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LCD-601/2 Wireless Access Monitoring Systems

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1 LCD-601/2 Wireless Access Monitoring Systems
PRESENTATION LCD-601/2 Wireless Access Monitoring Systems

2 Session 1 Access + Monitoring Systems
Good Heavy Duty code/ RFID ignition system with event logging via USB port For: Controlling access on any vehicle ---Construction Equipment, aerial lifts, golf carts Better Inexpensive code and RFID keypad with Impact & Speed Sensing, logging and optional radios For: Medium fleets on budget Used frequently on forklifts Best Color LCD display with built in Wi-Fi, RFID card reader, electronic check list, logging and Impact & Speed Sensing For: Large fleets with Wi-Fi Data transmitted automatically, reports generated automatically

3 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 BEST State-of-the-art Wireless Access Monitoring Impact and speed sensing capabilities Fits ANY Make or Model Vehicle Larger COLOR LCD screen Accepts Code and/or RFID to start and stop the vehicle Fast Processor---more memory capacity Large Storage Capacity (6000 Events) Built in internal Wi-Fi IP67 weatherproof custom enclosure Temperature extreme components Vibration tested in various frequencies + axis of movement Alpha-numeric keypad Text messaging

4 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 2 Models 600 Series
LCD Most commonly used on forklift applications Full keypad functionality Impact + Speed sensing External alarm output 4 aux inputs LCD Used in applications where impact and speed sensing is NOT required! Same keypad functionality as 601 Only 1 input (Typically used for seat switch) Much simpler dual relay module

5 KEYTROLLER LCD-601/2 Electric, Gas, LPG Or Diesel Powered Vehicle
Fits to any make or model vehicle Back hoe Forklift Forklift Stand up Forklift Tugger Order Picker Personnel Carrier Aerial Lifts Skid Steer Loader Keytroller provides monitoring… Electric, Gas, LPG Or Diesel Powered Vehicle

6 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 NO More Keys START & STOP - From Keypad
No More Lost Time Due to Lost or Broken Keys Codes and Cards Are Unique to Operator Codes and Cards only enable vehicle drivers that are authorized and trained on the Vehicle

7 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 - Installation
If the Truck is electric needs voltage converter (2) Wires To Power Connection at Ignition Switch (2 Black Wires – EL vehicles) (3rd Green Wire connected to the starter circuit – IC vehicles) Aux connections Yellow – Output to flashing siren alarm Red- Seat belt, low oil, high temp Brown-Seat switch Blue-Second hour meter, seat belt White- Dark Blue---Speed sensor REDO-Installation is straight on any vehicle with two wires connected to power and two connect to ignition on electric or three connected to ignition switch on internal combustion vehicles. From there you can connect any auxiliary inputs required for the application. 7 7

8 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Auxiliary Inputs + Output Descriptions
Powers external 120dB flashing siren 4 Inputs #1 Speed Sensor (Magnetic or Gear Tooth) #2 Aux (Typically seat switch or overload Sensor etc.) #3 Seat Switch (Typically: Seat or foot switch) #4 Aux (Can be set as aux input or “work” time)

9 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 - Tabletop Demo Kit
Keytroller color LCD601 120dB flash-siren alarm Speed Sensor Post Magnet (Speed) with cards Aux Input Switch Box Shock—Impact Module Sample RFID Cards (preprogrammed) Relay—Sensor Module 8 REDO - No lets get down to the demonstration of the product. You received two boxes including a laptop & router in Box # 1, and obviously have successfully turned the laptop on and opened this Demonstration PowerPoint. In the second box, which contains the demonstration equipment you will find the following (Video Starts) (DESCRIBE EACH PART OF CONTAINED IN THE VIDEO). Black 12VDC power supply - plugs into top/back of sensor switch box 9 9

10 All standard components in 601.
KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 – Shipped as a complete kit Typically 4 Components 1-Keypad Relay sensor module Impact module Adjustable mounting bracket All standard components in 601.

11 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Color LCD Keypad
Component #1 Date Day of week Time Wi-Fi signal strength Amount memory left Max temp seen IP address Operators name Hours on machine Maintenance due time Maintenance due date

12 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Relay Sensor Module
Commonly mounted under dash Component #2 Mounted in the electronics compartment on EL truck Mounted upright in the engine compartment on IC truck Mounted flat in the engine compartment of construction equipment

13 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Impact Module
Component #3 Small size for easy mounting Mounts flush and flat—not vertical Can be mounted securely to the frame or with optional mounting bracket (shown) Y (front-back) axis acclimated to cable X axis (side-side) Y X

14 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Adjustable Mounting Bracket
Component #4 OK - You can see from these photos the easily installed Keytroller LCD-601 on a forklift and can be installed on a variety of equipment. Built in adjustable mounting bracket gives installer many options--- dash install, OHG leg install, OHG above install, etc.

15 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Flexibility in Mounting Options
Bracket to overhead guard above Bracket to leg of Overhead guard Bracket to dash Flush mounted to dash

16 No More Untrained & Unauthorized Drivers!
KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 No More Untrained & Unauthorized Drivers! Operators Are trained on system use Will be assigned their own Code or RFID ID Card Will have Access To Assigned Vehicles Only Card or Code Validation & Acceptance Enables Device KEYTROLLER Compatibility RFID card can be matched with a reader HID Prox is by far the most commonly used RFID card today Any License or Card Can Be Converted into RFID Card with addition of ‘adhesive wafer’ REDO and correct Check with your “Keytroller Representative” Authorized HID technology partner -

17 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Warns Operator When Training is Due or Card Expires
The cards can be programmed to warn the operator within 30 days of the expiration of his card (or when recurrent training is due) The warning stays on the display for 6 seconds after card flash accepted OK 17

18 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Instills responsibility and accountability
Employee knows the device is there and know they will be accountable for the following: Abusive driving Checklist Completion Speeding Maintenance completed Responsible for usage---time recorded Idle, moving or loaded time can be recorded Abusive operators will either change their ways, get retrained or be relocated to a new job. Management now have data, reports and s to back up usage and abuse issues

19 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 – Demo #1
Step 1 : Logging In Plug the Unit in “Wake Up” the device by pressing the RED button on the right side of the device. (Avoid 300ma battery draw down on IC Vehicles) “Log In” by pressing the F4 Login button Enter Valid Code (or RFID Card) Keytroller is only enabled by a valid code or RFID Card Keeps untrained and unauthorized operators off your equipment, an OSHA requirement Present RFID Card Over Keypad Hold the card in place over the keypad until the screen changes Checklist will now appear If it is not the first start of the shift the main screen will show---unless set in demo mode.

20 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Pre-shift checklist Questions
Can you access your OSHA required checklist records now? How long would it take you to access 6 months of checklist information? Are your operators completing them? Are they turning them in? Where are your paper checklist physically stored? Who is in charge of them? Are your operators accountable for all items on the checklist? Can you come up with checklist information quickly in the event of an OSHA inspection or accident? REDO VOICEOVER WITH KEY POINTS ON THIS SLIDE

21 Step 2 : Pre-Shift Checklist
KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Paper based checklists are prone to errors and hard to track historical trends. As checklist items appear you will pass or fail items Pass items by pressing the Green Pass button Fail items by pressing the Yellow Fail button Checklist can be customized to each clients specifications. You may have as many or as few items as you choose. You can now Find “Failed” checklist items by date, time, operator and vehicle You can also set a time period for completion of the Checklist You have easy access to SQL database stored data The data supports OSHA investigations of accidents Step 2 : Pre-Shift Checklist

22 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 - Demo #2
Pre-Shift Checklist First Log in of Shift - Pre-Shift Check List Begins Completely programmable daily, weekly, monthly and “flagged” items Pass Or Fail Hydraulic oil level Tire damage Brakes Engine oil level Horn , etc. Automatic s To mechanic or dealer, etc. OK. 22 22

23 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Checklist Advantages + Time Down (Make It Easy On Your Operator)
NO paperwork to fill out, misplace or lose Complete checklist or vehicle will shut down In allotted time (counts down from one minute on the display---warning operator to complete checklist) Each Checklist item will Include: Time, Date, Operator and Vehicle Stamped information Each Checklist item is timed to the second to be sure the items were not falsely completed or “finger whipped” “Accountability” of Checklist & Operator “Failed” items can be automatically ed OSHA reports generated for accident or inspection Usage of vehicle and that operator Failed checklist history Impact and speeding event history (vehicle + operator) REDO with all bullets

24 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Checklist “Flagged” or Critical Items
What is a “flagged” or critical checklist Item? Any item that the end user specifies in the set up. For example Brakes: when failed that vehicle should not be in operation until it has been evaluated by a mechanic. “Flagged” or Critical Checklist Items that are failed (like brakes) The Lock Out Warning Will Appear (Are you sure?) If operator presses YES, device will lock out and re-enabling the device can only be done by: Programmer Supervisor Or Mechanic “Non-flagged” or Non-critical Items that are failed (like brake lights) If operator presses YES an event is recorded in the log No Supervisor Interface required. Flagged Non-flagged

25 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Checklist Languages
Checklists can be programmed in other languages as long as the other language uses the English alphabet. SPANISH

26 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 - Demo #3
Starting & Stopping The Vehicle Press the Green button This simulates starting the engine The Yellow lightning icon indicates starter has engaged Green icon displayed on LCD Screen indicates the engine is running Operator presses START until he hears engine start, removes finger and starter relay drops out To turn engine off press this disengages ignition relay and stops engine START STOP Ok

27 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Stopping the Vehicle via STOP or Seat Switch “Time Out Functionality”
Operator presses OR Operator leaves seat (that has seat switch) Seat Default setting is 1 minute Settable from 0—X# minutes Shuts down KEYTROLLER and vehicle If operator re-enters vehicle before the time out sequence time expires, the operator can start again without logging in This feature controls and eliminates excessive idling Required on electric forklifts where STOP is not typically pressed and operator just leaves the seat or platform foot switch STOP OK 27 27

28 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Auxiliary Inputs Examples - 2 options for “Work time Productivity Evaluation”
Secondary hour meter (input #4) connected to: Hydraulic load presence sensor Switch on accelerator to monitor “idle time” Lift pump motor Drive motor Also can be set up as (time vehicle is moving above “0” MPH/KPH) Requires Keytroller to be connected to speed sensor input Set up either way, input is shown in seconds and can be compared against “seat on” or “key on” standard hour meter timer. This gives management data for productivity evaluation for both equipment usage and operator performance. Example: How much time the forklift was carrying a load? How much time the forklift was moving? VS: How much time the operator was on the seat (key on time)?

29 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Auxiliary Inputs Examples: Seat Belt
OSHA's Seat Belt Use enforcement policy Section 5(a)(1) - OSHA Act Failure to use seat belts on equipped forklifts IS A VIOLATION!! Auxiliary input on LCD601 device Can be connected to any seat belt that has an internal switch built in. KEYTROLLER shuts down when: If seat belt is not engaged in a preset number of seconds the vehicle begins to move for X# of seconds before shutting the vehicle down REDO ALL Voice over.

30 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Auxiliary Input Example: Low Oil & High Engine Temp
Connections for engine indicator lights on dash Low oil pressure High engine temperature Programmable ignition shut down Requires supervisor or mechanic’s code to restart. Protects engine from catastrophic failure REDO ALL VOICE.

31 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Auxiliary Input Example: Hydraulic overload sensor
Mounted in the hydraulic line, the sensor is calibrated to a somewhere from 10% under to full load capacity When this pressure is reached the sensor outputs a signal, when connected to an auxiliary sensor, warning is given and shut down can be programmed

32 Auxiliary Input Function
KEYTROLLER LCD Demo #4 Auxiliary Input Function Seatbelt Alarm Seat Switch Activated (Driver Has Left Seat) Check Oil Alarm Simulate low oil pressure, high engine temp, No seat belt and seat switch with lever switches on box REDO VO TO FOLLOW VIDEO ACTIONS.

33 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 See When Maintenance Is Due Right From LCD Display
Display At Start Up (No Speed Sensing) Hours currently on vehicle Date when maintenance due # of hours until maintenance due Display while running (With Speed Sensor) Date maintenance due When grace period settings expire--- display shows: MAINTENANCE PAST DUE! Grace period set in software by hours or days Vehicle can NOT be started again by common operator Insures device is reset or vehicle taken for maintenance REDO ALL VOICE. 33 33

34 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Speeding Accountability
Display Speed Shown In MPH or KPH The speed limit can be set in the MENU by the programmer Grace Period (In Sec) can be set in the MENU by the programmer Device beeps and flashes, warning the operator, that the speed limit is being exceeded Alarm sounds when speeding through grace period has been exceeded and an event is created and logged into the system Current Speed Speed Limit Above shows speed limit of 6 mph with vehicle traveling at 9.8 mph and device is warning driver to slow down ok 34 34

35 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Speed Sensor Options
Gear Tooth Sensor Drill and tap hole in axle differential housing Screw in speed sensor Counts pulses as gear rotates Better “resolution” reaction time than magnetic sensor option Magnetic Sensor Mount “erasure head” magnet in wheel hub Mount sensor outside rotating wheel hub Counts pulses as wheel rotates OEM speed sensor present Many modern forklifts have gear tooth speed sensors already in place for stability and speed control Keytroller can splice into this existing sensor to pick up speed pulses

36 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 - Demo #5
Speedometer & Speeding Accountability Take round magnet that is included in the Demo Kit S-L-O-W-L-Y wave the magnet across the magnetic speed sensor post on the switch box to simulate driving speeds The speed will increase and be shown in mph/kph on the LCD display The Alarm Sounds when speed exceeds programmed top speed through “grace period”. 3 4 1 2 REDO ALL VOICE CONSISTENT WITH VIDEO.

37 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Impact & Abuse Sensing----Operator Accountablity!
No Proof Of Abuse/Accidents? Facility Too Large To Supervise? Operator Failed To Report? No One Saw It? No one knows who did it? With Keytroller 601 50%+ Reduction In Damage ---Usually IMMEDIATELY Typical ROI Within First Year Of Usage Operator Accountability 80% o f damage caused By 5-10% of operators Abusive operators change their habits or are replaced Management has record of incidents REDO ALL VOICE. 37 37

38 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 After impact options---- Alarm. Logged
KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 After impact options---- Alarm! Logged! Auto shut down in X# seconds! 120dB External Siren Alarm Immediately sounds Turned off by supervisor or mechanic Event is logged Intensity of event in X + Y axis Relative to set point Auto Shut Down Set in software If enabled, device will count down on display and shut down when auto shut down time expires Must be re-enabled by supervisor Automatic s Impact event can be sent out immediately To list of recepient’s address REDO ALL VOICE. 38 38

39 KEYTROLLER LCD 601 Impact Module Installation
Has 2 axis high accuracy accelerometer (Front/Back and Side/Side) Adjustable in .1 “G” increments (independent settings allowable for each axis) Settable in ms “ignore” for higher accuracy Small enclosure for easy mounting Mount flush to frame Mount on optional “L” bracket For accuracy, mount very securely to frame as near to rear of forklift as possible

40 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Flashing Siren Alarm
Optional alarm connects to output on relay sensor module Unique alarm for KEYTROLLER events Can be wired to flash, strobe only or siren only or BOTH 120dB siren Alarm sounds when (Programmable in software): There is an abusive impact (Can be set for only supervisor or mechanic to shut off) Operator drives speeding through the “grace period” setting (Auto Alarm shut off when speed is reduced below limit)

41 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 - Demo #6
Impact Event + Alarm Tap Shock Module To Create Impact Event 2 accelerometers Front/back & Side/side Alarm should Sound Flashes only Flip Switch Up To Hear 120dB Sound Volume Ignition will Shut Down in X # seconds as programmed Press Login & Use Supervisor/Mechanic’s Card Turns Alarm Off & Re-enables 2 1 3 REDO ALL VOICE. CONSISTENT WITH VIDEO 41 41

42 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Abandoned vehicles
Question Wonder who took a truck from your department and never brought it back? Who left the truck in the back lot last night on third shift? Who knocked off the dock door and left the forklift sitting there? Answer – Keytroller LCD 601 Event logs show who drove it last, when they left it there! System records time, date, operator, vehicle, intensity & direction of impact . ok

43 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Keytroller Event Log
When An Event Occurs In The Keytroller The log can be viewed by supervisor on LCD display by accessing it through the MENU Events automatically download to Keytrollers Fleet Management Software & s of chosen events sent automatically to management This is an example of how to set up impact settings.

44 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Programming from Menu
Every programmable function can be done from keypad Programmer’s code/card access only Programmer can view settings from keypad Much easier to program from FMS software, but MENU allows access to view individual settings on a machine This is an example of how to set up impact settings. 44

45 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Forklifts under repair
KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Forklifts under repair? Still NOT being locked out? A Mechanic, Supervisor or Programmer can “lock out” the vehicle to all pre-programmed operators in MENU. Any Mechanic, Supervisor or Programmer can re-enable device to all pre-programmed operators by going to MENU again & unlocking. OK 45

46 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 TEXT Messaging: Communicate directly with each forklift!
Wireless text messaging can be sent from KEYPATROLLER FMS software Individual LCD units can receive wireless test message from host PC Operator must respond alerting host he has received message Messages can be sent to individual operators or broadcast to all vehicles Example of broadcast message: “Fire in building #2---EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!” Each message can be sent with 4 “preprogrammed” responses that driver presses to respond ok

47 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Embedded internal 802.11 Wi-Fi radio
Embedded Wi-Fi radio in 601 is standard! Current encryption schemes OPEN ACCESS (no security) WEP64 WEP128 WPA1-PSK [TKIP] WPA2-PSK [AES] WPA1/WPA2 [AES]* Signal strength “bars” show on display IP address shows on LCD display Embedded Wi-Fi on MUST be tested on site to ensure encryption security compliance and operation We suggest every potential client test the 601 and it’s embedded radio for usability on your wireless network Shown above with external “stub” antenna for increased range OK 47

48 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Designed for Reliability and Durability
Keytroller has a reputation for amazing durability Hardware designed for tough outdoor applications Hardware durability tested for: Vibration Tested (With different frequencies + axis) High pressure washing High & low temperature High & low temperature “crash” test High impact drop test Warranty under .1% of sales One year warranty Completely backward compatible with previous model ---no planned obsolescence Waterproof Capacitive Keypad Full- Color LCD Compact Layered assembly Dust and waterproof housing (IP68) Suspension Platform which protects electronics against shock and vibration REDO ALL 48

49 CYBERWIRE 802.11 Wi-Fi External Radio
Required where standard embedded radio will not work Required on applications for high level encryption security Required on applications where “certificates” are required Device has it’s own embedded microprocessor and browser necessary for advanced security capabilities

50 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Effective use requires management buy-in!
Management & Supervisors “Buy-in” Prevents Operators From Reverting Back To Abusive Habits Ensures Consistent Operator Accountability Need a Go-to-person “Expert” Within Your Facility For KEYTROLLER Project One Expert Go-to-person Much Preferred To Three Or Four “Half Trained” Personnel Operator need to be Education Purpose of System Implementation Management Expectations of Operators Proper System Use/Benefits Helps Comply With OSHA Regulations Keep Unauthorized Operators Off Equipment Easier on Operators ---No Keys—No Paperwork Good Operators Like The System – Bad Operators Hate It REDO ALL VOICE.

51 Keypatroller FMS Software Individual Operator + Vehicle Management

52 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Free Upgrades for the life of the device!
Firmware Operating system of the device New features added frequently Firmware upgraded wirelessly---no direct connection necessary! Software-Client server based Wireless communication protocol Inputs user codes—cards—data Extracts event log data Creates graphs and reports Auto s of chosen events Text messaging Can upload new firmware and software free of charge --NO licensing fees! FMS database can be accessed by MULTIPLE REMOTE FMS clients and communication modules simultaneously. This means a headquarters can remote into any FMS database to view the equipment in that plant.

53 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 Free On-Line Training
Training done by KEYROLLER personel from our facility in Tampa Florida. We design the firmware and software---so you are talking to the “horses mouth” insuring proper training and support. Free training is done on-line through “GO TO MEETING” type sessions Our customer service reps can help your IT department with the set up of the wireless encryption and IP address configuration On-site training is available at $1000 per day with 3 day minimum

54 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 KEY-MESH Inexpensive “hot spot” zone
For clients with NO wireless infrastructure---inexpensive----about $600 Very easy to set up –just plug in each component into 110VAC outlet—NO WIRING! Mount vertical or horizontal When vehicle is in “hot spot” zone, device communicates It’s recommended that the “hot spot” is set up in a frequently traveled area like loading dock or battery charging/fueling area. If the vehicle is out of range, KEYTROLLER will save any event data (up to 8000 events) and will download when in hot spot range. “HOT SPOT” Wi-Fi zone of about 400’—500’ is created Optional “Outdoor” rated units available ok 54

55 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 KEY-MESH Kit set up
Kit includes: (1) Wireless Wi-Fi Host (Plugged into 110VAC power) Connected wirelessly to repeaters and PC (recommended) OR---- Wired connection to LAN network and PC via CAT5 cable, then wirelessly to repeaters (Kit is $600) (2) Wireless “Repeaters” (Plugged into 110VAC power) Mounted 100’—150’ from Host router Up to 5 additional (7) total repeaters can be added to increase zone size ($150 each) Host and repeaters shipped preconfigured and network is named User can put several KEY-MESH systems in different parts of the facility

56 KEYTROLLER LCD 601/602 WiFi --- Cellular Gateway Option
For applications which do not have readily available Wi-Fi network access or because no Wi-Fi network exists. An optional device is available from Keytroller that can create a Wi-Fi to cellular hotspot and allow for data transfer via a cellular network data. This device can handle hundreds of KEYTROLLER LCD devices simultaneously. It features 2 external cellular and 2 external Wi-Fi antennas. Optional higher performance antennas can extend the size of the Wi-Fi hotspot to a diameter of up to several hundred feet. KEYTROLLER LCD devices are downloaded when the devices are within range of the hotspot and transmitted via the Internet to any location the user desires.

57 Thank you for your interest in our products.
Stephen L. Davis VP of Sales & Marketing 3907 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd Tampa, FL 33614 x 227 57 57

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