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In Vehicle Camera WIFI Adapter Setup (listen OR read along) For Additional Help: Call 888-286-9829 or

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2 In Vehicle Camera WIFI Adapter Setup (listen OR read along) For Additional Help: Call 888-286-9829 or E-mail or Visit

3 Contents Slides 3-5: Features 6-8: How the Camera Works 9-14: Configuring Server 15-17: Configuring Camera Viewer Software 18-20: Configuring WIFI Adapter Settings 21-23: Configuring Janus Search Software 24-25: Troubleshooting ** Pay close attention to slides 18-20. These steps must be followed precisely or your WIFI adapter will not work properly.

4 Safety Track’s In Vehicle Camera Small Compact Design Impact Resistant Plastic Windshield Mount Design Locking Security Bracket Customizable Profile 5 Event Settings Events can’t be over written Up to 32GB SD Card 90 Hours of Record Time Night Vision Recording

5 Features Install camera to the right of the rear view mirror. If your vehicle does not have a rear view mirror, place the camera in a similar position so the front camera can view outward, and the rear camera can view the vehicle’s cabin.

6 WIFI Adaptor With the optional WIFI Adaptor, you can have wireless downloading of data. Components: 1: Camera 2: WIFI Adapter 3: Cable and WIFI Connector

7 WIFI Diagram USB Cable Wireless USB Data Flow Power Flow Data travels from the camera, to the WIFI Adapter, and wirelessly transmits to your computer through its’ router Camera powers WIFI adapter

8 Server & Client Configuration Wireless Router FTP Server -or- Customer Computer FTP Server -or- Customer Computer Wired Connection Vehicle 1 Vehicle 2 Vehicle 3 Vehicle 4 Vehicle 5 Vehicle 6 Wireless Connections An infinite number of vehicles can be configured to transmit through a single router.

9 Typical Download Scenario Once WIFI adapter is installed, vehicle must be at rest for 3 minutes within WIFI router range to download camera data.

10 Configuration/Installation We will now begin installing and configuring the camera’s programs and server from your computer. Slides 10-13: Configuring Server 14-17: Configuring Camera Viewer Software 18-21: Configuring WIFI Adapter Settings 22-24: Configuring Janus Search Software

11 Create New Folder in Program Files Name the folder whatever you’d prefer Create a ‘New Folder’ in your program files folder located on your C: drive (you may name this folder anything you like). This folder is where your camera files will be saved.

12 Go to: Download ZFTP Server Go to to download install ZFTP Server Suite. Double click the downloaded file or press ‘ Run ’ and proceed to the next slide for installation instructions.

13 Installing ZFTP Server Step 1: Agree to the Terms Step 2: Check to install zFTP Server and zFTP Server administration Step 3: Create an administration password and remember the password as it will be needed in future steps

14 ZFTP Server (Set up) Once the ZFTP Server is installed, open the program. Enter the username ‘Admin’ and the password you chose from the previous slide. Once opened, click ‘Setup’, then click ‘Accounts’.

15 ZFTP Server User Settings Check all Boxes 1.Click ‘Users’, then click ‘Admin’. 2.Next, Click ‘Add Resource’ and locate the folder you created in Program Files. 3.Check all of the boxes under Files and Directories

16 Viewer Download Viewer Download Go to to download the Camera Viewing When the installation is complete, open the Camera Viewing Software.

17 Janus Viewer

18 Vehicle Information Click ‘User Settings’ Fill in information Under the ‘Car Info’ tab.

19 Find Your IP Address (Command prompt) Click the ‘Start Menu’ in the lower left of your computer Click ‘Run’ and type in ‘cmd’ (if you’re using windows 7, click the ‘Start Menu’ and type ‘cmd’ in the search box.) When the Command Prompt opens, type in ‘ipconfig’ to find your IP address. **Write down/save your IP address number** (sample IP address, yours will be different)

20 WIFI Set Up While still in the camera setup menu, click ‘Wireless’. Enter your ZFTP UserID (which is probably ‘Admin’) and the ZFTP password we set up earlier. Enter your computer’s IP Address

21 Wireless Router Info Enter your router’s name and password/key. (configured when you set up your router, the same name/password other wireless devices use) Set the ‘Auth Mode’ to ‘WPAPSK’ Set the ‘Encryp Type’ to ‘AES’ Press ‘OK’ to save settings

22 Janus Search Download Janus Search Download Go to Click ‘Janus Search File’ and follow the download and installation instructions.

23 Janus Search Software After installation, open the Janus Search Software Upon opening, point the software to the new folder we created in your Program Files folder The Janus Search Software will organize these data files so they may be located with ease

24 Data Management Software Example of how the software should look after loading files

25 Trouble Shooting

26 Trouble Shooting Cont.

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