety of programming and coding features. Master code commands Sub-master code commands User code commands For full instructions refer to Codelock instruction manual.

7 Keyboard tray adjustment The keyboard tray has three adjustments, front to back, height, and tilt Retracting: The keyboard tray moves freely retracting in and out below the work surface. Height and Tilt: There is a lever located under the keyboard tray that will tilt the keyboard positively and negatively. Squeeze the lever up towards the tray to adjust. The same lever also allows the keyboard tray to move up and down. Mouse holder and tray Use the mouse holder to secure the mouse when not in use. The mouse holder can be moved to allow for both right hand and left hand mouse surfaces

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