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Highland Ranch Basketball 2006-2007 Season By: Jeff DeSpain.

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1 Highland Ranch Basketball 2006-2007 Season By: Jeff DeSpain

2 2006-2007 H.R.Y.M. Roster Head Coach: Bro. Harper Asst. Coaches: Bro. Mclawes and Bishop Bean Players: Justin HarperDavid “Dojo” Gordon Chandler WeightScott Halbert Colton ZebeJeff Taylor Josh GarzaJeff DeSpain Jeremy GardenerShawn Bean

3 Preseason Practice starts early for the Highland Ranch Young Men’s basketball team as they prepare to make a championship run during the 06-07 season. They’ve worked hard during the off-season after a rebuilding 05- 06 season to become a fluent basketball team. Team practices began being held 3 months prior to the start of the season.

4 Game One: Vs. Meadows The first game of the 06-07 season is the hardest. It is against rival Meadows Ward. Meadows has a good team, but Highland Ranch looks to give them a game. Highland Ranch came out cold in the game, but only trailed by 4 at half time 14-10. They couldn’t recover at the beginning of the second half and ended up losing by about 15. 0-1

5 Game 2 vs. Highland There were only 7 players for Highland Ranch for most of this game. They still showed a lot of heart and tied up the game late. Then there was a foul that sent Nate Adams to free-throw line with 7.1 seconds left in regulation. Nate made the first free-throw and missed the 2 nd, putting Highland up by 1. H.R. couldn’t score, and Highland won by 1. 0-2

6 Game 3 vs. Boulder Creek Highland Ranch dominated this game and won by about 20. 1-2 Tied for 4 th place

7 Game 4 vs. Aspen This game was also dominated by Highland Ranch, Aspen never had a lead in the game. Highland Ranch won by about 15. 2-2 Sole possession of 4 th place going into a 1 Saturday break.

8 WARD SPLIT Part of Highland Ranch went with part of Aspen to become the new Highland Ranch, while the rest of the team became the Highland Groves Ward. Highland Ranch took Aspen’s record and schedule (1-3) and Highland Groves took Highland Ranch’s record and schedule (2-2).

9 Other Wards Affected Highland Ranch, Aspen, Boulder Creek, and Eastridge Wards were all realigned in the split. The wards that came out of the split were Highland Groves, Highland Ranch, Boulder Creek, Eastridge, and Hawes. The Hawes and Eastridge teams were combined for the remainder of the 06-07 season.

10 New Highland Ranch Roster Coach: Bro. Harper Asst. Coach: Bro. Hardy Jared H.Kyler H. Justin H.Chris H. Chandler W.Cole P. Josh G.Brad G. Eli W.Jeff D.

11 Vs. Boulder Creek Highland Ranch played Boulder Creek next. They won by about 20 or 30 in this game. This was the first game as the new ward, and they did well. 2-3 Tied for 4th

12 Vs. Monterey This was a big statement game for Highland Ranch. They came out cold, but they heated up. They ended up winning by nine points. The excellent defense of Jared Hardy contributed greatly to the win. 3-3 4 th place

13 Vs. Eastridge This was a game that didn’t see a lot of playing time for the starters. After about the first six minutes of each half, the starters were removed, and the reserves played. Highland Ranch came out with the victory, and saw some good learning time for some of it’s younger players. 4-3 4 th place

14 February Fire Tournament Boulder Creek Stake Young Men’s Basketball Tournament 2006-2007

15 Tournament Bracket Click here to see this season’s full tournament brackethere This year’s tournament seeding: 1.Meadows 2.Monterey 3.Sossaman 4.Highland Ranch 5.Highland Groves 6.Boulder Creek 7.Highland 8.Eastridge

16 First Round vs. Highland Groves There was a lot of hipe for this game. There was also a lot of trash talking before the game off the court by the opposing players. We showed up, and we thought that we had it in hand. Then we came out cold. At the half we were tied at 11. In the second half, we pulled way, and we ended up winning, and advancing in the winners bracket.

17 Second Round vs. Meadows Once again, we came out slow. It was 22-0 before we scored. Once we finally scored, we started to come back, at one point pulling within 10 points. But it wasn’t enough. We lost in the end. There was hope though, from the time that we scored a basket, we won the game.

18 Second Round of Losers Bracket vs. Highland We had this one in hand. We were starting to mess around, and be lazy. So, we needed to watch it. In the end though, we came out with a win and advanced to the fourth place game of the tournament.

19 Fourth Place Game vs. Highland Groves Once again, we met our rivals. This time the stakes were higher. With the possibility of playing four games that day, we tried not to get tired as we played them. This time we came out and hit shots. We won the game and advanced to the third place game. Highland Groves took fourth place overall in the final stake standings.

20 Third Place Game vs. Sossaman We came out and hit in this game. It was a high powered offensive affair. We ended up with 80 points in that game. Sossaman made it close, but do to six technical free throws in a row that were shot and sunk by Jared H., we pulled away and won the game. Sossaman took third overall in the stake, and we on our way to the championship.

21 1 st game of Championship vs. Meadows We came into this game needing two wins in a row to win the stake championship. We hung on in this game, our third of the day, and do to a great effort, and the heart of our boys, we won by 2. This forced a second game for all of the marbles.

22 New Proposition The Stake Young Men’s President proposed something new before the game. He didn’t think that it was fair for us to have to play the games back to back for the championship. He proposed that we reschedule the game so that it would be more fair. We were okay with that, but Meadows was not, so we played.

23 2 nd game of Championship vs. Meadows Our starters were dead tired in this game, this being their fourth of the day. We fought hard, and we were down by 11 at half time. We fought back, and we were within 5 with 8 minutes left. Then, Justin H. of our team had to come out of the game with an injury. The very next play, Tyler L. was hurt. Both were suffering from fatigue. The YM President called the game at that point and it was rescheduled the next day.

24 Rescheduled Championship March 8 th, 2007 @ 7PM Boulder Creek Stake Center

25 Stake Championship We came out pretty well in the first half of this game, but after a 3 at the end of the half, Meadows led 24-23. We turned it on second half, and we closed them out and walked away with the Boulder Creek Young Men’s Stake Championship.

26 WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS Finally after six months of hard work and dedication, we walked away as Boulder Creek Stake Young Men’s Basketball Stake Champions. The hard work and commitment paid off, and we walked away with that coveted title of number one. I would be a traitor if I didn’t mention the members of Highland Groves Ward. I know that they wanted this championship as much as I did, and they might have got it had it not been for the ward split. Thanks for still supporting us guys! You’re awesome! We couldn’t have won it without you!

27 District Tournament Highland Ranch, Meadows, and Sossaman qualified for the Superstition District Tournament. Highland Groves was not entered into the tournament. Instead an All-Star Team was entered into the tournament. All-Star Team

28 First Round vs Adobe Branch This game saw the reserves play. It was won by about 20. The Adobe Branch went to the losers bracket, and Highland Ranch advanced to the 2 nd round.

29 2 nd Round vs. Parkwood Parkwood got a bye in the first round, and they played Highland Ranch in the first game. This game also saw a lot from the Highland Ranch reserves. Highland Ranch won by about 40.

30 Bracket A Winners Bracket Championship Highland Ranch vs. Monterey/All-star Team Highland Ranch and Monterey fought hard in this game. It was close throughout, and in the end, Highland Ranch won, 50-45. Highland Ranch advanced onto the Bracket B Championship, and Monterey/All-Star went to the Losers Bracket Champoinship.

31 Bracket B Championship We played the Monterey Ward again. We were missing Jared H., and they were missing three of their players. It was some of their best players. We only had six players, and they had seven. We came out and took the lead. But, after a while, we started missing shots, and eventually fell behind. But in the end, we pulled through and scored and won the game by 3, 51-48. We’re going to the district Championship!

32 Superstition District Championship Come out and watch Highland Ranch’s last game of the 06-07 season. They’ll be playing for the district championship! They’re trying to take it all the way! The game will be Thursday, May 3 @7:45 PM at the Boulder Creek Stake Center. Get directions

33 Citations Movie: Church Ball ll.jpg

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