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YL9300 HPLC System Compact & Perfect for Your Satisfaction.

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1 YL9300 HPLC System Compact & Perfect for Your Satisfaction

2 YL9300 HPLC Features Compact Design Perfect Performance Impact to competitors

3 Compact Design Integrated LPG HPLC system : Vacuum Degasser + Quaternary Pump + UV Detector Easily upgraded parts : For wide wavelength range :190~900 nm (Standard:190~600 nm) : For wide flow rate rage : up to 10 ml/min (Standard: up to 5 ml/min ) Simple Maintenance : Pump & Vacuum Degasser modules in a sliding drawer YL9300 HPLC Features

4 Perfect Performance Increased mobile phase composition efficiency : Stable supply of mixed mobile phases through shock-resistant SUS tubing and low pump head volume : Pump on the bottom to strengthen suction force of pump Decreased solvent peak influence : New focus lens in a monochromator reducing mobile phase RI effect Narrow spectral bandwidth YL9300 HPLC Features Greatly stabilized baseline with substantially minimized noise level

5 Decreased solvent peak influence in comparison YL9300 HPLC Features “A” HPLC YL9300 HPLC Solvent Peak Analysis Condition Mobile Phase : Water:MeOH=65:35 Wavelength : UV detector 550 nm Injection Volume : 100 ul Sample : Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

6 Impact to competitors Competitive or even lower price than others High speed data process by network (LAN) communication Low maintenance cost : Integrated power board, SMPS & fan for 2 modules : Simplicated each part Modern injector bracket to install 2 manual injectors & 2 column switching valves YL9300 HPLC Features

7 Vacuum Degasser Number of channel: 4 CHs Maximum flow rate: 10 ml/min per channel : 70% of Gas Removal in Methanol at > 0~2.0ml/min per channel Internal volume per channel: 925ul per channel Materials in contact with solvent: Teflon AF, PEEK and Glass-filled PTFE Safety & maintenance: Error detection YL9300 HPLC Specification

8 Quaternary Pump Compressibility compensation: Automatic Flow range: ml/min (Standard) ml/min (Option) Flow rate accuracy: ≤±1% at 1ml/min Flow rate precision: <0.1% RSD at 1ml/min Number of eluent lines: 4 Composition precision: <0.1% Composition accuracy : <0.5% Manual prime-purge(Standard) / Auto prime-purge(Option) YL9300 HPLC Specification

9 UV/VIS Detector Wavelength range: 190~600 nm (Standard) /190~900nm (Option) Data collection rate: up to 50Hz Light source: Deuterium arc lamp Tungsten lamp addible for visible range (Option) Bandwidth: 5 nm Wavelength accuracy: ±1 nm Wavelength precision: ±0.1nm Linearity: >99.5% at 2.5 AU (acetone, 254nm) Noise level: <±0.35 X Abs/min, 254nm, dry cell Drift : <1 X Abs/hour YL9300 HPLC Specification

10 System Information Communications: LAN Dimensions: 375 X 470 X 545mm (width X height X depth) Weight: 27 Kg Safety & maintenance: Leak detection, Diagnostics, Error detection Line Voltage: VAC, ±10% Line frequency: 50/60Hz, ±5% Power consumption : 150W YL9300 HPLC Specification

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