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Roadmap 2014 Network Cameras Line-up.

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1 Roadmap 2014 Network Cameras Line-up

2 Ambarella VS TI 365/368 Power consumption lower Higher 3DNR Supported
N/A Low lux Better Normal bitrate Lower Life time Longer

3 Chipset Solution A5S 5MP A5S 368 388/8127 3MP WDR A5S 388/8127 2MP A5S
365 1.3MP WDR 3518C 1MP Economy Series Professional series Highlight series

4 Sensor Solution WDR Normal 1MP 1.3MP 2MP 3MP 5MP 9M034 AR0331 IMX222
OV9712+ AR0130 IMX122 IMX036 9P006 1MP 1.3MP 2MP 3MP 5MP

5 DH- IPC- H FW 3 3 C P -H Numbering Rule Camera Type Dahua IPC: Network
C P -H Dahua IPC: Network HDC: HD-SDI High Definition Platform 1: Hisilicon 2:DM365 3: DM368 4: Amberalla entry level 5: Amberalla Profession 7: Amberalla Highlight 8:Ti Highlight Resolution5: 5 Mega 3: 3Mega 2: 2Mega 1: 1.3Mega Sensor 0: CMOS 1: CCD 2: 60fps 4:120fps 8:Nightjar Function 0: Standard 1: WDR 2: Motorized lens 6: WDR & Motorized lens A~Z: Case Sequence Video format P: PAL N: NTSC Camera Type F: Fixed box D: Fixed dome DW: Fixed IR dome DB: Vandal-proof fixed dome DBW: Vandal-proof IR dome FW: IR-Bullet box W: WIFI E: EVDO C: WCDMA M:Mobile H: Heater DI: In-celling dome DP: Outdoor pendant

6 Low bitrate Ultra Low illumination Low consumption Stylish product Smart IR infrared tech Core ISP technology Stable & efficient system

7 Low bitrate 720P@4Mbps (Ti Platform) Maximum save 75% bitrate
1080P resolution storage space same with D1 resolution Image quality is better than Ti product but only take ¼ bandwith (Ambarella Platform)

8 Benefit of low bitrate Save the network bandwith Easy for you to build the network for the Project solution Save the storage space maximum save 75% HDDs, easy to build storage center Save electricity cost Storage calculate System Resolution Bitrate Time (hour) Time (day) Camera amount HDD (GB) HDD (TB) HDD amount (per/1TB) 1080P 2 24 30 100 61.80 68.66 77.00 8 247.19 274.66 306.00 100 channels1080P/2Mbps record one month, save HDDs 206 per month, save HDDs 7 per day. Each HDD’s consumption 12 Watt, one year HDD can save power like follow: 100channels 1 year=12W*24H*7(HDD)*365(day)=735840W

9 Ultra Low illumination
Color Ultra 3D DNR supported Provide bright , low noise ,clear picture in the low-lux scene B/W

10 Night view performance

11 Low consumption 5.76W (Ti Platform) 3W (Ambarella Platform) New product nearly save 50% power consumption, make the product green and long time using

12 Smart IR infrared tech Provide smooth night view
Fixed closed object over exposure issue when IR on Save the power consumption

13 Core ISP technology Perfect color reproduction
Dahua Perfect color reproduction Great white balance display Keep lot of details Correct exposure Other

14 Core ISP technology Provide over 75dB WDR by latest ISP technology
DWDR ON DWDR off Provide over 75dB WDR by latest ISP technology Offer better High light control(HLC) performance

15 Stable & efficient system
6 users view 1080P video under 4Mbps bitrate at same time 100 meters, data packet is not lost Dual system backup make the system more stable

16 Appearance Roadmap-compact series

17 Upgrade Smart Series Ti DM365/368 Ambarella A5S Smart series 3M
HFW4300S 2M HFW3200S HFW4200S 1.3M HFW2100S HFW4100S Upgrade 3M HDW4300S Smart series 2M HDW3200S HDW4200S 1.3M HDW2100 HDW4100S 3M HDB4300C 2M HDB3200C HDB4200C 1.3M HD2100 HDB4100C

18 Upgrade Smart Series Ti DM365/368 Ambarella A5S Pro series 1.3M HF3100
HFW3100C HFW5100C 2M HFW3100C HFW5200C 1.3M HDB(W)3100 HDB(W)5100 2M HDB(W)3200 HDB(W)5200

19 Lite Series Lite NEW 720P 1080P Timeline HFW1100S HFW1100S-W HDW1100S
HD1100C KW10/12(W) HDBW1100E 1080P HFW2200S HFW2200S-W HDW2200S HD2200C HDBW2200E Timeline DEC 2014Q1

20 Eco-savvy Series Eco-savvy NEW NEW 1.3MP 1080P 3MP Timeline HFW4100S
HDW4100S HDB4100C HDBW4100E HDB4100F-PT KW100 1080P HFW4200S HDW4200S HDB4200C HDBW4200E HDB4200F-PT K200 3MP HFW4300S HDW4300S HDB4300C HDBW4300E HDB4300F-PT Timeline SEP 2014Q1 DEC

21 Exist Appearance-Compact series
Ti Eco-savvy Lite 3Mega HFW4300S 2Mega HFW3200S HFW4200S HFW2200S HFW2200S-W 1.3Mega HFW2100S HFW4100S 720P HFW1100S HFW1100S-W Integrated Bracket IP66 waterproof Fixed lens (3.6mm 6mm optional) IR distance minimum 30 meters POE optional

22 Exist Appearance-Mini IR ball
Ti Eco-savvy Lite 3Mega HDW4300S 2Mega HDW3200S HDW4200S HDW2200S 1.3Mega HDW2100 HDW4100S 720P HDW1100S Mini IR Ball Camera IP66 waterproof Fixed lens (3.6mm 6mm optional) For 720P &1.3M with 2.8mm optional IR distance minimum 20 meters DC12V &POE (without 1105)

23 Exist Appearance-Mini Dome
Ti Eco-savvy Lite 3Mega HDB4300C 2Mega HDB3200C HDB4200C HD2200C 1.3Mega HD2100 HDB4100C 720P HD1100C Mini dome Metal & plastic cover optional For Metal case IK10 & IP66 Fixed lens (2.8mm 3.6mm 6mm optional) PoE support(except 1105 series)

24 New Appearance-Mini Bullet
Eco-savvy 3Mega HFW4300E 2Mega HFW4200E 1.3Mega HFW4100E Timeline Dec Third Generation Design IP66 waterproof Smoke glass hidden the infrared Led IR distance minimum 30 meters DC12V &POE Redesigned more stable Bracket

25 New Appearance-Mini IR ball
Eco-savvy 3Mega HDW4300C 2Mega HDW4200C 1.3Mega HDW4100C Timeline Dec Metal case IP66 waterproof &IK10 vandal proof Array IR LED Built-in Mic Fixed lens (3.6mm 6mm optional) IR distance minimum 30 meters Redesigned structure. Easy to install

26 New Appearance-mini IR Dome
Eco-savvy Lite 3Mega HDBW4300E 2Mega HDBW4200E HDBW2200E HDBW2200E-W 1.3Mega HDBW4100E 720P HDBW1100E HDBW1100E-W Timeline 2014Q1 Metal case IP66 waterproof &IK10 vandal proof Smoke glass & transparent glass optional Fixed lens (2.8mm 3.6mm 6mm optional) IR distance up to 30 meters PoE support Wifi optional

27 New Appearance-Compact series
Eco-savvy 3Mega HDB4300F-PT /HDB4300F-WPT 2Mega HDB4200F-PT /HDB4200F-WPT 1.3Mega HDB4100F-PT /HDB4100F-WPT Timeline 2014Q1 Metal case IP66 waterproof &IK10 vandal proof Built-in Mic 360°Pan & 90°Tilt supported SD local storage supported Redesigned structure. Easy to install

28 Exit Appearance-Home series
Eco-savvy Lite 1080P K200/A/W 1.3Mega K100/A/W KW100/A/W 720P KW10(W) KW12(W) Timeline 2014Q1 Cube & cute design With bracket integrated Built-in Mic & Speaker optional PIR sensor optional Flash & Infrared IR optional WIFI supported (WPS easy connection SD local storage supported

29 Appearance-Pro series

30 Highlight Series Highlight NEW NEW NEW Nightjar 1080P 3M WDR

31 Eco-savvy Series Eco-savvy NEW 1.3MP 2MP 3MP 5MP HDB(W)5100 HF5100
HFW5100C-H HFW5100E-H 2MP HDB(W)5200/02 HF5200 HFW5200/02C-H HFW5200/02E-H HFW5200E-12Z 3MP HDB(W)5300/02 HFW5300/02C-H HFW5300/02E-H 5MP HDB(W)5502 HFW5502C-H HFW5502E-H

32 Exist Appearance-Pro series
Ti series Eco-savvy highlight 5Mega HF3500 3Mega HF3301 HF3300 2Mega HF3200 HF5200 1.3Mega HF3101 HF3100 HF5100 Third Generation design 1.3Mega to 5Mega WDR optional WIFI optional POE support

33 Exist Appearance-Bullet II
Ti series Eco-savvy highlight 5Mega HFW5502C-(H) 3Mega HFW3301C-(H) HFW3300C-(H) HFW5302C-(H) HFW5300C-(H) 2Mega HFW3202C-(H) HFW3200C-(H) HFW5202C-(H) HFW5200C-(H) 1.3Mega HFW3101C-(H) HFW3100C-(H) HFW5100C-(H) Timeline 2014Q1 Integrated bracket IP66 water-proof 1.3Mega to 5Mega Motorized lens optional -40℃ ~ 70 ℃ wild temperature PoE supported

34 Exist Appearance-Dome II
Ti series Eco-savvy highlight 5Mega HDB(W)5502-(DI) 3Mega HDB(W)3301-(DI) HDB(W)5300-(DI) HDB(W)5302-(DI) HDB(W)8306-(DI) HDB(W)8301-(DI) 2Mega HDB(W)3202-(DI) HDB(W)3200-(DI) HDB(W)5202-(DI) HDB(W)5200-(DI) HDB(W)8281-(DI) 1.3Mega HDB(W)3101-(DI) HD(B)(W)3100 HDB(W)5100-(DI) Timeline 2014Q1 Modular design Metal plastic case optional In-celling install optional Motorized lens optional 1.3Mega to 5Mega optional IP66 & IK10 optional

35 New Appearance-Bullet
Eco-savvy highlight 5Mega HFW5502E-(H) 3Mega HFW5300E-(H) HFW5302E-(H) 2Mega HFW5202E-(H) HFW5200E-(H) HFW5200E-12Z 1.3Mega HFW5100E-(H) Timeline 2014Q1 1.3Mega to 5Mega optional Starlight series in 2M Smoke glass for Infrared IR Motorized lens optional 12x optional zoom Focus outside design Heater optional IP66 water-proof

36 New Appearance-Box Evo-savvy highlight 12Mega 5Mega 3Mega 2Mega
HF71200E 5Mega 3Mega HF8301E 2Mega HF8281E Smooth design without screw ABF (auto back focus) PoE supported

37 New Appearance-Fisheye
Evo-savvy highlight 12Mega 6Mega IPC-E600 IPC-EW600 Timeline 2014Q2 6Mega Sony Exmor Sensor Fisheye lens180 IR optional Vandal proof & water proof

38 OEM Case- Mini Bullet Jupiter Venus Jupiter , Venus is ready for order

39 OEM Case- Mini IR ball Venus Jupiter
Jupiter , Venus is ready for order The design of rest two is ready

40 OEM Case- Bullet Jupiter Venus
All these case is waiting for own new Bullet camera Design is finished

41 OEM Case- Dome Jupiter Venus Venus is ready for order
The other’s design is finished waiting for developing


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