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Lego Geometry Gus Jansson NWBrickCon – October 5, 2002.

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1 Lego Geometry Gus Jansson NWBrickCon – October 5, 2002

2 Why Study Lego Geometry? Avoid trial and error approach to making parts fit Determine exact distance between points on a diagonal Design intricate structures in your head when you don’t have access to your bricks

3 The Lego Unit (L) 4L 2L ?

4 The Height Of A Brick 4L 2L 1.2L

5 Plate Height Plate height is 1/3 of Brick Height. 1.2L / 3 = 0.4L

6 The Beam Stack a b 0.4L a b a + b = 1.2L b + 0.4L + 0.4L + a = 2.0L


8 What about a and b? a = 0.5 b = 0.7

9 Stud Size? Distance between studs is 0.4L

10 Gap between studs = 0.4L 1L 0.2L 0.6L

11 90° Bracket

12 2L 0.4L

13 90° Bracket 1.2L 0.4L 2.0L 0.4L 2L 2.4L

14 90° Bracket

15 1x1 Headlight Brick

16 1L 0.8L 0.2L

17 1x1 Headlight Brick 0.8L1.2L1L

18 1x1 Headlight Brick

19 Gears: Radius and Teeth 1L Radius of 8-tooth gear: 0.5L Circumference is linear to radius Formula:t = 16r or r = t/16

20 Gears: Radius and Teeth 2L 3L 16 tooth gear – radius is 1L 24 tooth gear – radius is 1.5L

21 Gears: Double Bevel 12 tooth – radius is 0.75L 20 tooth – radius is 1.25L New gear with Spybot set: 36 tooth – radius is 2.25L

22 Gears: Making them fit Easy to Fit Combinations:

23 Gears: Making them fit Harder to Fit Combinations:

24 Gears: Making them fit 1.5L

25 Gears: Making them fit 1.0L1.5L 0.75L 0.75L gap

26 Diagonals One way to fit hard combinations Use Pythagorean Theorem to measure distance on diagonal

27 Diagonals 1L 2L

28 Diagonals 1.5L + 0.75L = 2.25L

29 Diagonals 0.5L 0.4L 1L 0.5L 1.0L

30 Diagonals



33 Diagonals Chart Full Chart available on Search for member Gjansson and look under Lego Geometry.

34 UNDONE: 1Good ways to mount motors 2Light sensor mounting 3Light sensor shrouding(like Alegomazer) 4Good techniques for angles like Alegomazer light sensor block 5Circular exercise

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