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“America’s Most Deployed

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1 “America’s Most Deployed
Weapon System” PM Crew Served Weapons Arming the Current and Future Soldiers PEO SOLDIER BG James Moran Program Executive Officer PM Soldier Weapons COL Michael J. Smith Project Manager Soldier Weapons (973) DSN 880

2 Program Executive Office Soldier
Program Executive Officer Soldier Deputy PEO PEO Soldier SGM Congressional Affairs Operations & Plans Business Management RFI OPS Objective Force Warrior Technology Program Manager* USMC LNO Public Affairs Personnel Systems Integration Project Manager Soldier Warrior Project Manager Soldier Weapons Project Manager Soldier Equipment Business Mgt Directorate DPM Soldier Warrior DPM Soldier Weapons DPM Equipment Business Mgt Directorate Business Mgt Directorate Technical Mgt Directorate Technical Mgt Directorate Logistics & Test Logistics & Test Logistics & Test Program Management PM Air Warrior PM Land Warrior PM Individual Weapons PM Crew Served Weapons PM Clothing and Ind Equip PM Sensors and Lasers Operations and Plans Operations and Plans PM Future Warrior (planned) * Dual Reporting NSC/PEO As of: 02 March 04


ACAT II WEAPONS XM29 Integrated Air Burst Weapon XM25 Air Burst Weapon XM8 Modular Assault Weapon XM307, (25mm) Advanced Crew Served Weapon XM Cal Machine Gun Variant SOLDIER ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMS XM26 12 Gauge Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS) XM Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) Close Quarters Battle Kit XM1041/XM1042, Close Combat Mission Capability Kit XM102, Reloadable Stun Grenade BLOCK MOD PROGRAMS CROWS, Remote Mount Medium Machine Gun Weight Reduction Program M240E5, 7.62mm MG (Aviation Version) M249 SAW 200 Round Soft Pack XM116 Sight Computerized Small Arm Fire Control AMMO BLOCK MOD PROGRAMS XM1037, Short Range Training Round for M249 XM mm Multipurpose Cartridge XM430A1E1 DUD Reducing 40MM (FCT) PROCUREMENT M240B, 7.62mm Medium Machine Gun M240 Mod Line M192, Light Weight Ground Mount for MG Improved Bipod Improved Flash Suppressor Combat Ammunition Pack M249, 5.56mm Squad Automatic Weapon M249 Mod Line M249 Short Barrels MG Front Rails Collapsible Buttstock M16A4 5.56mm Rifle M16 Rifle Mod Line M5 Adapter Rail M4, 5.56mm Carbine M4 Carbine Mod Line M4 Adapter Rails Back Up Iron Sight M68 Close Combat Optic M203A1 MWO Kit M203 Rail System MK19 MK19 Mod Line Mod Kit Lightweight Adjustable Sight Bracket Tactical Engagement Simulator (TES) M107 Semi Automatic Long Range Sniper Rifle Sniper Accessory Kit M145 Machine Gun Optics M25 Stabilized Binoculars AMMO PRODUCTION PROGRAMS* M995, 5.56mm Armor Piercing M993, 7.62mm Armor Piercing M903/M962 Cal .50 SLAP/SLAPT M1012/M1013, 12 Gauge Non Lethal Point and Crowd Control M1006, Non Lethal 40mm Round M1001, 40mm Canister Round M1029, 40mm Crowd Dispersal Cartridge M67 Frag Hand Grenade PIP for EM Fuze Enhanced Pyro (EP) Fuze for M67 Hand Grenade M100, Grenade Rifle Entry Munition (GREM) MK243 MOD 0 9MM Jacketed Hollow-Point M mm Short Range Training Ammo M Gauge Breaching Round MK281 Target Practice Cartridge Programs Managed by PM Soldier Weapons for PEO Ammunition in accordance with MOA

5 Advanced Crew Served Weapon

6 Advanced Crew Served Weapon
XM307 Kit Change at Unit Level (5 Parts) XM312 Supports FCS Defensive Armaments 25mm Munitions Air-bursting Munitions Defeat Defilade Targets Armor Piercing Munitions Defeat Light Armor Day/Night/All Weather Capable Fire Control Supports FCS Field Evaluation XM312 is a Direct Replacement for 87 Year Old M2 Could Support Stryker BCT Fieldings Accelerated Program Possible w/Funding Delivers Start in 12 mo - 50 Wpns in 18 mo Full-rate Production Line in 24 mo One Weapon Replaces Two Weapons – M2 & MK19 Dual Feed Capability for Vehicular Variants Light Weight Can be Dismounted from Platform 2-man Portable (50.3 lbs/43.7 lbs) vice 128 lb M2 or 144 lb MK19 System Dispersion 1.5 mil No Headspace or Timing Adjustments Maximum Commonality between XM307 and XM312 Minimized Future Logistic Impact Capable of Remote Operations Shoots/Handles/Maintains Like A Light Machine Gun

7 Advanced Crew Served Weapon Firings

8 Advanced Crew Served Weapon Firings (25mm Airburst Over Target)

9 CARTRIDGE, 25 MILLIMETER (Armor Piercing, XM1049)
Off the Shelf Nose Fuze with Spitback Advanced Molybdenum Shaped Charge Liner Over 2 Inches of Armor Penetration (Lab) Flight Tested to 963 Meters Dispersion ~ 0.75 mils First Generation

10 Advanced Crew Served Weapon Firings (25mm Armor Piercing)
1- inch RHA

11 XM101 Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS)
Provides Soldier with Capability to Acquire and Engage a Target While Protected by an Armored Vehicle Supported Weapons MK19, M2, M249, M240b Potential Growth to M230lf, M260 and XM307 Weapons are Quickly Interchangeable by the User Sensor Suite Permits Target Engagement Under Day and Night Conditions Two Axis Stabilized Mount, Laser Rangefinder and Fire Control Software Allow on the Move Target Acquisition and First Burst Target Engagement Can Track Target Independently of Gun Motion

12 XM101 Operations

13 XUV Demonstration

14 Thermobaric Munitions
Point of Initiation Projectile Flight Path Technology of Thermobarics Demonstrated Munitions Have Agility to Defeat a Range of Targets Pressure and Light Output Used in Combination to Defeat Enemy Vulnerabilities XM1060 40mm Low Velocity Air Burst Rounds Developed in 120 Days Operational Use Similar to M433 HEDP Deployed to Afghanistan 25mm High Velocity 25mm High Velocity Air Burst Rounds Developed in 90 Days Demonstrated During Sep 03 Infantry Conference Legend Red– 40MM Thermobaric Grenade Ph/PK = 1 White-40MM HEDP Grenade Ph/Pk >0.5<1.0 Thermobarics Provide Surgical Effectiveness

15 Thermobaric Munitions Firings (40mm Static)

16 Thermobaric Munitions Firings (40mm Dynamic)

17 Thermobaric Munitions Firing (25mm High Velocity Air Burst)
54m Weapon to Point of Burst

18 Thermobaric Munitions Firings (40mm Dynamic)

19 Near Term Effort - SEP Program
XM110, 7.62mm Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) SEP Program Objective: To qualify and Type Classify Standard a COTS/NDI Semi-Automatic Weapon To Replace M24 (7.62mm Bolt Action) Sniper Weapon System (SWS) CAPABILITIES OF ITEM Rapid Fire/Rapid Reload, Suppressed Sniper Rifle Exceeds Rate-of-Fire & Lethality of M24 SWS Reduced Weight Primarily Anti-Personnel Ranges Equal to or Greater Than M24 Includes Enhanced Sniper Spotting Scope DESCRIPTION: Effective Against Personnel Targets & Possible Light Materiel Targets Supplements Sniper’s Role To Support Combat Operations - Greater Firepower & Possible Standoff Ranges To Improve Sniper Survivability

20 “America’s Most Deployed Weapon System”
The Soldier “America’s Most Deployed Weapon System” WE CAN DELIVER

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