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Compact & Perfect for Your Satisfaction

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1 Compact & Perfect for Your Satisfaction
YL9300 HPLC System Compact & Perfect for Your Satisfaction

2 YL9300 HPLC Features Compact Design Perfect Performance
Impact to competitors

3 YL9300 HPLC Features Compact Design Integrated LPG HPLC system
: Vacuum Degasser + Quaternary Pump + UV Detector Easily upgraded parts : For wide wavelength range :190~900 nm (Standard:190~600 nm) : For wide flow rate rage : up to 10 ml/min (Standard: up to 5 ml/min ) Simple Maintenance : Pump & Vacuum Degasser modules in a sliding drawer

4 YL9300 HPLC Features Perfect Performance
Increased mobile phase composition efficiency : Stable supply of mixed mobile phases through shock-resistant SUS tubing and low pump head volume : Pump on the bottom to strengthen suction force of pump Decreased solvent peak influence : New focus lens in a monochromator reducing mobile phase RI effect Narrow spectral bandwidth Greatly stabilized baseline with substantially minimized noise level

5 YL9300 HPLC Features Decreased solvent peak influence in comparison
“A” HPLC Analysis Condition Mobile Phase : Water:MeOH=65:35 Wavelength : UV detector 550 nm Injection Volume : 100 ul Sample : Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) Solvent Peak YL9300 HPLC

6 High speed data process by network (LAN) communication
YL9300 HPLC Features Impact to competitors Competitive or even lower price than others High speed data process by network (LAN) communication Low maintenance cost : Integrated power board, SMPS & fan for 2 modules : Simplicated each part Modern injector bracket to install 2 manual injectors & 2 column switching valves

7 YL9300 HPLC Specification Vacuum Degasser Number of channel: 4 CHs
Maximum flow rate: 10 ml/min per channel : 70% of Gas Removal in Methanol at > 0~2.0ml/min per channel Internal volume per channel: 925ul per channel Materials in contact with solvent: Teflon AF, PEEK and Glass-filled PTFE Safety & maintenance: Error detection

8 YL9300 HPLC Specification Quaternary Pump
Compressibility compensation: Automatic Flow range: ml/min (Standard) ml/min (Option) Flow rate accuracy: ≤±1% at 1ml/min Flow rate precision: <0.1% RSD at 1ml/min Number of eluent lines: 4 Composition precision: <0.1% Composition accuracy : <0.5% Manual prime-purge(Standard) / Auto prime-purge(Option)

9 YL9300 HPLC Specification UV/VIS Detector
Wavelength range: 190~600 nm (Standard) /190~900nm (Option) Data collection rate: up to 50Hz Light source: Deuterium arc lamp Tungsten lamp addible for visible range (Option) Bandwidth: 5 nm Wavelength accuracy: ±1 nm Wavelength precision: ±0.1nm Linearity: >99.5% at 2.5 AU (acetone, 254nm) Noise level: <±0.35 X 10-5 Abs/min, 254nm, dry cell Drift : <1 X 10-4 Abs/hour

10 YL9300 HPLC Specification System Information Communications: LAN
Dimensions: 375 X 470 X 545mm (width X height X depth) Weight: 27 Kg Safety & maintenance: Leak detection, Diagnostics, Error detection Line Voltage: VAC, ±10% Line frequency: 50/60Hz, ±5% Power consumption : 150W

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