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Chunking, Annotation, & Summary

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1 Chunking, Annotation, & Summary
Interactive Reading Chunking, Annotation, & Summary

2 Reading Strategies Chunking Summarization Annotation
Hint: They all work together!!!!

3 Chunking The process of breaking the text up in smaller more manageable pieces. Allows for greater summarization Allows for logical recall points Allows us understand smaller portions of text at one time

4 Chunking Process Read through the selection first knowing that you will be reading it a 2nd or 3rd time Basic Chunking Strategies: Number your paragraphs Break the text into 5 separate pieces by drawing lines after each “chunk” Number your chunks in the margin

5 1 2

6 So we’ve chunked now what?
Annotate Summarize

7 What does Annotating look like?
Circle words you don’t know then define the word on your chunking sheet Underline key words and phrases. [Bracket sections you think are important. ] Write your thoughts in the margins as you read By the end, your article should be covered in symbols and thoughts you’ve had while reading!

8 Example of good Annotation

9 We’ve Chunked, We’ve Talked
It’s all over except the Summary

10 Summarization Summary is taking a broad view of a topic and putting it into your own words. Answer the key questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Should be shorter in length than the original. You will write a short summary for each chunk on your summary page. This should be the overall point being made WITHIN the chunk, not the whole article.

11 Let’s Practice Read CHUNK 1 of your first article.
Turn to a neighbor with the same topic and tell them a summary of what you just read. Listen actively as your neighbor tells you their summary. Use what you’ve read and what your neighbor said to write a summary of the chunk on the summary page. Great Job! Now do the same thing for CHUNK 2 of article 1, then move on until you have summarized all the chunks Lastly, write a 1 sentence summary of the Entire Article. You are finished Chunking, Annotating, and Summarizing your first article!!!!!!! Yay!!!

12 Chunking, Annotating, and Summarizing (Due for all 7 Sources on Monday, Nov. 10)
1st read Define unfamiliar words (summary page) Bracket important details (on article) Write thoughts and opinions in margins 2nd read Stop reading and summarize after each chunk Write a 1 sentence summary for each article Each article will have it’s own summary page. (7 sources=7 summary pages)

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