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AP Product Portfolio and Roadmap Update

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1 AP Product Portfolio and Roadmap Update
April 2013

802.11n G2 Series * Available as a Software Update in Q4CY13 ** FCS Q2CY13 *** FCS Q4CY13 Second Generation n Best in Class 3600 Mission Critical 2600 Enterprise Class 1600 Teleworker 600 Up to 1.3 Gbps High Client Density Investment Protection, Future Proof Modularity (Security, ac** or 3G Small Cell***) 802.11ac Support HD Video/VDI, VideoStream Best In Class Security ClientLink 2.0, CleanAir 600 : 2x2 MIMO : 2 SS : $419 (for teleworker, home network only) 1040 : 2x2 MIMO : 2 SS : $795, Q4 promo $695 1140 : 2x3 MIMO : 2 SS : $995 1260 : 2x3 MIMO : 2 SS : $1195 w/ external antennas 3500i : 2x3 MIMO : 2 SS : $1295 w/ CleanAir 3500e : 2x3 MIMO : 2 SS : $1395 w/ CleanAir w/ external antennas 3600i : 4x4 MIMO : 3 SS : $1495 w/ CleanAir 3600e : 4x4 MIMO : 3 SS : $1595 w/ CleanAir w/ external antennas Up to 300 Mbps Seamless Connectivity with Corporate SSID for Remote Office Split Tunneling and Local Resource Sharing* Up to 450 Mbps High Client Scalability CleanAir ClientLink 2.0 VideoStream Up to 300 Mbps CleanAir Express* ClientLink 2.0 VideoStream Enterprise Best In Class Teleworker Mission Critical

3 Cisco Aironet 802.11n G2 Series Comparison Matrix
**Available as a Software Upgrade in H2 CY13 Indoor AP Series 600 Teleworker 1600 2600 3600 Max Data Rate 300 Mbps 450 Mbps 450 Mbps and 1.3 GbpS with 11ac Module RF Design MIMO:Spatial Stream 2x3:2 3x3:2 3x4:3 11n: 4x4:3 11ac: 3x3:3 Performance/Coverage/ Investment Protection uu uuu uuuu uuuuu Max No. of Clients 15 256 400 ac Module RRM CleanAir CleanAir Express** ClientLink ClientLink 2.0 ClientLink 2.0 for agn EBF for ac Max No. of ClientLink 2.0 Clients 64 256 – ClientLink 2.0 32 – ECBF on 11ac Module BandSelect VideoStream Rogue AP Detection Adaptive wIPS External Antenna Opt Module Options Multiple Local Ethernet Ports WSSI (Security) –Shipping 802.11ac - Q2CY13 Cisco 3G SCM – Q4CY13 Starting List Price $419 $695 $1095 $ AP $500 – WSSI & .11ac Module –22°F to +158°F (–30°C to 70°C)

4 Cisco Aironet Office Extend 600 Series Access Point Purpose built for Teleworking
Orderability: NOW FCS: NOW 2x3 ANTENNA DESIGN, 2 SPATIAL STREAMS Fast, reliable & consistent connectivity. Full n speeds DUAL RADIO SUPPORT Simultaneous 2.4GHz & 5GHz support to minimize and avoid interference caused by many residential devices Designed Enterprises seeking High Performing, BYOD Optimized Teleworking Solutions WIRED ACCESS SUPPORT 4 10/100/1000 local Ethernet ports. Supports up to 2 ports for dedicated corporate network access. PERSONAL DEVICE SUPPORT Allows personal network setup and segments personal network traffic from the corporate traffic IT maintains control to enable or disable personal SSID/wired access First off, the fourth antenna on the 3600 AP… sustains 450 Mbps rates over a greater range for more capacity and reliability than competing access points. Highest performance means highest rate at greatest range – you can take the top speeds further from the access point than our competition. This allows for greater mobile flexibility as more people can be wirelessly connected from more devices spread further from the access point while maintaining a fast and reliable wireless connection. With the new ClientLink 2.0, we can boost performance for 100 percent of wireless client devices regardless of the device’s wireless signal strength and spatial stream category. ClientLink 2.0 improves performance for all mobile devices in a/g and now in n too…across one, two and three spatial streams – from high-end laptops, smartphones and tablets to industry-specific devices to older wireless devices. It addresses the challenge of reliably connecting slower devices with weaker wireless signals, such as tablets. (FOR MORE TECHNICAL PRESS) Also highest performance means most consistent user experience – our beamforming and 4x4 “flattens out” the performance line so that there are not peaks and valleys in performance, which causes user frustration and Help Desk calls. You want a very predictable, even performance curve MIMO equalization optimizes uplink performance and reliability by minimizing the impact of signal fading To protect performance, we’ve included Cisco CleanAir technology in the AP, which increases reliability, and delivers unprecedented radio frequency (RF) spectrum troubleshooting, resulting in the best and most secure experience. Cisco is also announcing a new, optional RF monitoring module with Cisco CleanAir. The new module provides full visibility into the complete Wi-Fi spectrum – all 23 channels rather than just the traffic-serving channel. By proactively and simultaneously scanning the entire Wi-Fi spectrum for interference and security threats, the monitoring module can intelligently and automatically choose the best channel to serve traffic, delivering the best user experience and fastest, most reliable performance. For investment protection, we’ve created a flexible, modular design to allow businesses to customize it depending on their needs They can add functionality with add-on modules, like the new RF monitoring module I just mentioned. The design also provides greater capacity to support additional devices as a business’ needs and user base grow. To see how all of these features can improve performance and create the best wireless experience, I’ll walk you through an office scenario…[MOVE TO SLIDE 7] Upcoming New Capabilities Split-tunnel for local resources – access personal devices on the LAN side while associated to corporate WLAN (2QCY13) Basic Firewall, Split-tunnel for internet bound (non-corporate) traffic, Local Web-GUI ease of use enhancements & Voice QoS enhancements (3QCY13)

5 Cisco Aironet 700 Series Access Point
FCS Q2CY13 Cisco Aironet 700 Series Access Point New Designed for Value-Minded Customers Looking for Proven Good RF Performance Indoor AP Series 700 1600 Radios Dual Band RF Design (MIMO:SS) 2x2:2 3x3:2 Client Count 200 256 Autonomous Future Beamforming ECBF Ready Client Link 2.0 Spectrum Intelligence Clean Air Express RRM VideoStream BandSelect Rogue Detection Adaptive wIPS Limited Lifetime Warranty List Price (Integrated Ant.) $495 $695

6 Cisco Aironet 702i Series Access Point Controller-based Access Point
Aironet 700 Series Indoor Access Points Key Features AP-702i Max Data Rate 300 Mbps Radio Design MIMO:Spatial Stream 2x2:2 Module Option N/A CleanAir SI* Beamforming ECBF** Max No. Clients (per Radio) 100 BandSelect VideoStream Rogue AP Detection Adaptive wIPS Monitor Mode FlexConnect Autonomous (Future) Data Uplink (Mbps) 10/100/1000 Power 802.3af, AC Adapter Temperature Range 0 to 40° C f Aironet 702i Access Point Designed for Price Sensitive Mid Market, K-12, SP WiFi, and Emerging Markets Cost sensitive high-quality design & RF performance Internal integrated antennas Dim: 7” x 7” x 2” Weight: 1.3lbs (0.6kg) List Price: $495 AIR-CAP702I-x-K9 Dual-band a/g/n controller-based access point AIR-CAP702I-xK910 10 Pack a/g/n controller-based access point Target Availability: 2QCY13 FCS *TBD, **H/W enabled Cisco CONFIDENTIAL - Shared Under NDA

7 Product Availability & Pricing
Software Release supported: R7.5 Orderable: Mid’April 2013 FCS: late May’13 Part Number Description US List Price AIR-CAP702I-x-K9 Aironet 700 Series Access Point: n CAP702, 2x2:2SS; Int Ant; x Reg Domain $ AIR-CAP702I-xK910 Aironet 700 Series Access Point: n CAP702, 10APs, 2x2:2SS; Int Ant; x Reg Domain $ 4,950.00 Dual-band a/g/n To verify approval and to identify the regulatory domain that corresponds to a particular country, visit:

8 AP700 Mounting Information
Each AP700 ordered includes: New AIR-AP-BRACKET-7 (only compatible with AP700) Existing AIR-AP-T-RAIL-R or AIR-AP-T-RAIL-F Optional AIR-CHNL-ADAPTER at additional cost ($5 USD). The table below details what mounting options are supported with AP700 series. Mounting Option Description Usable with AP700 Series? AIR-AP-BRACKET-7 * NEW * AP-702 Series Mounting Bracket Yes AIR-AP-T-RAIL-R Ceiling Grid Clip for Aironet APs - Recessed Mount AIR-AP-T-RAIL-F Ceiling Grid Clip for Aironet APs - Flush Mount AIR-CHNL-ADAPTER T-Rail Channel Adapter for Cisco Aironet Access Points AIR-AP-BRACKET-1 802.11n AP Low Profile Mounting Bracket No AIR-AP-BRACKET-2 802.11n AP Universal Mounting Bracket AIR-AP-BRACKET-3 802.11n AP In-Ceiling Mounting Bracket AP1130/1240/1250 brackets Brackets used on legacy products

9 AP700 “How-to-Power” Information
Powering Options 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet switching New Cisco AIR-PWRINJ5= 802.3af Power over Ethernet injector. Ordered as a spare, List Price = $99 USD Cisco AIR-PWRINJ4= injector also supported but position AIR-PWRINJ5= instead due to smaller size/lower list price. Ordered as a spare, List Price = $149 Existing Cisco AIR-PWR-B= AC/DC adapter. Ordered as a spare, List Price = $39

10 Aironet 3600 Series Modules At A Glance
New Module WSSI (Security Module) 802.11ac 3G Femto Benefits Full comprehensive wireless security posture with off channel scan for WIPS, Rogue Detection, Context Aware, CleanAir, and RRM Support new ac data clients and Smartphones, up to 1Gbps+ wireless speeds Provides extended 3G cellular infrastructure coverage where cell tower signals cannot go (carpet areas in high rises, MDUs) Target Markets All Enterprise, Retail (PCI), Healthcare, Manufacturing All Enterprise List Price $500 TBD Orderability Now Q2CY13 (Target) Q4CY13

11 802.11ac Wave 1 Potential Throughput @ 80 MHz
faster connectivity = shorter active radio time = better battery life Smartphones from 210 Mbps* Tablets from 460 Mbps* High End Laptops from 680 Mbps* BYOD Continues 802.11ac Performance Table 1x1 2x2 2x2 3x3 Single GbE port on the AP More than sufficient bandwidth from the full duplex GbE port on the AP3600 * Assumes ~70% MAC efficiency Not all Clients will be created equal – early chip drops and quality of components - mileage will vary Rate & Range, Environment and Deployment will impact coverage and quality

12 802.11ac Module for 3600 Access Point Series
FCS Q2CY13 802.11ac Module for 3600 Access Point Series Field-upgradable ac module for the 3600 Series, enables a seamless migration to next generation wireless No rip and replace of APs, plug-in and go! 802.11ac - 5 GHz Module 1.3 Gbps PHY SS with 256 QAM (Wave 1 – Draft 5) 3 Spatial Streams, 20/40/80 MHz channels, 256 QAM SU-MIMO Explicit Compressed Beam Forming (ECBF) support as per the ac specification AP3600 operates 3 active radios, 2.4 and 5 GHz integrated and the ac 5 GHz module Supporting b/g/n on 2.4 GHz and a/ac/n on 5 GHz 18w of Power required for the 3600 with the ac Module installed Power draw with ac Module exceeds 15.4 Watts (802.3af), and will require either Enhanced PoE, 802.3at PoE+, Local Supply or Power Injector 4 Single GbE port on the AP More than sufficient bandwidth from the full duplex GbE port on the AP3600 Each module ships with a Universal Mounting Brackets (Bracket-2)

13 802.11ac Clients Integrated Notebook devices – Anticipated in CY13 – but not yet announced Intel based Ultrabooks – 2x ac Wave 1 Apple – 1x1, 2x2 and 3x ac Wave 1 Integrated Mobile devices – Announced not yet shipping Samsung S 4 - HTC ONE – ZTE Grand Memo - USB Clients - Shipping LinkSys AE6000 – 1x1 - adapter_stcVVproductId VVcatId553466VVviewprod.htm Asus – USB-AC53 – 2x2 - NetGear – A6200 – 2x2 - Belkin - 2x2 - D-Link – 2x2 - Bulffalo – 2x2 - Edimax – 2x2 - Ethernet to ac Bridges - Shipping LinkSys (Belkin) WUMC bridge_stcVVproductId VVcatId550467VVviewprod.htm Buffalo WLI-H4-D

14 Cisco 3G Small Cell Module SCR-101H – 3G/HSPA
16 User 3G Open Mode Module <100mW Transmit Power (same as ETSI ) Compatible with 3600i/3600e Wi-Fi AP Supports powering through PoE+ R99 WCDMA Voice Calls Up to 21Mbps DL / 5.76Mbps UL HSPA data Available in 3GPP Band II/V (USA/LATAM) or I (Rest of World) Roadmap to include 32 user count, DC- HSPA+ and LTE Product Offer – 3G + Wi-Fi Enterprise Capability 3G/HSPA n RF Band II/V or I 802.11n 2.4/5GHz RF Power 3G 100mW at Ant. Port Antenna 3G: 1x1 SISO 802.11n 4x4 3SS / Beamforming RF BW 5 MHz Base Platform Cisco 3600 AP Platform Throughput 21/5.7 Mbps HSPA+ 3G Feature Set 16 Active users; 200 idle ;3GPP R99 & R7 HSPA+ ; Iuh / TR-069, TR-196v1 Open Mode Mobility 3G Active CS/PS and Idle Mode Resel SON / HetNet 3G : Network Listen; : Clean Air Power Supply PoE+ or 48V DC (25W) Size / Weight 1.5L ; 1.4kg (complete unit) Deployment Indoors Codename: Gemini 3G HSPA+ - 21Mbps/5.7Mbps <100mW/20dBm EiRP 16 Active Users Lab Q1CY13 – FCS Q4CY13 I would word the second bullet differently; instead of saying this will be led by Paul M team and supported by current Femto engg team, I would actually talk about a project support structure and fill it out with names; you/me can discuss this interactively to see how best to accomplish. I agree with the idea of highlighting prior experience doing this. Do we know where AT&T will do the trials? Do they need AS resources? – DG: They are working with ALU in NYC. We could propose there or a different location (San Francisco is another pain point for them). CISCO CONFIDENTIAL

15 Q: Is Gigabit Ethernet Good Enough for Wave 1 A: 802.11ac? YES!!!
GIG-E MEETS REAL WORLD NETWORK SITUATION - 1 Gbps+ throughput requires a “perfect storm” where multiple clients (2.4 and 5GHz, 3SS) need to reside physically nearby to AP (best case wireless conditions) with all traffic pushing in a single direction (worst case traffic pattern) and with full airtime efficiencies (very few management and control frames and retries) all above must be met in order to achieve Gbps peak (only 11% excess of 950 Mbps Gig-E theoretical) 802.11ac STANDARD and WFA CERTIFICATION - Neither IEEE nor Wi-Fi Alliance mandate 2 (or more) GigE ports – do NOT allow the competition to successfully assert otherwise ! COSTS - another Cat5e line to the AP and consuming an extra switch port – all for running another cable that would typically cost in the area of % of the ASP for new AP for capacity that is not required 1.06 Gbps HDX vs Gbps FDX CONCLUSION: For the first wave of 11ac access points, the use of a single GigE port is a technologically practical and economically prudent implementation choice. 2.4GHz 11n radio 150 Mbps max AP Gigabit Ethernet 950 Mbps max 5GHz 11ac radio 910 Mbps max

16 Cisco Aironet Outdoor 802.11n AP Series
Industrial 1552H 1552S MSO / Cable 1552C 1552CU Versatile 1552E 1552EU Low Profile 1552I ATEX Certified Class 1/Div 2/Zone 2 Integrated Honeywell Sensor Gateway (S) Fiber SPF Option PoE Out CleanAir, ClientLink 600 : 2x2 MIMO : 2 SS : $419 (for teleworker, home network only) 1040 : 2x2 MIMO : 2 SS : $795, Q4 promo $695 1140 : 2x3 MIMO : 2 SS : $995 1260 : 2x3 MIMO : 2 SS : $1195 w/ external antennas 3500i : 2x3 MIMO : 2 SS : $1295 w/ CleanAir 3500e : 2x3 MIMO : 2 SS : $1395 w/ CleanAir w/ external antennas 3600i : 4x4 MIMO : 3 SS : $1495 w/ CleanAir 3600e : 4x4 MIMO : 3 SS : $1595 w/ CleanAir w/ external antennas Integrated DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Cable Plant Powered High Power Gain Deployment Flexibility CleanAir, ClientLink External Antennas, Deployment Flexibility High Power Gain Fiber SPF Option PoE Out CleanAir, ClientLink Integrated Antennas Low Power Consumption Seamless Connectivity CleanAir, ClientLink Enterprise Internet of Things Service Provider

17 Cisco Aironet 802.11n Outdoor AP Series Comparison Matrix
1552E/EU 1552C/CU 1552I Type External antennas Cable modem Internal antennas Antennas E: Ext. dual-band EU: Ext. single band C: Internal CU: Ext. single-band Internal CleanAir ClientLink Fiber SPF optics PoE out (802.3af) Battery backup option Power options AC, 12 VDC, PoE 40-90V cable plant 12 VDC AC, 12 VDC Data rate 300 Mbps Radio design Tx-Rx:SS 2x3:2 BandSelect VideoStream Rogue AP detection FlexConnect Wireless mesh Temperature range °C -40 to 55 List Price $4495 (E) / $4495 (EU) $5295 (C) / $4995 (CU) $4495

18 Corfu—Ultra Low Profile Outdoor 802.11n AP
FCS Q4CY13 Corfu—Ultra Low Profile Outdoor n AP Key Features Small Form Factor Dual Radio 2.4/5GHz Integrated or External Antenna Option Configurable Dual- or Single-band connectors for external antennas -30 to 65C Temperature Range Power 802.3at or VDC IP67 BandSelect, VideoStream, Mesh, and Autonomous/Bridge Support

19 1532I (Internal Antenna) Antenna Gain: 5/6 dBi (2/5GHz) (preliminary)
2G: 3x3:3 (Tx/Rx/3SS) 5G: 2x3:2 Tx Power 2G: 24 dBm/Tx = 29 dBm; EIRP= 34 dBm 5G: 24 dBm/Tx = 27 dBm; EIRP= 33 dBm Power Interface: PoE or DC (48V) Power Consumption: W (TBD) LAN port LTE & WiMAX Coexistence (2.1/2.3 GHz; 30 dB; 2.5 GHz; 35 dB rejection) Spectrum Intelligence (potential future SW release) India Extended Band: GHz IP67 -30 to +65 ºC

20 1532E (External Antenna) Single-Band Dual-Band
5G: 8 dBi 14 dBi 14 dBi 30x120º 2G: 8 dBi 8 dBi 13 dBi 30x30º 2G: 4 dBi 8 dBi 5G: 7 dBi 8 dBi Same PID SW Configurable: Single OR Dual-Band Connectors 2G: 2x2:2 5G: 2x2:2 Tx Power (2G) = 24dBm/Tx => Conducted Power= 27 dBm Tx Power (5G) = 24dBm/Tx => Conducted Power= 27 dBm Bridge Functionality WGB as Bridge-Like replacement (1310 or 1410) Use all existing antennas plus new gray antennas “E” and “EU” combined in one HW SKU

21 1532 is NOT a 1552 replacement 1552 Parameter 1532 # Antennas X
Direct AC power input Battery Backup SFP backhaul PoE Out Cable backhaul CleanAir ClientLink GPS 1532E 1552E

22 Ultra Low Profile – 1552E vs Corfu-E
Volume: 11.0 Liters vs. 3.5 Liters (68% smaller) Weight: 7.9 kg vs. 2.7 kg (66% lighter) Size: 31 x 22 x 16 cm vs. 26 x 17 x 10 cm Color: White vs. Gray Profile: Horizontal vs. Vertical along pole Cover: No vs. Yes (paint to blend in)

23 Competitive Landscape
Cisco 1552C 2x3:2 + CM $5295 $5500 Cisco 1552E 2x3:2 $4495 BelAir 100LT 3x3:3 + Cable LTE Ruckus 8800 Modular Platform 3x3:3 + CM+ LTE $6,499 $4,000 - $6,500 Ruckus 7781-CM 3x3:3 + CM $4999 1H/CY13 Ruckus 7761-CM 3x3:2 + CM $3999 BelAir 100N 2x2: GHz $4200 BelAir 100SNE 3x3:3 + CM List Price $4000 $3000 BelAir 20EO 2x2:2 Ruckus 7782 3x3:3 $2999 Cisco missing Indoor AP1600 in NEMA box - Stop-Gap Option < $3,000 Customer Profile EU Form-Factor; low profile Emerging Mkts SP, Low-Price US/EU Enterprise Use Cases Light Pole Mesh Stadiums, Transportation Enterprise/Univ. Campuses Aruba 175 2x2:2 $2295 3Q/CY13 Budgetary $2500 CORFU (11n, 3x3:3) Ultra Low Profile Moto 7161 3x3:2 $2299 Ruckus 7762 3x3:2 $1999 Basic 2 SS ASP  $900 Cable Modem 3x3:3 ASP: MSO today $1500 Modular 3 SS; 11n + CM Licensed Radio Functionality

24 WNG FY13 Roadmap: Controller-based AP Software
Cisco Confidential – NDA Only WNG FY13 Roadmap: Controller-based AP Software Committed In Planning Q2CY Sep 2012 Q1CY13 Q2CY13 Q4CY13 s/w release 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 8.0 Controller-based AP Software New AP – AP3600 New AP – AP2600 (MR1) AP Groups and RF Profiles Phase 1 802.11abg data rates, Tx Power Threshold min/max Max User limits per Radio/SSID RRM TPCv2 (co-channel) Custom QoS Profiles Stadium Vision (HD) CleanAir PDA Sharing Unclassified Interference Tunable EDRRM OEAP600 Manual Ch & Tx power Ethernet port, Personal SSID disable 3 CORP SSID Dedicated VLANs Outdoor AP1552 UNII2 DFS (US) Local & Flex Mode RAP – 7.2MR1 New AP – AP1600 New Module for AP3600 – WSSI (security) Module AP3600 LLDP Tx Power Boost Security Monitor Module for AP3600 Off channel scan for RRM, WIPS, CleanAir, Rogue Detection, and Location Awareness in 2.4 and 5GHz Outdoor AP1552 GPS module support Cable Modem monitoring by NCS (NCS Rel 2.1) New AP – AP700 New Module for AP3600 – ac Per Data Rate stats visibility 256-bit AES based DTLS AP to WLC AP3600 Domain -Z support the 3600 OEAP600 Local Resource Sharing (Printers) vWLC support for OEAP Outdoor AP1552 Dedicated QoS for sensor traffic New AP – Outdoor AP1552CU and AP1552EU AP Groups and RF Profiles Phase 2 Rx Sensitivity, RSSI, Multicast, CCA, BandSelect Split Tunnel and Local Resources for FlexConnect AP based rate limiting per SSID per client AP Serviceability Outdoor AP1552 Extended band 5.875 RAP Feature Parity w/Indoor CleanAir on 5GHz VoWLAN Support EPON support on 1552E/1552EU New AP - AP3700 integrated 11ac – aIOS and NGWC 802.11ac on NGWC with AP3600 New Module for AP3600 and AP Cisco 3G Small Cell Module New AP - Corfu and 1552WU–Outdoor AP OEAP: Basic Firewall, Web-GUI enhancements QOS Voice Enhancements Split-tunnel (internet traffic) AP1600 CleanAir Express AP1552/Outdoor Indoor Feature Parity - FlexConnect Support on Mesh Mesh without MAC filter list (alternate MESH MAP authentication) PMIPv6 MAG (Mobility Access Gateway) component . As a MAG, the AP MUST support IPv4 and IPv6 on the interface that faces the LMA (Local Mobility Anchor)

25 Office Extend Roadmap – WNG
Cisco Confidential – NDA Only Office Extend Roadmap – WNG Committed In Planning Q2CY13 Q4CY13 1HCY14 S/W release 7.5 Split Tunnel Local Resource sharing (Printers) Basic Firewall Next-Gen OEAP H/W-assist encryption Class 0/2 PoE Out USB 3G/4G backhaul Dual-radio, ac Web-GUI Enhancements Digital Image Signing QOS Enhancements for Voice Extending OEAP Platform Capabilities Support for Self Signed Certificates Split Tunnel Internet Traffic Cisco IT deploying OEAP-600 across global employee base (1,200 planned units thru end of FY13 – w/ additional in FY14)

26 Aironet 802.11abg and 802.11n G1 Series End of Sales Plans CY2012-13
Aironet AP Series End Of Sale Announcement End of Sale Date HW End of Support Software Release Support Recommended Aironet n G2 Series Indoor 1130, 1240 Jan 2013 Jul 2013 Jul 2018 Last MD release – 8.0.x 1600 1250 Aug 2011 Jan 2012 Jan 2017 2600 1040, 1140 1260 Apr 2013 Oct 2013 Sep 2018 Oct 2018 Last feature release – TBD for EU/ETSI♯ Aug 2012 Dec 2012 3500 No plans currently Beyond 8.0 3600 Outdoor 1310 Jul 2012 Q1 CY18 Last feature release – 7.0.x 1550 1520 Oct 2011 Mar 2012 Q1 CY17 Last feature release – 8.0 1524SB♯ Mar 2013 Jun 2013 Q2 CY18  Only hardware support in 8.0 for 1130,1240, 1250 and New features introduced in 8.0 will not be supported. ♯ Earlier EOS timeline for EU/ETSI due to new DFS rules starting 2013


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