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Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™

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1 Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™
Providing Your Customers the “Big Box” Check-out Experience Table of Contents Introduction Background………………………………..4-6 Genius High-Level Overview…………….7-10 Genius Detailed Capabilities…………….11-15 Contact Information……………………….16 Appendix……………………………………17-19 For Agent Training

2 Presentation Assumptions
Designed to be a detailed training resource for our Agents Suggested speaking notes included in notes section Slides speak to the merchant audience A separate condensed presentation, with suggested slides, for merchant sales calls is available Please feel free to incorporate any of these more detailed slides into your merchant sales presentation

3 “Your Challenge” How do you meet customer demands and preferences AND
keep up the with ever-changing payments industry in order to grow your business? Risk Security Regulation Compliance Technology Administration Mobile wallets Loyalty and Gift Partnerships Coupons MERCHANT DEVELOPERS CUSTOMERS While consumers begin to emotionally and physically look to mobile as a holistic solution for shopping – merchants are facing their own pressures from both customers and developers, as well. In addition to preparing for the shift to EMV in October 2015 – a transition that, for the vast majority of small and mid-sized brick and mortar merchants will require new payment acceptance technology (dual interface) – they also have the challenges of: Activating loyalty programs that are easy for customers – eliminating the key fob and delivering instant value Accepting new technologies including mobile wallets (NFC, QR, something brand new) Leveraging coupons (targeted) to drive new and incremental sales And, establishing partnerships that help them build their business And, of course, they still need to worry about risk, security, regulations, compliance, and running their day-to-day operation.

4 “Consumer Challenges”
What they use What they have What they want cash Easy-to-Use Security Speed Convenience smartphone Coupons Loyalty credit & debit The convergence point will be when we can effectively take the various forms of payment (checks, cash, debit, credit) and converge those through mobile technologies into a seamless integrated experience through the smartphone that ensures: Payment options (across card brands –debit and credit, ACH vs. credit) Discounts and offers Automatic recognition of loyalty program benefits Over 55% of Americans now own a smartphone. While today’s consumers are somewhat used to carrying around paper coupons, alongside checks, cash and an average of over 3.5 cards per cardholder – there’s no doubt that having everything consolidated in one place would undoubtedly be more convenient. In all – today’s consumers want Security – after all 10 percent of Americans have already been a victim of credit card fraud Speed – there’s never enough time Convenience and ease of use Value and discounts And recognition for being a loyal customer Offers

5 Consumer Demand is Building
73% of consumers say they have used their mobile phone in a store. - Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau 55% of consumers express an interest in mobile coupons but only 10% have actually receive one from a merchant. - Source: Mercator Advisory Group, 2012 Smartphone influence on retail store sales will grow to 19% of sales by 2015, up from 5.1% in 2012. - Source: Deloitte As technology continues to fuel awareness of mobile – enhanced consumer opportunity around convenience and extended value is also rising to top of conversation. There’s been so much conversation recently around showrooming, which is the primary source of more than 73% of consumers reporting that they have used their mobile phone in a store. In today’s economy value is critically important for consumers and the majority will not pay more if they don’t have too – making the smartphone a critical shopping accessory. 58% of smartphone owners regularly go to a store with the sole intention of trying on or testing products before purchasing them online (Source: L2: A Think Tank for Digital Innovation » Brands Adapting to Showrooming). Mobile Coupons Another area where consumer demand is evident is in mobile coupons – According to Mercator Advisory Group some 55 of consumers have expressed an interest in mobile coupons or offers, but only 10 percent have actually received one…clearly a huge opportunity for merchants. Successful coupon campaigns can help e-merchants acquire customers and drive online sales By 2014 the number of mobile coupon users is expected to increase to 53.2 million a year At roughly 10%, the redemption rate of mobile coupons crushes that of print coupons, which hovers around 1% Looking at overall influence of smartphones on retail sales Deloitte predicts that in just three years those numbers will rise to 19% from just 5.1% last year – and much of that is based on the need for merchants and developers to support an omni-channel shopping experience – creating a parallel shopping experience (with aggregated purchasing data) across all mediums: in-store, online (traditional e-commerce and buying from a mobile device) and mobile POS (in-aisle, self-checkout). An overwhelming 89 percent of consumers said it is important for merchants to let them shop for products in the way that is most convenient for them, no matter which sales channel they choose – source: Accenture Seamless Retail Study

6 Future Predictions 65% of tech experts believe CASH, CREDIT CARDS may be obsolete by 2020. - Source: Pew Research Center By 2017, worldwide purchase volume over mobile devices will reach $1 Trillion. - Source: IDC Financial Insights By 2016, there will be 448M mobile payment users worldwide. - Source: Gartner Like any evolving marketplace, predictions range for mobile, but there’s no denying that rapid growth is a common theme regardless of what is predicted or the source behind it. IDC Financial Insights $1 trillion – that is what IDC predicts worldwide purchase volume over mobile devices will be in just four years. 66% - MCommerce 25% - NFC 7% - P2P 2% - Barcode Gartner According to Gartner, it’s anticipated that there will be some 448M mobile payment users in the next three years. Pew Research Center Even more incredible is recent research from Pew that indicates that 65% of tech experts believe that plastic cards and cash may be obsolete by the year 2020 – heck, that’s only 7 years from now and we’re talking about payment methods that have been the standard for decades. Ancillary stats: During the next five years, according to Forrester, mobile payments are expected to move toward the mainstream, reaching $90 billion by 2017 Forrester predicts (Nov. 2012) that mobile payments will hit $31 billion by 2016, up from $6 billion in 2011.

7 Never turn away a paying customer!
Your Opportunity Never turn away a paying customer! Your business must take advantage of the uncertainty and complexity with today’s payment options and turn these conditions into a competitive advantage that helps your business grow. As all these new payment types and customer engagement options enter the market – they create opportunity for merchants to differentiate their businesses. Yet they also create confusion and uncertainty as merchants must consider: Which of these new payment types will reach critical mass? With heavy customer adoption? How to recognize and know which to integrate or offer? What is the timing on adoption of these new payment & reward options? Which will yield the greatest growth return? As a result, merchants need & deserve to benefit from a simple, flexible, integrated, and secure solution that handles any payment type – enabling them to focus on their customers and growing their business.

8 Your Solution – Today and Tomorrow
Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ The only payment technology solution that securely integrates and aggregates every payment type and mobile commerce program into a single platform. “App Store” Solution Center – the de facto marketplace for all your payment needs Cloud-based remote administration & merchant dashboard portal The solution is the Genius Customer Engagement Platform –A True Path forward for the Payment Solutions Industry. A payment-agnostic platform that can aggregate & integrate every conceivable transaction technology The Genius Customer Engagement Device (CED) allow merchants to accept any payment type- credit, debit, NFC, EMV, signature capture, QR codes and PIN debit Genius is configurable to accept any customer reward, gift, loyalty or couponing offers A future proof, cloud-based solution, Genius is the only payment solution that provides merchants with a single point of entry into the mobile space Never turn away a paying customer™

9 Robust solution to power your business today
Value of Genius - Today Robust solution to power your business today Genius enables merchants to take advantage of the increasing disruption, uncertainty, and complexity with payment solutions today and turn these conditions into a competitive advantage that helps their business grow. Low Total Cost of Ownership No Extra Fees: Avoid third-party processing fees and additional transactions fees, all with no set-up charges Lower Rates: Capital Bankcard will meet or beat any rates merchants are currently paying with a low-cost guarantee for credit & debit card processing Automatic credit/debit workflow steering to realize lowest interchange fee. Lower Risk Simplified Compliance: Integrated processing with a PA-DSS validated POS system alleviates many of the burdens PCI compliance creates for a merchants business Always Available: Reduces the time and effort required to perform a PCI compliance audit By enabling customers to swipe their own cards, merchants lower the risk of potential errors and fraud caused by staff handling of sensitive card information Streamlined Support 24/7/365 support One-stop shop for all support and service Cloud-based software updates for new capabilities Value- Added Capabilities Signature Capture: Integrated signature capture alleviates the annoyance and expense of storing paper receipts Any Payment Type: Built-in capability to accept any payment type (traditional credit, debit, NFC,QR & EMV) preparing merchant for both conventional & mobile payments - today & tomorrow Free Add-Ons: Free gift and loyalty card programs, free virtual terminal and other value-added services Maximizing Opportunity: Seamless integrations with wallet, gift, loyalty, and marketing applications offer merchants maximum choice, flexibility & opportunity for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones Key Features PCI/PED Compliant Multi-function Display Integrated Secure PIN Pad EMV-ready Built-in NFC reader IP Connectivity Credit/Debit swipe POS taken “out of scope” from PA-DSS Security: Tokenization & Point-to-point Encryption (P2PE) QR Code Scanner Digital Signature Capture Intelligent Credit/Debit Steering Real-time SKU Display on CED Cloud-based Remote Administration

10 Value of Genius - Tomorrow
Future-proof solution that evolves with your business Mobile Commerce Ready Accept any mobile payment via NFC/QR codes Deploy profitable customer loyalty/reward programs, offers and coupons Simple Setup Cloud-based payment “App Store” for easy management Web-based remote administration of all CEDs to ensure a unified customer experience across all locations As a future-ready solution today, Genius provides merchants a true path forward by being the only flexible payment solution that adjusts alongside the growth of their business & industry needs. Mobile Commerce Ready Accept mobile (NFC or QR code), and NFC “tap to pay” credit card payments Leverage Platform Partners for tailored loyalty/rewards and coupons/offers to meet specific merchant needs Customizable payment acceptance, mobile commerce, and location-based controls instead of a one-size-fits-all Enhanced Administration Cloud-based software platform enables the ability to provision each customer engagement device (CED) from a central location “App Store” marketplace provides selection/management of all payment technology needs Solving the problem of how to support traditional credit/debit payments AND mobile commerce on your countertop - all from a single device.

11 Lower Risk POS is “Out of Scope” for PA-DSS EMV-Ready Solution
No sensitive data passes through the POS Dramatically reduces cost, resource, time required to complete PCI audits Enhanced security to ward off hackers Tokenization Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Clerks no longer handle credit cards EMV-Ready Solution Customer Engagement Device (CED) is EMV-ready No additional hardware swaps required to comply Prepare for 2015 Liability Shift on your terms Software update when ready to accept EMV cards Hassle-free acceptance of “Chip and PIN” card purchases Increase sales from international shoppers POS is “Out of Scope” for PA-DSS PA-DSS validated solution prevents any sensitive information from passing through POS Tokenization of all sensitive information and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) for all transactions Customers swipe their own cards - employees never handle the card EMV-Ready Solution As a processor, we also have been preparing for EMV. Over the past eight years EMV® (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) has become the standard for globally interoperable, secure payments. According to EMVCo, there are over 1.55 billion EMV enabled cards worldwide (46 percent of total cards in circulation) and more than 21 million EMV enabled POS terminals (76 percent of payment terminals). The US is significantly behind the times with EMV Due to the forthcoming October 2015 liability shift for merchants not accepting EMV payments (dual-interface - contact and contactless), a risk historically and currently absorbed by the major card brands, that stands to change. Many issuers, including Citi, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and Chase, launched the migration to EMV 2 years ago when they began phasing in chip-enabled EMV cards to their corporate cardholders Why Now: One driving factor is fraud - Mercator Advisory Group estimates that credit and debit card fraud costs the card issuers over $2.4 billion annually. One of the key benefits of EMV is that dynamic digital data is included in every transaction, significantly enhancing security and reducing the risk of fraud.

12 Smarter POS Transactions
Smart Transactions with Genius Genius separates the sensitive payment information (e.g. Credit Card or Debit Card credentials) from the POS, removing the POS from PA-DSS scope to reduce risk and simplify the audit process. Old Way Under the old way of accepting payments, this is what kept merchants in scope for PA-DSS leading to a longer auditing and compliance requirement for the system In this scenario sensitive credit card/customer information is passing from the point-of-sale through to the gateway and then completing the transaction With Genius Genius helps reduce security concerns by providing a PA-DSS validated solution that leverages tokenization & point-to-point encryption(P2PE) for all communications Genius reduces risk by removing the POS system from PA-DSS scope With Genius, all transaction data is split into two components: Sensitive data: cardholder number, expiration date, etc Non-sensitive: sale amount As all credit cards are swiped/processed through the Genius Customer Engagement Device (CED) – not POS system – no sensitive data passes through the POS The POS system uses an encrypted key from the Merchant Warehouse gateway so the transaction stays within the fully encrypted Genius cloud environment The POS system then receives a confirmation that the transaction for the stated amount has been approved

13 Lower Costs Intelligent PIN Steering Fast, secure BINsmart™ technology
Automatically assesses card transactions Determine payment acceptance by credit or PIN Debit Reduces interchange fees Minimizes merchant account fees Significant savings in monthly processing Automatic credit/debit workflow steering to realize lowest interchange fee.

14 Value-Added Capabilities
Digital Signature Capture Signatures captured directly on CED Save money on receipt storage, administration & paper cost Less painful chargebacks Reduce time at check-out Contributes to key metric: # of customers/day Improves overall customer experience NFC Contactless Payments NFC acceptance built into CED “behind the glass” No additional hardware to purchase and/or swap Out-of-the-box support for multiple options “Tap-to-pay” credit cards from numerous issuers Mobile wallets on smartphones SKU Display Legal requirement by most states Costly fines for non-compliance Eliminate the need for pole display hardware Save money Improved aesthetics at the point of purchase Eliminate errors with real-time purchase verification Reduced number of refunds and charge-backs Signature Capture: Integrated signature capture alleviates the annoyance and expense of storing paper receipts Any Payment Type: Built-in capability to accept any payment type (traditional credit, debit, NFC,QR & EMV) preparing merchant for both conventional & mobile payments - today & tomorrow Free Add-Ons: Free gift and loyalty card programs, free virtual terminal and other value-added services Maximizing Opportunity: Seamless integrations with wallet, gift, loyalty, and marketing applications offer merchants maximum choice, flexibility & opportunity for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones

15 Streamlined Support We are committed to ensuring our partners and merchants receive the superior support. 24/7/365 technical support 100% US-based customer and partner support Industry-rated best in class service times “Customer service is a key focus are for our company,” says Henry Helgeson, CEO, Merchant Warehouse. “ We continue to be focused on new ways to augment & expand our services to meet the varying needs of our customers and partners in order to provide the highest level of support possible in the industry.” Capital Bankcard’s award-winning Merchant Experience Team is comprised of both customer service & technical support Provided without charge or limitation to our customers and partners Capital Bankcard offers US-based 24/7/365 customer service and technical assistance

16 Contact Information Christopher O’Banion, ISO Fax 6430 Kentstone Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46268

17 Appendix

18 Flexibility – Security – Access – Growth
Genius Product Family Flexibility – Security – Access – Growth A Genius solutions to fit your business need Genius EX Intro to credit card processing + optional mobile card reader Genius TX Intro to Mobile Payment and Program Acceptance (LevelUp) Traditional Payment Acceptance Genius STX Stand-alone Mobile Payments and Program Acceptance (mCommerce) Genius ITX Integrated Mobile Payments and Program Acceptance (mCommerce) The Genius product family is a suite of payment and program acceptance solutions designed to drive incremental business value and optimize the merchant-customer experience. Merchants select the solution that best meets their needs as part of a “grow-with-Genius” strategy that ensures their payment and program acceptance needs will evolve as the business grows. Genius EX provides new and existing small and mid-sized businesses with an affordable entry point into credit card processing and mobile payment acceptance. Available in two forms based upon your business needs: Web-based application with or without a traditional credit card terminal Mobile application and mobile card reader for credit card processing on any smartphone or tablet. Genius TX A payment, loyalty and mobile marketing solution, offers merchants a convenient entry point into mobile payments and features: Traditional payment acceptance with an option to add NFC and EMV Integrated mobile payment and mobile commerce through LevelUp Unified security through tokenization and encryption Enhanced customer experience to support business growth Genius STX Designed specifically for merchants without a POS integration, is a complete stand-alone solution that delivers choice, access and opportunity, including: Universal payment acceptance of NFC, EMV and QR codes Integrated mobile gift, loyalty, and reward programs Unlimited choice amongst payment types, mobile wallets and mobile commerce solutions Cloud-based software updates for new capabilities Genius ITX Is a holistic solution, fully integrated directly with a point-of-sale (POS) system, that provides developers and merchants with: Simple, one-time POS integration “Never turn away a paying customer”

19 Optimize the Customer Experience
Genius CED Stand Flip Up Stand, Open Hole Base Swivel Telescoping Locking Stand Telescoping Stand with Quick Release Bracket Description 180 degree rotation Flips up to 90 degrees No knobs or levers Locks in position Integrated cable management Adjustable height Swivels 180 degrees Tilts Internal cable raceway Cable strain relief Locking back plate Security hardware available Quick-release mechanism Tilt 0-90 degree available Order Info ENS Part No ENS Part No ENS Part No Picture Cost $ 54.00 $ 68.00 $ 72.00

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