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FSO Installation Free Space Optics The Practical Aspect.

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1 FSO Installation Free Space Optics The Practical Aspect

2 2 The Path to a successful IR link Site survey Choosing the right product Design for safe (worst case) margins Perform a clean “by the book” installation Test end-to-end link connectivity

3 Preparation

4 4 Performing the Site Survey 1.Choose a mounting location 2.Confirm line of sight (Site A to Site B) 3.Note where fiber and power should terminate 4.Determine link range using GPS or other methods 5.Photograph the site 6.Go to Site B and repeat steps 1-5 7.Complete the site survey check list (Site Survey Form)

5 5 Choose A Mounting Location

6 6 Line of sight Clear line-of-Sight Atmospheric disturbances dust clouds smoke large vehicle traffic (fumes) Physical obstacles Moving objects (cranes etc.) Trees Birds Nesting

7 7 Line of sight With chimneys

8 8 active Chumminess Link Location

9 9 Site Survey Scintillation Sources Air conditioning units Long, hot, rooftops Smokey chimneys Heavy traffic exhaust fumes Metal Roofing

10 10 Long, hot, rooftops Long hot roof can cause scintillations NetLight Unit

11 11 Long, hot, rooftops Long metal roof can cause heavy scintillations during summer time And can affect the traffic. The NetLight should be higher at list 15feet above the roof

12 12 Long, hot, rooftops Better location to mount the NetLight

13 13 Long, hot, rooftops Are you crossing this roof?

14 14 Air conditioning units Point B (Bad location) Point A (Good location)

15 15 Air conditioning units Vibrations Stable mount Wind Compressors Elevators Traffic Building Sway Wooden buildings Earthquake buildings

16 16 Site Survey Windows and East-West Links Windows 4% light reflection from each surface 15% loss from a double pane window Tinted windows increase attenuation NetLight should be placed at an angle greater than 1  and never more than 45  away from perpendicular to the window. Green, gray, brown and mirror window are not recommended because of very high attenuation East-West links Errors if 0.5  sun disk overlaps the NetLight Only for a few days a year Only for a few minutes each day Note: When transmitting trough window it important to notify the customer that From time to time the link can be blocked by the window cleaner elevator

17 17 Transmit Trough Window Drawing

18 18 Transmit Trough Window Picture Taking off part of the window coating Marking for the window cleaners

19 19 Photograph The Site Photograph the location Spot alternative mounting locations (if necessary) Photograph the line-of-sight ( From the NL final height) Photograph the overall roof top Photograph the under line terrain

20 20 Bad Line Of Sight Example

21 21 Installation

22 22 Rooftop Mounting Four types of Mounts Wall pedestal mounts Floor pedestal mounts Extended wall mounts Pole clamps mounts

23 23 Wall Pedestal Mount. Wall Pedestal Mount. Used when the link needs to be elevated above the top of the wall. M054C - 10 inches from base plate M053C - 22 inches from base plate M022C – 34 inches from base plate

24 24 Floor Pedestal Mount Reinforced Floor Pedestal Mount. Similar to the Standard Floor Pedestal. M015C - 47 inches (concrete) M059C - 47 inches (Indoor) M058C - 34 inches (Indoor) M050C – 34 inches (concrete) M055C - 22 inches (concrete) M057C - 22 inches (Indoor)

25 25 Extended Wall Mount Extended Wall Mount. Used when a standard wall pedestal mount is insufficient to clear obstacles or for applications requiring an extension from the wall for better access to the transceiver. M064C - 12 inches (metal for PCL) M051C - 22 inches (concrete) M056C - 34 inches (concrete) M062C - 22 inches (metal) M063C - 34 inches (metal)

26 26 Pole Clamp Example

27 27 Pole Clamp Example

28 28 Side Walk Concrete slabs place on the roof

29 29 Side Walk Concrete slabs place on the roof

30 30 Side Walk Concrete slabs place on the roof

31 31 Pre Made Concrete slabs on the roof

32 32 NetLight Installed on a self Support Tower Local Made Mount Bracket

33 33 Examples

34 34 Bad Finished Installation

35 35 Bad Finished Installation

36 36 Bad Finished Installation

37 37 NetLight 155-5400

38 38 Finished Installation Junction Box 4 Links On One Roof Top

39 39 Finished Installation Back To Back HOP installation Junction Box

40 40 Finished Installation

41 Thank you

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