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Keep systems running PowerKVM for LARA Power Switch Options From WDM Inc.

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1 keep systems running PowerKVM for LARA Power Switch Options From WDM Inc.

2 keep systems running Goal LARA™ enables seamless integration of power /reset control in a HTML based remote management environment Besides Keyboard, Video, Mouse and Serial Interface Power Management becomes vital part of a remote Management infrastructure LARA HTML user interface for Remote Power control

3 keep systems running Three Options Power management can be done in different ways. Peppercon covers a variety of power management options. Three different options are available now: –In case the server offers an IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) Version 1.5 or higher, Peppercon will integrate the IPMI power and reset functionality. –The internal Power Management Option offers reset and power management by placing an additional PCI bracket into the system. – An external power switch box can be used to turn on/off the system in case no internal interface is available or accessable

4 keep systems running Controlled by LARA All LARA Power Management Options are connected to the LARA device by a serial RS 232 connector (SERIAL 2) on the back

5 keep systems running Internal Power/Reset Option KVM Extra bracket in server Serial II Server to reset/Power Pins A bracket is placed in an empty bracket slot. Internal wires connect the bracket with the power and reset pins of the main board. In case there is only a single front panel connector to aggregate the font panel signals including power and reset signal – Peppercon provides all necessary adaptation kits

6 keep systems running Internal Wiring Reset button POWER on/off Main board Single Pins on main board For Location of reset and power on/off pins refer to main board manual Power Option Bracket

7 keep systems running Front Panel Connectors Single pins always available on off-the-shelf mainboard (Asus, Giga, Chaintec, Spacewalker,...) No single pins for reset/power in –Bar bone systems (mainboard and casing together from one manufacturer) Intel Servers Siemens HP Compaq IBM Super Micro Dell –Usually single or double row jumper connector is used Compaq DL 380 (1x6 pin)

8 keep systems running IPMI Option Modern Servers (Intel-OEM Devices from platform STS-2, HP, Siemens) are equipped with a serial management Port (RS232), also called EMP (emergency management port) LARA supports the IPMI protcol on the EMP, enabling Reset and Power management. KVMSerial II IPMI V1.5 Interface Server

9 keep systems running Peppercon Inline Power Switch Module Peppercon offers a 0U external Power Switch option for 110 …220 V Power. The switching box is „always on“, which means that in case the system fails, power is turned on. The switch module is powered by the net current itself, so no additional battery or power supply is needed.

10 keep systems running Third Party Power Switch Currently, there are lots of external power switching devices available on the market, among which are products from vendors like –BayTec –Avocent/Equinox –Moxa –ServerTech/Sentry Peppercon supports Third Party Power Switching devices either explicit using the HTML user interface or implicit using a generic serial terminal emulation

11 keep systems running Explicit Support The most convenient way is given if the Power Switch support is explicitly integrated. Such integration is available for –Avocent SPC 800 –ServerTech/Sentry PDPT –ePowerswitch (Leunig, Neol,…) Peppercon is willing to enhance explicit support for power management options to dedicated products if requested On the html interface page „Serial Settings“ the support for one of the devices has to be turned on. The device itself is connected to LARA using the SERIAL 2 interface connector KVMSerial External Switch box Server

12 keep systems running Implicit Support The so called Pass-Thru Mode of LARA™ allows to control virtual any power switching module with serial control interface. On the html interface page „Serial Settings“ the Pass-Thru mode has to be turned on. The device itself is connected to LARA using the SERIAL 1 interface connector KVMSerial External Switch box Server

13 keep systems running LARA™ plus KVM-Switch LARA is optimized to be used together with third party KVM switches. The KVM switch is connected to the KVM input interface LARA among others supports KVM Switches of the following suppliers –Avocent/Cybex/Apex –Rose –Belkin –Aten and OEMs –Rextron –Adder –NTI –CCC –Raritan

14 keep systems running Support of Multiple Power Switches To enable controlling of several servers via KVM and Power/Reset, the external power switch device has to provide multiple power switch channels. Peppercon recommends ePowerSwitch, because there are up to 4 times 8 Port Power switches stackable. The ePowerSwitch is explicitly supported by LARA. After enabling the ePowerSwitch support users have to assign the power channels to the different KVM channels. This ensures that only this very server, controlled by the KVM switch will be turned off/turned on or will receive a hard reset.

15 keep systems running Power over KVM Peppercon‘s unique technology* allows the usage of a standard KVM to distribute Power control and reset signals to numbers of servers and devices * Worldwide Patent pending

16 keep systems running How it works The solution is designed on a single port basis. It can be scaled up easily whenever you want to add another computer without the limitations normally experienced when using other power control products. To connect the Power Management device, a PS/2 Passthrough device is placed in line with the PS/2 cable from the KVM switch to the keyboard of the Computer. This device has a cable with a DB9 plug that can then be connected to the standard LARA power management options.

17 keep systems running LARA or Keyboard Power over KVM works with both IPMI Internal(IPR)External (IPM) Integrated in LARA GUI Controllable with keyboard codes

18 keep systems running Item Numbers Direct connection to LARA –IPMI: 8400300 –Internal Power/Reset: 8400100 –External Power Switch: 8400400 With Power over KVM –IPMI: 8400310 –Internal Power/Reset: 8400110 –External Power Switch: 8400410

19 keep systems running Contact WDM Inc 503 Seaport Court #102 Redwood City, Califronia,94583 800-448-1881

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