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An Innovative Approach to Free-Stalls for Dairy Farms ® Toll Free (855) 354 – 7687

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1 An Innovative Approach to Free-Stalls for Dairy Farms ® Toll Free (855) 354 – 7687 Email: GREENFREESTALL® is a Registered Trademark owned by 1

2 2 The GREENFREESTALLS were installed in October 2009. The cattle moved in early November. To date we have had no problems with the cattle using the stalls, or any instances of cattle having any trouble getting up and down in them. The ability of the stalls to flex to allow cattle to easily get up and down is the best feature of GREENFREESTALL, and I would recommend them to anyone who is considering putting in free-stalls.” John Dortmans, Strathroy,Ontario

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4  A cow friendly free-stall divider system made of heavy duty poly piping that has a FIVE year warranty  Cows are not intimidated by GREENFREESTALL because of their Flexibility and Adjustability  Cow comfort is maximized with the installation of GREENFEESTALL  Unique to GREENFREESTALL is the design patent pending Floating Neck Rail Bracket 4

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6  Provides maximum comfort & safety  Encourages increased resting periods  Possible higher milk production per cow  Flexibility to easily rise and settle  Prevents painful cow injuries  Cows can safely pass through head-to- head stalls  Reduced bedding loss 6

7 The new stalls are great and the cows now prefer to lay on the outside row first, then go to the head-to-head steel stalls. I was once told you should listen to your cows. They prefer the Greenfreestall ! James Barthelome - Goodhue, Minnesota (2013) 7

8 1 HOUR LONGER RESTING = One More Litre of Milk Per Cow Per Day 1 HOUR LONGER RESTING = One More Litre of Milk Per Cow Per Day Source: Neil Anderson, OMAFRA Canada 8

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11 New neck rail technology by GREENFREESTALL® Traditionally, all stalls in freestalls dairy operations either used steel neck rails, chains or straps to control the cow's movement within the stalls. These various set ups, often used to solidify the stalls, limit and control the cow's movement. However, all of these methods mentioned above hinder the animal's comfort. In fact, the rigidity needed with each of these methods creates incredible discomfort for the animal and may also be considered traumatizing. It is frequently observed in the neck area: lesions ranging from mild skin irritation to open wounds or even in certain cases seromas (fluid build-up) or hematomas. Everyone would agree that the pain incurred by these methods is unnecessary and inappropriate when caring for the well-being of the animal. Recently, Greenfreestall® has developed a poly made neck bar which offers zero trauma to the animal and is held in place by a loop which is called “Floating Neck Rail Bracket”. This system is of the utmost simplicity and can easily be adapted to all stall systems ……all the while assuring flexibility, security and comfort for the animal. “Many herds are already benefitting from this product. As a consultant, I've had several occasions to take part in the installation of these systems and am widely convinced by its efficiency and comfort brought to the animal.” We are responsible for our animals and must provide the best comfort and well-being to them. Here is a way you can help both you and your animal. Raymond Caron DVM 11

12 “In 2012 we installed 100 GREENFREESTALL® in our new Robot Barn. Since then, we have had no problems with injuries due to the stalls and have upgraded our stalls to include the Floating Neck Rail Bracket, which are a great addition to an already great stall. We would highly recommend these stalls for maximum cow comfort. John and Robb McIntosh Moy Hall Farms 12

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14  Pipe is able to move forward and backward, up and down  Will not punish larger cows  Allows more head movement for the cow causing less stress 14

15  Does not intimidate cow  Design patent pending  Still functions as an index barrier  Less Lumps and Hair Loss  Bends with Cow  Isolate tingle voltage 15

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18 “We purchased 76 GREENFREESTALL® in 2010. The GREENFREESTALL® provide cow comfort and very few injuries.We were so satisfied with the results that in 2013 we purchased 375 more GREENFREESTALL® to provide the same comfort to the rest of the herd. We use less bedding than with our old stalls. The new “Floating Neck rail Bracket” was a great addition to an already great stall. Dean DeJardin DeJardin Farms LLC Luxemburg, Wisconsin 18

19 "We purchased our GREENFREESTALL® in 2012. We were so impressed with the cow comfort. This spring (2014) we purchased stalls for the rest of our barns. “ The Floating Neck Rail” is a great improvement to what is already a cow comfortable stall." Chris and Jessica Fredericks, Insight Dairy, LLC Little Falls, NY 19

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25 “I really like the GREENFREESTALL®. New Heifers learning to use the stalls are not having any problems in them like they would in regular steel stalls. They are not getting injured and are not afraid to use the stalls.” Karl Steinhauer Mattoon, Wisconsin 25

26 We installed a small section of Green Stalls in our barn in the spring of 2013. We place a high priority on cow comfort in our 2X Master Breeder Herd and have been pleased with how well the cows use this section in the barn. Even though we have the stalls spaced at 44", the big mature cows in particular prefer these stalls as they have more freedom of movement and no risk of injury. Roger Wikkerink Wikkerink Farms Ltd. Norwich, ON 44 ” 26

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31 The biggest benefit I see is for older cows, with steel stalls they can slide underneath and have a hard time getting up, bouncing off the pipes and such. With the Greenfreestall® this is not an issue. Ben te Bogt -Menkhorst Farm, Nova Scotia (2013) 31

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33 33 proudly introduces FEED4ALL ™ Benefits.. The Floating Feedrail Allows more head movement for cows, causing less injuries Floats with cow allowing her to access feed. Flexible and rugged Cow Friendly USA design Patent Pending

34 34 FEED4ALL The Floating Feedrail ™

35 Bunk Floating Feedrail 35 FEED4ALL ™

36 Recommended link: Toll Free 1- 855- 354 – 7687 Email: 36

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