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ANZ Product Management May 2012 THINKCENTRE M92 / M92P SALES DISCLOSURE.

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1 ANZ Product Management May 2012 THINKCENTRE M92 / M92P SALES DISCLOSURE

2 Powerful. Innovative. Green  Powered for Productivity Up to Core i7 vPro, USB 3.0, Multi-display  Industry Leading Tiny Form Factor First vPro enabled 1 liter commercial desktop  Enterprise Reliability and Manageability PC Cloud Manager, ICE 2.0, EOU design  Leading Green Desktops Industry 1 st ULE Gold, Up to 92% PSU Introducing the ThinkCentre M92/M92p Premium Enterprise Desktops

3 EDUCATION INTEL Q77 BASED M92/M92p Tower / SFF INTEL Q77 BASED CALL CENTER In addition to the left, customers who value: Space savings Flexible mount options Best energy efficiency Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) M92/M92p Tiny FINANCIAL GOVERNMENT GLOBAL LARGE ENTERPRISE Customers who value: Great performance (up to 3rd gen Core i7) Reliable - 15 month lifecycle, Intel SIPP Security – Kensington Locks, TPM Multi-monitoring RETAIL HOSPITALITY HEALTHCARE Target Customers

4 Powered for Productivity Great Performance  Up to 3 rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor with vPro Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3  Up to 30% faster by Rapid Boot HDD Accelerator technology* Faster Speed & Faster App Launches  SSD with smart cache (Optional) Wireless Connection Support  WiFi and Bluetooth options** Enhanced Performance * Compared to machine without Lenovo EE ** CTO or Special Bid

5 Great Desktop Computing Performance  Up to 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with vPro  Up to 16GB DDR3 Memory Integrated Multiple Monitor Support  Four Mosaic Display, or Three Independent Display Flexible and Secure Mounting Options  Standard VESA Compatible Bracket  With optional Kensington or Lenovo Cable Locks Ready for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure  Image available for Citrix & VMware solution* Optional Battery for System Backup Industry Leading 1L Tiny Form Factor Same height as a golf ball * Co-work with VXL to provide VDI solution

6 Enterprise Reliability and Manageability Enhanced Ease-of-Use Tower chassis Intelligent Cool Engine (ICE) 2.0 Technology Enterprise Manageability  Manage your vPro PC fleet via web-based PC Cloud Manager 24/7/365 Guaranteed  Engineered to ThinkCentre reliability -Prioritize QUIET in Better Acoustic (BA) mode Perfect for keeping noise down in a crowded office! Decreases fan speed to keep noise down while ensuring optimum temperature for your PC. - Prioritize COOL in Better Thermal (BT) mode Perfect when sound is not a concern in a loud factory Increases fan speed to ensure optimum operating temperature for your PC.

7 [Product name] Up to 50% Energy Saving*  By using 3 rd Gen Intel Core i5 low voltage processor* Cisco EnergyWise Certified  Enables enterprise-level power monitoring and energy reductions with Lenovo Desktop Power Manager Green Certified  Industry 1 st ULE Gold, EPEAT Gold, Energy Star Most Energy Efficient ThinkCentre * M92p Tiny (Core i5-3450T) vs M91p SFF (Core i7-2600). Calculation based on E_TEC(Conventional) in latest Energy Star standard. Energy Efficiency Meets Intelligence

8 Model Name M92/p TWSFFTiny CPU Intel Core i7 (IVB) Intel Core i5 (IVB) Intel Core i5 LV (IVB 35W) Intel Core i3 (IVB/SNB) Intel Core i3 LV (IVB/SNB 35W) Intel Pentium (SNB) Intel Pentium LV (SNB 35W) Intel Celeron (SNB) Intel Celeron (SNB 35W) Memory 4 DIMM Maximum 32GB Up to 1600MHz 4 DIMM Maximum 32GB Up to 1600MHz 2 SODIMM Maximum 16GB Up to 1600MHz Graphics Intel Integrated Optional Discrete graphics Intel Integrated Optional Discrete graphics Intel Integrated Storage 3.5” HDD (500/1TB) 2.5” HDD (320/500/750) SSD (128/64 1 ) SSD (128) Opal SSD for SpB USB Port default 8, 2 front 6 rear (4 USB3.0 at rear) default 8, 2 front 6 rear (4 USB3.0 at rear) default 5, 2 front 3 rear (2 USB3 at front, 2 USB3, 1 USB2 at rear) Additional one USB2 from punch out 1 Optical Device Optional Standard ODD Optional slim ODD box Security TPM/Asset ID Manageability vPro AMT 8 Wireless Connection 2*2 802.11 a/b/g/n with Vpro 2*2 802.11b/g/n Combo(WLAN+BT) 1*1 802.11b/g/n OS Support Windows 7 Window XP (downgrade) PSU 80Plus 92% Pentium 450W PSU80Plus 92% Pentium 240W PSUExternal 65W ES adapter 87% 80Plus 85% 280W PSU80Plus 85% 240W PSU Multi Monitor 3 independent monitor 2 support Quad Monitor via Mosaic mode 3 1.64G SSD is for Intel smart response Technology (SpB only) 2.Optional 2rd DP connector is required 3.Both Two optional DP to 2DP dongle and Intel Core i CPU are required Tech Specs

9 Model Name M92/p TWSFFTiny External Drive Bay 2 * 5.25”1 * 5.25”N/A 1 * FDD Internal Bay 2 * 3.5”1 * 3.5”1 * 2.5” Tool-less Yes N/A Kensington Slot Yes Padlock Loop YesNo Chassis Intrusion switch Optional Planar EOU No Front IO 2 * USB 2.0 2 * USB 3.0 1* speaker 1 * microphone Rear I/O 1 * Serial Ports, 2 nd optional 1 * USB2.0, 2 * USB3.0 2 * USB2.0, 4 * USB3.0 1 * RJ45 1 * VGA 1 * DP 1 * DP, 2nd optional 1 * Optional DP port via punch out 3 * Audio 1 * Optional USB via punch out 1 * Optional parallel port 1 * Optional Serial Ports via punch out Optional PS/2 Keyboard Mouse Expansion Slot 1 * PCI-E x16, Full Height1 * PCI-E x16, Low ProfileN/A 1 * PCI-E x1, Full Height1 * PCI-E x1, Low Profile 2 * PCI, Full Height2 * PCI, Low Profile Internal speaker Optional Standard Buzzer Standard N/A Tech Specs (Continue)


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