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Mech assemblymay 20001 MuTrFEE Assembly Procedure Mechanical.

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1 mech assemblymay MuTrFEE Assembly Procedure Mechanical

2 mech assemblymay SUMMARY Chassis assembly Sub-assemblies of Major component Assembly of FEE cross beams FEE structure assembly –ASSEMBLY ORDER –CABLE ROUTING Eyebrow installation

3 mech assemblymay FEE NOMENCLATURE –components Main Beam: 7”aluminum channels running in Z direction at octant boundaries Cross beams:6” Aluminum channels running perpendicular to main beam axis. Manifold:Inside distribution device for water and air Spoke:Radial member at sta2 that supports the Main beam Spoke Tab:Mounting bracket for the spoke located in the piston groove. Spoke Brace:Member between spokes ChassisFEE cathode housing Amp House:FEE anode housing Amp house mounting beam:channel at detector octant boundary used to mount the Amp House Main Beam Assembly:2 main beams joined back to back plus misc hangers. Cross Beam Assembly:unit comprised of cross beams, chassis, manifolds, HV box, etc Spider Assembly:spokes and spoke tab at sta2 used to provide radial support to the Main Beams Spoke assembly:2 Spokes joined back to back plus misc hangers.

4 mech assemblymay Spoke assembly Main Beams FEE chassis Cross Beams

5 mech assemblymay Cathode Chassis assembly Reference dwg #10Y sheets 1-14 general description –cold plates, air & water flow path, pcb extraction, electrical isolation, back plane. Assembly –cold plate, pcb, clamp assembly, chassis‘square-ness’ reqmts, bolt torque, hose fittings, cable holder

6 mech assemblymay FEE Sub assemblies Spoke assembly 10Y – consists of 2 spokes, 2 spoke spacers, spoke anchor, bolts –note spacer orientation –install -7 bolts before -6 bolts at spoke anchor – -5 bolts installed from both ends of spacer –torque to values shown

7 mech assemblymay FEE Sub assemblies Main Beam Assembly 10Y –Main Beam Assy consists of 2 main beams, -4 spacer,-3 mounting bracket, { race hangers, and cable clips not detailed} –mid beam thru holes {sets of 3} used for hangers & clips –use dowel to align holes at spoke attach side. –Rework assy has specific location

8 mech assemblymay FEE Sub assemblies Cross beams assembly 10y chassis, manifolds and plumbing. –Manifolds are specific to sta2 or sta3 –Mid manifold is for air –do not route “stuff” across alignment beam path –route hoses to chassis thru cross beam holes –holes on beam flanges not used except if needed for hold-down.

9 mech assemblymay FEE INSTALLATION general information ASSEMBLE PER 10Y Protective covers installed on detectors For port and octant locations see figure 1 Start assembly at bottom-then work up. Review utility of Scaffold Cables and service connections routed to the racks are attached to cross beam sub- assemblies.

10 mech assemblymay EYEBROW Figure 1 Octant number Port number

11 mech assemblymay ASSEMBLY Cable port to back plate Spoke assembly to piston Spoke brace Mainbeam assembly Cross Rib assembly sta2 then sta3 Cable and Hose connections

12 mech assemblymay Cross brace 1 Cableport Beam Mount 2 SPOKES 6 cross beams 5 cross beams 4 Main Beams

13 mech assemblymay Remove cross brace 6 5 4

14 mech assemblymay Assembly philosophy assembly one type component in all octants, i.e. Install all mainbeams then proceed to crossbeams. [piecemeal] –Positive=frame is protected from misc loads –Positive=easier closure of frame OR finish all installations at bottom and work around to top, i.e. finish each octant completely before proceeding to next. –Positive=more maneuver room

15 mech assemblymay Cableport Main-Beam Mount Bracket INSTALL per dwg 10y attach Cableport dwg 10y to the back plate –use 3/8-16 x 1 1/8 long socket head bolts –1/2” dia holes in bracket allow for alignment –do not apply torque to attachment bolts

16 mech assemblymay Spoke assy to piston INSTALL per dwg 10y Attach spoke assembly 10Y to piston use 3/8 -16 x 2 1/2 in long bolts Dia bolt holes through anchor allow for alignment do not torque bolts to spec

17 mech assemblymay Spoke braces --ASSEMBLY -- INSTALL per dwg 10y Install spoke braces 10y –use 1/4 -20 bolts –braces provide stability to spokes –used as assembly tool only –will be removed

18 mech assemblymay Mainbeams to spoke and cableport Install Main Beam Assy per dwg 10y –start assy at bottom octant –attach to the beam mount bracket. –Attach to spokes Rework assy has specific location. [Voltage bus bar routing]

19 mech assemblymay Cross ribs Install sta2 crossribs [stiffens frame] Install per dwg 10y –place beams in a position ‘downstream’ of final bolt on location. –Move beams upstream to align 4 ea 3/8 dia. mounting bolts. 1/2 inch Slots allow adjustment engage threads in mainbeams do not torque bolts install all octants

20 mech assemblymay Cross ribs Sta2 continued: –install all octants IF CLOSURE PROBLEMS –Adjust {Beat and Bash} components into place –slide crossbeams up or downstream Install sta3 cross beams NOW TIGHTEN ALL BOLTS.

21 mech assemblymay Main beam assembly Spoke assembly Main beam mount Spoke brace Spoke tab

22 mech assemblymay CABLING Starting at bottom [6 o’clock] Octant –route cabling to port location ‘D &F’ route cabling through holes at ends of crossbeams contain cables inside the mainbeams using clips to bolt holes in beams bolt holes provided in side plate of the cableport/mainbeam bkt for cable holddown. NEED CABLE PROTECTION FROM LAMPSHADE

23 mech assemblymay CABLING Detector cabling –limited space 4” at sta2 downstream det. –avoid cabling through alignment beam path –good luck

24 mech assemblymay Octant at bottom eyebrow

25 mech assemblymay Station 1 ASSEMBLE PER 10Y assemble in-situ mount chassis to plate mount manifold assy to plate

26 mech assemblymay Installation notes Using piecemeal assy routine may allow for extended use of scaffolding Stow cross rib cabling within the beam height Don’t walk on chassis May need protection cover plate for crossbeams chassis –holes on flanges of cross beam can be used to mount a plywood shield crossribs weight is approx 100 pounds pay attention to bolt torque values remove Spoke brace- remove Spoke brace install HV bus bar: attach guide bracket to cross rib flange holes

27 mech assemblymay TESTS WATER /air circulation flow tests check alignment beam interference

28 mech assemblymay Hydraulics Hose and fitting dwg callouts are obsolete due to psi change. use: Material Nylon 11, 250 psi rating –1/8” id: hose from Omega#TYNY –3/8 id.: hose from Omega #TYNY –1/2 id hose :braid reinforced flexible PVC tubing # TYRP 3412

29 mech assemblymay Hydraulics Station 2-3 plumbing per 10y Station 1 plumbing per dwg 10y –distribution of air and water inside the magnet from manifold to chassis uses 1/8 id dia hose –water into the magnet uses 3/8 id hose except 1/2” id hose used for delivery to station1 water flow rate: 0.25gpm/chassis air flow : 5.2 SCFM

30 mech assemblymay Hydraulics Fluid flow is determined by hose and orifice size –water metered by 1/8” id hose –air metered by 0.04 orifice at chassis water psi at input regulated at 50psig air psi input at 20psig

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