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World in Motion “Leader in Electronic Paper Applications” E-POP.

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1 World in Motion “Leader in Electronic Paper Applications” E-POP

2 The world is more demanding than ever for both companies and consumers. COMPANIES : compete to show their brands in every place they can – shopping malls, subways, taxies,bus stands, and even in elevators. However, advertisements are now being ignored by society. Static posters have little effect in a world full of other static ads. There MUST be more to ATTRACT customers. There MUST be motion! World in Motion !

3 CONSUMERS, just like companies, want ways to differentiate and express themselves. Shoes, handbags, clothing…etc., that were made 10 years ago are the same today, only different in design. Nothing special. There MUST be a solution to fill the demands of the consumer! World in Motion !

4 PERTIE Corporation designs and creates solutions for our customer to deliver long lasting, affordable, portable motion (without wires) –E-POP to places where it was once thought impossible or impractical. Welcome to PERTIE Advertising Product Integration Our main focus are (but not limited to):

5 1. What is Ink-In-Motion? How we do it ! Using Electronic Paper, we bring the static world to MOTION! Our solutions are self-contained solutions and do not require a power outlet. Motorola Ad  10x10cm display  Battery Powered  6 months run time

6 overlay with colorful design on the surface e-paper is with no color itself, and it can just show black and white place overlay on the surface of e-paper to show the colorful design HOW TO SHOW THE COLOR ON PERTIE E-POP OVERLAYE-PAPER OVERLAY+E-PAPER

7 PERTIE E-POP Structure We need only the picture of the overlay you want to show and the switch sequences from the customers. Acryl Bracket Backplane Epaper Overlay Controller is put on the back of the acryl bracket,powered by 2AA battery or coin battery. Controller

8 1. No Wires – Battery or Solar Powered 2. Thin, Light Weight, & Flexible like paper 3. Crystal Clear Display – No Blurry Images 7. Attracts More Attention (Bar Graph) Study done by Procter & Gamble Inc. – Motion Ads are more than 2x Effective than Still Ads. Benefits of using PERTIE E-POP 6. No Heat – Cool Running 4. Very Low Power Consumption – 2 AA Batteries can last 6 months 5. Water Proof & Shock Proof – No Glass (like an LCD)

9 more advantages of PERTIE E-POP As thin as paper Very light weight, can be inserted in any ads like magazine, menu, pos display machine, etc Extremely power efficient. Powered by battery which can last from 1-12 months accordingly to your choice, and be changeable High contrast in bright surroundings, non light reflective 180°viewing angles Full color pictures to make the most attractive ads as you like Friendly to the environment

10 Market Research Study by Focus Media Inc. : More than 50% of people who passed outdoor LED motion ads, noticed the advertisement. Of the people that noticed, the brands retention is about 50%. Outdoor LED ads cost about $9,000 USD per week for a 30 second sport on 43 screens. You accomplish the SAME advertising effect with E-POP (driving attention to your ad), but at a fraction of the cost. Motion ads have a especially attract to females from the age of 15 to 35.

11 HOW TO PLACE YOUR E-POP—supermarket shelf shelf shouter strips stock stand bulk display

12 HOW TO PLACE YOUR E-POP—exposure display large display counter display exposure stand two sides display

13 HOW TO PLACE YOUR E-POP—others magazine cover- outerset packagesmagazine cover- inner

14 HOW TO PLACE YOUR E-POP– with stand


16 PROJECTS Reusable E-POP

17  PERTIE introduces our advertising frame enhancer that is reusable and runs continuously off solar power.

18  They are Re-Usable, therefore different advertising posters can be used to fill the middle content. Your own employees can switch the ad in seconds. Reusable E-POP


20  People magazine can be made as a fixed display, then it can be used in each of the magazine cover.

21 Custom E-POP  PERTIE E-POP can be made to flash specific parts to create the following effect Motorola Pattern: Custom POP. PERTIE E-pop can make the display as your requirement to show the unique features of your product.

22 Custom E-POP MAYBELLINE Pattern: Custom According to the market report, to use motion E-POP can especially attract females from the age of 15 to 35. Maybelline, women’s favorite item can definitely prove so.

23 Custom E-POP L’Oreal Pattern: Custom Same effect as Maybelline

24 Invitation Pattern: Custom This invitation was for Shanghai Expo2010-Italy pavilion, which attract more visitor’s attention to visit this unique pavilion with this special invitation. Custom E-POP

25 Esquire magazine cover Pattern: Custom POP. PERTIE can insert E-POP display into the magazine. Esquire magazine is a very successful case. They issued limited editions using PERTIE E-POP display to celebrate their 75 anniversary and gained extensive attention. Custom E-POP  PERTIE E-POP display is ultra-thin and can be embedded into thin products.

26 Menu Pattern: Custom PERTIE can help present your beautiful menu to the customers with fresh vision and attract more attention using our magic display. Custom E-POP

27 PROJECTS Other special E-POP

28 PERTIE EPAPER WATCH 1.Reverberate e-paper displayer which can be read clearly and comfortably on the highlight 2..Super-thin and bendable; 3.Ultra big size screen; 4.Ultra low power consumption; 5.White-on-black or black-on-white display can be interchangeable 6.can display year, month, date, week, and interchange 12/24hours format 7.just 2025 coin battery can work for 1 year 8.50m waterproof 9.Can be personalized customization and print private LOGO on the surface of watch

29 Other E-POP How about your POS display machine to add PERTIE E-POP on the side? Show your price tag with PERTIE E-POP

30 Contact Information SHENZHEN PERTIE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED COMPANY Contact Person: Gavin Guo Mobile: 0086-18603050544 Tel: 0086-755-27876703 Fax:086-755-29708781 Add: 19F,1st building, Splender International, Chuangye 1st Road, Baoan district, Shenzhen,china Email: MSN: skype: pertietech

31 Thank You! PERTIE Corporation

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