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Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ Providing Your Customers the “Big Box” Check-out Experience For Agent Training.

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1 Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ Providing Your Customers the “Big Box” Check-out Experience For Agent Training

2 Presentation Assumptions Designed to be a detailed training resource for our Agents Suggested speaking notes included in notes section Slides speak to the merchant audience A separate condensed presentation, with suggested slides, for merchant sales calls is available Please feel free to incorporate any of these more detailed slides into your merchant sales presentation

3 “Your Challenge” Risk Security Regulation Compliance Technology Administration Mobile walletsLoyalty and Gift PartnershipsCoupons MERCHANT DEVELOPERSCUSTOMERS How do you meet customer demands and preferences AND keep up the with ever-changing payments industry in order to grow your business?

4 “Consumer Challenges” What they useWhat they have smartphone cash credit & debit What they want Easy-to-Use Security Speed Convenience Loyalty Coupons Offers

5 Consumer Demand is Building 73% of consumers say they have used their mobile phone in a store. - Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau 55% of consumers express an interest in mobile coupons but only 10% have actually receive one from a merchant. - Source: Mercator Advisory Group, 2012 Smartphone influence on retail store sales will grow to 19% of sales by 2015, up from 5.1% in 2012. - Source: Deloitte

6 Future Predictions By 2017, worldwide purchase volume over mobile devices will reach $1 Trillion. - Source: IDC Financial Insights By 2016, there will be 448M mobile payment users worldwide. - Source: Gartner 65% of tech experts believe CASH, CREDIT CARDS may be obsolete by 2020. - Source: Pew Research Center

7 Your Opportunity Your business must take advantage of the uncertainty and complexity with today’s payment options and turn these conditions into a competitive advantage that helps your business grow. Never turn away a paying customer!

8 Your Solution – Today and Tomorrow Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ The only payment technology solution that securely integrates and aggregates every payment type and mobile commerce program into a single platform. “App Store” Solution Center – the de facto marketplace for all your payment needs Cloud-based remote administration & merchant dashboard portal Never turn away a paying customer ™

9 Value of Genius - Today Robust solution to power your business today Key Features PCI/PED Compliant Multi-function Display Integrated Secure PIN Pad EMV-ready Built-in NFC reader IP Connectivity Credit/Debit swipe POS taken “out of scope” from PA-DSS Security: Tokenization & Point-to-point Encryption (P2PE) QR Code Scanner Digital Signature Capture Intelligent Credit/Debit Steering Real-time SKU Display on CED Cloud-based Remote Administration

10 Value of Genius - Tomorrow Mobile Commerce Ready Accept any mobile payment via NFC/QR codes Deploy profitable customer loyalty/reward programs, offers and coupons Simple Setup Cloud-based payment “App Store” for easy management Web-based remote administration of all CEDs to ensure a unified customer experience across all locations Future-proof solution that evolves with your business Solving the problem of how to support traditional credit/debit payments AND mobile commerce on your countertop - all from a single device.

11 Lower Risk EMV-Ready Solution – Customer Engagement Device (CED) is EMV-ready No additional hardware swaps required to comply Prepare for 2015 Liability Shift on your terms – Software update when ready to accept EMV cards – Hassle-free acceptance of “Chip and PIN” card purchases Increase sales from international shoppers POS is “Out of Scope” for PA-DSS – No sensitive data passes through the POS Dramatically reduces cost, resource, time required to complete PCI audits – Enhanced security to ward off hackers Tokenization Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) – Clerks no longer handle credit cards

12 Smarter POS Transactions

13 Lower Costs Intelligent PIN Steering – Fast, secure BINsmart™ technology Automatically assesses card transactions Determine payment acceptance by credit or PIN Debit – Reduces interchange fees – Minimizes merchant account fees – Significant savings in monthly processing

14 Value-Added Capabilities SKU Display – Legal requirement by most states Costly fines for non-compliance – Eliminate the need for pole display hardware Save money Improved aesthetics at the point of purchase – Eliminate errors with real-time purchase verification Reduced number of refunds and charge- backs Digital Signature Capture – Signatures captured directly on CED Save money on receipt storage, administration & paper cost – Less painful chargebacks – Reduce time at check-out Contributes to key metric: # of customers/day – Improves overall customer experience NFC Contactless Payments – NFC acceptance built into CED “behind the glass” No additional hardware to purchase and/or swap – Out-of-the-box support for multiple options “Tap-to-pay” credit cards from numerous issuers Mobile wallets on smartphones

15 Streamlined Support We are committed to ensuring our partners and merchants receive the superior support. 24/7/365 technical support 100% US- based customer and partner support Industry-rated best in class service times

16 Contact Information Christopher O’Banion, ISO 317-652-2815 317-663-0719 Fax 6430 Kentstone Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46268

17 Appendix

18 Genius Product Family Flexibility – Security – Access – Growth A Genius solutions to fit your business need “Never turn away a paying customer”

19 Optimize the Customer Experience Genius CED Stand Flip Up Stand, Open Hole Base Swivel Telescoping Locking StandTelescoping Stand with Quick Release Bracket Description 180 degree rotation Flips up to 90 degrees No knobs or levers Locks in position Integrated cable management Adjustable height Swivels 180 degrees Tilts Internal cable raceway Cable strain relief Locking back plate Security hardware available Adjustable height Quick-release mechanism 180 degree rotation Tilt 0-90 degree available Internal cable raceway Cable strain relief Order Info ENS Part No 367-0441ENS Part No 367-1026ENS Part No 367-0650 Picture Cost $ 54.00$ 68.00$ 72.00

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