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Scott Electronic Management System

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1 Scott Electronic Management System
SEMS Scott Electronic Management System

2 Objectives Know the primary functions of SEMS Identify SEMS components
Demonstrate the operation of the SEMS PDA Portable Unit Demonstrate the operation of the SEMS PDR Base Station

3 SEMS Primary Functions
Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) Firefighter Accountability Track current SCBA air supplies Monitor the status of firefighters using air packs Electronic Communications Transmit PASS alarm activation to Receiver Transmit Withdrawal signal to Receiver Transmit Evacuation signal to the SEMS console Terminology does not match Zone 3 training True meaning is ABANDONMENT

4 SEMS Components Scott NXG2 Air Pack SEMS PDR Base Station
SEMS PDA Portable Unit (Console) Computer Module Located behind bottle Controls all pack electronics to include the PASS Battery Compartment SEMS PDR Base Station

5 SEMS PDA Portable Unit – Components
Analog Pressure Gauge Digital read-out Information Center Yellow button Reset/Acknowledge Blue Button Withdrawal transmission Red button Manual PASS activation

6 SEMS PDR Base Station – Command Unit
SEMS Base Station Command Center Power Switch Turns on/off all electrical systems in the rear of the Battalion 81 Computer Monitors Touch Screen Regular Screen The computer screen is only a visual aid. Commands can only be sent and received through the base station unit.

7 SEMS PDR Base Station - Components
Power Button Turns on/off Base Station Menu Button Contains 7 items Clear Button No on (Y/N) questions Acknowledge Button Yes on (Y/N) questions Scroll Button Scrolls up/down on base station display EVAC Button Transmits Abandonment signal to operating SCBA’s Digital Display Window Displays SEMS information Alarm Light Visual Alarm warning

8 SEMS PDR Base Station - Components
Menu Items Clear Reject List Removes rejected packs from the database Set Clock Sets time/date on the base station Request Logon Forced request of Logon Request PAR Forced update of information Identify Base Unit Displays Base Station ID information Set Display Adjust the display on the base station Clear up PU Database Removes all active portable units from the database

9 SEMS PDR Base Station – Computer Display
Department ID Apparatus ID Seat Position Air Pressure Time Pack is On Pack Status Range Indicator

10 SEMS Additional Information – PDU Location
Engine Officer #1 Officer’s Seat Driver #2 In the bracket nearest the driver’s side rear door Hydrantman #3 Seat behind the officer Nozzleman #4 Seat behind the driver Aid Car Officer #1 Pack should be located in the top bracket Driver #2 Should be located in the lower bracket

11 SEMS Operation – Startup PDR Base Station
Press and hold the power button Base station will initialize takes approximately 10 seconds Base station is ready to operate when the clock appears

12 SEMS Operation – Startup PDA Portable Unit
SEMS PDA Portable unit activates when SCBA is turned on Unit will sound 3 chirps to indicate activation Start-up sequence takes approximately 10 seconds Console displays “<<<<“ until logged onto a base station Console flashes a green light to show normal operation

13 SEMS Operation – Initialization
SEMS PDU Sends an initialization signal Indicated by “<<<<“ flashing on the console Once a Base station is found, console will display “<< “ After Base Station Acknowledges the logon, the console display will be blank.

14 SEMS Operation – Initialization
SEMS PDR Receives PDU initialization signal PDR Displays “Request Logon? (Y/N)” Acknowledge PDU: Press and Hold “ACK” to monitor PDU unit will be logged on PDR will display “Truck? (Y/N)” ACK: Logon all units from that apparatus Clear: Logon that specific unit only. Press and Hold “CLEAR” to send a unit to the Reject List

15 SEMS Operation – Range SEMS PDU SEMS PDR
Works within ½ mile line of sight of PDR base station Move out of range, “RNGE” displays on the console Low pressure audible alarm sounds to alert the user Will automatically re-logon when unit is in range SEMS PDR Range displays on Base station indicating the unit that is out of range Computer display – Range turns from green to red

16 SEMS Operation – Air Cylinder Pressure
SEMS PDU Press and hold yellow button to check pressure Displayed to nearest 100 psig At 2250 psig, Console displays, “½ Air” At 1150 psig, Console displays, “Low Air” Low Air signal is transmitted to PDR within 10 seconds SEMS PDR Monitors air pack cylinder pressures Low Air signal warning Must press and hold “ACK” to acknowledge the low pressure warning Low Air is displayed on the monitor for that unit

17 SEMS Operation – Distress Alarm (PASS)
SEMS PDU Activation: Manual: Press the Red button for 2 seconds Automatic: No motion for 30 seconds Transmits to the PDR 10 seconds after activation “PASS” displays on the console when the base station operator acknowledges the signal PASS continues to alarm until the user shuts off the respirator or resets the PASS devise PASS alarm overrides all other transmissions

18 SEMS Operation – Distress Alarm (PASS)
SEMS PDR Receives distress alarm Displays “PASS” on screen Must press ACK to acknowledge PASS activation Displays “FF DOWN” after acknowledgement If transmission is reset, “RESET” is displayed Press ACK to acknowledge the reset Display returns to normal operation PASS Alarm overrides all other alarms

19 SEMS Operation – Withdrawal
SEMS PDU Press and hold the blue button until an audible chirp is heard Chirp indicates a transmission is sent “W-D” displays on the console when the base station operator acknowledges the transmission “W-D” is displayed until the console is reset or the respirator is shutdown.

20 SEMS Operation – Withdrawal
SEMS PDR Receives withdrawal signal Display shows “Withdrawal” Press ACK to acknowledge transmission Display shows “Withdrawing” If transmission is reset, “RESET” is displayed Press ACK to acknowledge the reset Display returns to normal operation

21 SEMS Operation – Evacuation
SEMS PDU Receives EVAC signal “EVAC” displays on console Alert tone sounds Double Click yellow button to acknowledge EVAC signal Audible chirp is heard when acknowledgment is sent User must leave the IDLH atmosphere immediately To reset unit, pack must be completely shutdown Unit cannot be reset by using the reset button PASS overrides EVAC If reset, returns to EVAC signal

22 SEMS Operation – Evacuation
SEMS PDR Press and Hold the EVAC button for 2 seconds Displays “EVAC ALL?” ACK if yes, EVAC signal sent to all units Clear if No, Next displays “EVAC BY TRUCK?” ACK if yes, EVAC all units for a selected apparatus Select apparatus by using the scroll buttons Clear if No, Next displays “EVAC BY SELECTION” ACK if yes, EVAC units individually Select unit by using the scroll buttons Clear if No, EVAC is cancelled and returns to normal operation

23 SEMS Operation – Evacuation
SEMS PDR (continued) EVAC Transmission EVAC Sent – Display “EVAC” PDU received signal – Display “EVAC R’cved” PDU Acknowledges – Display “EVAC CONF” PDU Shuts down – Display “Evacuated” PASS Activation during Evacuation Displays “EVAC PASS” until acknowledged Displays “EVAC FF DOWN” after acknowledge If PASS is reset, Returns to EVAC signal

24 SEMS Operation – Shutdown
SEMS PDU Turn off the cylinder valve Bleed air off the system Double click the yellow button to shut off the electronics SEMS PDR Receives shutdown signal Displays “Goodbye” Press ACK to acknowledge “Goodbye” This removes unit from the PDU database Press and Hold On/Off button to shut off base station Any unit that remains in the PDU database and Reject list when shut down, will continue to be in these lists when re-started

25 SEMS Information – Event Log
SEMS Base Station logs all transmissions between the PDU and PDR Information is stored in memory Information can be retrieved for training and/or incident review. Information Includes: Date Time Unit Information State (Transmission) Air pressure Elapsed Pack Time

26 SEMS Information – Event Log (example)

27 Summary SEMS Primary Functions Personal Alert Safety System
Firefighter Accountability Electronic Communication

28 Summary - Continued Should understand the operation of the SEMS PDU Console. Automatically turns on Yellow button is reset and acknowledge Red button is manual PASS activation Blue button is Withdrawal Display shows: Pack status information Base station communications

29 Summary - Continued Should understand the operation of the SEMS PDR Base Station. Turning the system on Sending and receiving communications Understanding displayed information

30 Questions? Thank you for you time. Any questions, comments and/or concerns, please feel free to contact FF Richard Rock, FF Abel Craft, or FF Gordy Plett concerning the SEMS system.

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