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Presentation on theme: "WHATS NEW 2012 1. Power-V DXT MSC17510 – 10’ POWER-V, DXT BLADE, DUAL TRIP MSC15012 – 10’ POWER-V, DXT PLOW BOX, DUAL TRIP 2."— Presentation transcript:

1 WHATS NEW 2012 1


3 Power-V DXT Features BOSS DXT – Dual Trip Plow Trip-edge and full moldboard trip design Provides enhanced blade and vehicle protection Benefit = Less wear and tear on the plow and the vehicle 1/2” X 6” High Performance Cutting Edge 45” flared wings 3

4 Power-V DXT Features Independent tripping base angles for small obstructions. Full moldboard trip for higher obstructions. VXT design throws the snow farther. NEW Heavy Duty Trip springs, and pushframe. The base angle uses 3 torsion springs per blade half. 4

5 Power-V DXT Specs 5

6 B-8 & B-10 Features New for 2012, the B-8 and B-10 box plows for skid steer applications. BXP16508 – BX8-8’ BOX PLOW BXP16510 – BX10-10’ BOX PLOW 6

7 B-8 & B-10 Features Attaches to any skid steer or similar equipment with a Universal Coupler System. Unique attachment plates have built-in float and pivot features provide optimal scraping angle while negotiating rough terrain. This system also makes operation easier for the less-experienced operators. 7

8 B-8 & B-10 Features Both models feature BOSS’s tested and proven trip-edge technology. 6” Cutting edge Bolt-on wing design- easy to replace 8

9 B-8 & B-10 Specs 9

10 New UTV Undercarriages U/C Part #’s:  LTA12710 – 2011+ Bobcat 3400  LTA12720 – Cub Cadet Volunteer Possible release mid-season 2012-2013. Online selection guides will be updated. Cub Cadet Volunteer 2011+ Bobcat 3400 10

11 TO BATTERY POSITIVE (+) 10AMP IN-LINE FUSE BROWN WIRE TO GROUND (-) HARNESS IN COUPLER HEADLIGHT TOGGLE SWITCH PLOWSIDE HEADLIGHT HARNESS VEHICLESIDE HEADLIGHT HARNESS MSC12246 UTV Headlight Kit Kit includes:  55 Watt Halogen Headlights  Mounting brackets & hardware  Plow & Vehicle wiring harness  Switch  Installation Manual Future revisions of the UTV plow side and vehicle side harness will include wiring for the headlight kit. LIGHT HARNESS JUMPER WIRE 11

12 HYD09388 Lift Cylinder, UTV Non-serviceable lift cylinder for UTV plows (STR & V XT). Direct replacement for the HYD07022 lift cylinder. In all UTV plow boxes beginning with serial# 182426. 12

13 MSC10176B 7’6” V XT BLADE WIDTH (STRAIGHT)90" BLADE WIDTH (V POSITION)81" BLADE WIDTH (SCOOP)74" PLOWING WIDTH @ 30° ANGLE77" BLADE HEIGHT36" at end, 30" at center BLADE THICKNESS14-ga steel CUTTING EDGE (HIGH PERFORMANCE)1/2" x 6" REINFORCEMENT RIBS6 vertical, 2 diagonal DIAGONAL CROSS BRACINGYes PLOW SHOESOptional TRIP SPRINGS4 ANGLE CYLINDERS1-1/2" x 10" LIFT CYLINDER2" x 1-1/8" x 10" ATTACHMENT SYSTEMSmartHitch 2 PLOW WEIGHT713 PLOW LIGHTSSmartLight 2 7’ 6” VXT now available. 7’6” Power-V will still be available. 7’ 6” VXT only weighs 13 lbs more than 7’6” Power-V. Blade crate will mount to existing RT3 center section. 13

14 2011 & Newer F150 Boss does not approve installation of a snowplow on this vehicle. Ford does not recommend for snowplow applications due to Electronic Power Assist Steering. The concern is that the trucks charging system cannot keep up with the plows motor draw and the E.P.A.S. They offer NO Snow Plow Prep Package for any 2011 & Newer F150 models. We hope to be able to add the 2011 & Newer F150 back to our application list in the future. Q-200R1 – SVE Bulletin from Ford V Still

15 MSC09588 Sport/UTV Plow Shoe Kit Older Rev had a three piece bracket to hold the plow shoe. New Rev has a one piece bracket. Easier installation. Used on Sport Duty and UTV Straight blade plows New Rev Older Rev Upper Bracket Lower Bracket Bushing 15

16 STB04180 Pushframe Attach (Quad) This is the quad used for both Standard Duty and Super Duty STR plows. An additional hole was added to the return spring mounting tabs. This was added to allow more adjustment on the Standard Duty trip springs. This quad is a direct replacement and fits the same applications as before. Standard Duty Super Duty 16

17 Cylinders Schematics/Specs Updated Colorized schematics and specs available online or on the Boss Service Center CD. Cylinder dimensions. Seal placement and orientation. Cylinder assembly. Requested from the 2011 Service Schools. Old NEW 17

18 Online Tech Service Videos Short videos Produced and edited in house. Topics to date:  Snow Deflector Install  Headlight Adjustment  Pushframe replacement (V)  Cutting Edge Replacement  Basic Electrical Test Equipment  Plow Sight Installation 18

19 08+ F650 Undercarriage LTA06400 Possible release in 2012-2013 season. BX-12R Discontinued Discontinuing the 99-04 Mitsubishi FG undercarriage, LTA04775. Individual service parts will still be available. Other 19

20 Coop advertising program Municipal discount program BOSS Marketing Materials Literature Banners Service post cards Sales DVD Newspaper ad slicks (on website) Radio ads (on website) TV ads (on website) Billboard layouts (on website) Other 20

21 90 Days Deferred Payment 9.99% Interest Rate Interest begins immediately First payment due 90 days from date of closing Buy down fee – 0% $150 Customer doc fee Repayment – Approx. 3.23% of the original loan balance for 36 months $1,500 minimum amount financed 1-800-438-8892 Sheffield Financial 21

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