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1 Presented By Andy Kunik AE8J
Hex Beam Presented By Andy Kunik AE8J

2 What the hex is a Hex Beam?
The “Hex Beam” or Hexagonal Beam is a two element, directional, wire antenna. It can be configured as a monoband or multiband antenna Can be designed for up to six bands Mostly practical for 20 meters and above six sides Upside down umbrella frame 20 meters outer most wire Solid model design

3 Components of a Hex Beam
Spreaders made from fiberglass, bamboo, PVC pipe and fishing poles Viewed from above, single band

4 Features of the Hex Beam
Six bands low SWR 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 Meters Broadband characteristics No antenna tuner required No loading coils or traps Light weight…. 25 lbs. Low wind load…. < 5 sq. ft. Single coax feed Can handle full power Gain and F/B ratio comparable to a 2 element yagi Better than 6 dBi gain Performs well at low heights…. 30 ft. Small turning radius…. 11 ft. Easy to build

5 Versions of Hex Beams There are two versions of the Hexagonal Beam
The classic Hex Beam by Traffie Technologies And the G3TXQ Broadband Hex Beam Classic Hex Beam Broadband Hex Beam

6 Classic Hex Beam The original Hex Beam was developed by Mike Traffie N1HXA Smaller turning radius…. 9 ft. Rather narrow band Sold as a kit $1,129 for 5 band array

7 Broadband Hex Beam Developed by Steve Hunt G3TXQ More Broadband
Slightly better gain and F/B ratio Slightly larger turning radius…11 ft. Sold as a kit by DX Engineering… $600 for 5 band array Hexagonal Beam Antennas by NA4RR $450 for 6 band array

8 Commercially Available Hex Beams
U bolts can crush fiberglass Coax exposed to elements Uses hose clamps and tie wraps Wire clamps hard to adjust

9 AE8J Hex Beam Center hub and aluminum clamps
Compression clamps better than U bolts Coax feed is inside center post

10 Solid Model Design Manufacturing Drawings

11 AE8J Center Hub

12 AE8J Hex Beam Wire Spacer made from PVC plastic
Wire slides through spacer Set screw adjustment

13 Wire Spacer

14 AE8J Hex Beam Center hub all aluminum with compression clamps
Spreaders are telescoping fiberglass glued with marine epoxy Coax runs inside center support mast Stainless Steel hardware Dacron tip spacers 14 Ga. insulated wire Wire spacers are PVC Initial testing at 6 ft. Results look promising Needed to get it higher

15 Tower Project Easy access to antenna Telescoping or tilt over
Minimum height 30 ft. No guy wires Rohn 25g House (roof) bracket Tilt over base section Winch and pulley system

16 Roof Bracket Design

17 Roof Bracket finished product

18 Hinged Base Section

19 Tower Installation

20 Winch and pulley system

21 Crank Up Tower

22 AE8J Hex Beam Project Complete With antenna and Ham IV rotor
Added another 10 ft. tower section

23 Hex Beam VSWR Ok ! Looks good ! But how does it perform?

24 Hex Beam VSWR

25 EZNEC Model Plots 20 Meters

26 LOTW Logbook

27 References Homebrew Hexbeam Page by W1GQL Hexagonal Beam by K4KIO
Understanding the Hex Beam by G3TXQ March 2009 QST Building a five band broadband Hexagonal Beam by K4KIO Max-Gain Systems Traffie Technology DX Engineering NA4RR Hexagonal Beam Antennas

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