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ARK-1122 ECG / Embedded BPC PM: Conant.Ho / Dec. 2012.

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1 ARK-1122 ECG / Embedded BPC PM: Conant.Ho / Dec. 2012

2 ARK-1122 Key Features Intel® Atom N2600/N2800 Palm size and Price Competitive Embedded Box PC with VGA&HDMI/ dual LAN / 4COM / 4USB2.0/ Mini-PCIe/ 1 SATA HDD & 1 mSATA storage Intel Atom N2600/N2800 up to 1.8GHz + NM10 DDR3 memory, support up to 4GB Low Power Consumption under 10 Watts Palm-size embedded box PC, 134x94x43mm Wide operating temp -20~60C with Fanless thermal design Small form factor which support 2.5” drive bay and/or mSATA 94mm 134mm Lockable DC jack for 12V DC Power input Optional VESA/DIN-Rail mount bracket for flexible installation 43mm Up to dual Intel GbE and extensible slots for WiFi/3G module Independent dual displays (VGA+HDMI) Up to 4COM (2x BIOS selectable RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Advantech SUSIAccess Supports Embedded Software API and Utility WES7, WES2009 and Linux Support Estimated phase in : ARK-1122H-S6A1E : Apr. 2013 ARK-1122C-S6A1E : Apr. 2013 ARK-1122F-S8A1E : May. 2013 2017 Longevity

3 Roadmap of ARK-1100 Series ARK-1130 ARK-1123 ARK-1122 ARK-1120L
AMD eKabini DC/QC 1G,1.5G SoC VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort DirectX® 11.1 2 *USB 3.0, Up to 2 GbE,, 4*COM 2.5”HDD/SSD or mSATA, miniPCIe 0~50C, DC 12V 134 x 94 x 43 mm Q4‘13 ARK-1123 Intel Next Gen Atom SoC 1~4 core, 6W~10W DDR3 4 ~ 8GB USB 3.0 Extended temperature support 134 x 94 x 43 mm Q1‘14 Quad Core Dual Core ARK-1122 Intel Atom DC N2600 / N2800 VGA, HDMI Up to 2 GbE, 4*USB 2.0, 4*COM 2.5”HDD/ SSD or mSATA 1*miniPCIe , SIM option -20~60C, DC 12V 134 x 94 x 43 mm Mar‘13 Single Core ARK-1120F Atom N GHz , 10 Watt↓ VGA, 1 GbE 2*USB 2.0, 2*RS232, 2 RS422/485 Support CF, 2.5”HDD 1* half size miniPCIe 0~40 C, DC 12V 134 x 94 x 43 mm ARK-1120L Atom N GHz , 10 Watt↓ VGA, 1 GbE, audio Line in/line out 4*USB 2.0, 2*RS232 Support CF, 2.5”HDD 1* half size miniPCIe 0~40 C, DC 12V 134 x 94 x 43 mm MIOe MIO 3.0 Developing Planning Available Fanless MP 2013 2014 Page 3

4 Key Features and Applications
Compact system with Intel Atom dual core N2600/N2800 solution Support independent dual display VGA + HDMI (support cable lock) Wide temperature -20~60oC support Low power consumption, <10W Support expansion mini-PCIe slot and SIM holder (F SKU) Intelligent system with SUSIAccess supported Self Service Machine Internet Transmission Gateway Digital Signage

5 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD and mSATA
ARK-1122 SKU Table Model Name ARK-1122H ARK-1122C ARK-1122F Processor Intel Atom N GHz N GHz VGA V HDMI - GbE LAN 1 2 USB 2.0 4 3 RS-232 RS-232/422/485 SIM SIM socket on board Power Input DC 12V, Lockable DC Jack Audio Line-out, Line-in Storage 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD and mSATA mSATA Expansion 1*half-size mini-PCIe 1*full-size mini-PCIe Operating temp. -20~60℃

6 ARK-1122 Executive Summary
Palm-size Fanless System with Excellent Thermal Design The smallest fanless x86 base IPC with Intel Atom N2600/N2800 up to 1.8GHz Processor System power < 10Watt Throttling when processor is overheating Hyper Threading- Targeted to deliver higher performance and control logic saving power Various Storage Option Support both 2.5” SATA HDD(ARK-1122H only) or mSATA storage in palm size system Lockable DC Jack Design Lockable DC Jack design to avoid DC power cable falling off easily in harsh environment. Good to protect system in case direct power in and damage the board and system. Mounting Bracket for System Integration Easily for system integration Support both VESA and DIN-Rail mount by optional mounting bracket kit Schedule - EVT sample: September, 2012 - DVT sample : December, 2012 - PVT sample : January, 2012 - Phase-in / MP : ARK-1122H : April, 2013 ARK-1122C : April, 2013 ARK-1122F : May, 2013

7 ARK-1122 Product Specification
Company VIA IEI Avalue Advantech Model Name AMO3001 uIBX-200 ASM-AT270 ARK-1122 Benefits Processor VIA 1.2GHz VIA Nano™ E Intel Atom Z GHz Intel Atom N GHz Intel Atom N GHz N GHz The latest platform from Intel and higher performance Longer longevity System Chip VIA VX855 Intel US15WP Intel ICH7-M Intel NM10 Memory DDR2 up to 2G On board DDR2 1G DDR3 up to 4G Serial Ports 2 x RS-232 1 x RS-232 2 x RS-232 & 2 x RS-232/422/485 (C SKU) Up to 4 x COM option Mode selection by BIOS Mini-PCIe - 1 x miniPCI 1 x half-size mini-PCIe 1 x full-size mini-PCIe More WIFI/3G options LAN 1 x Giga-LAN 2 x Giga-LAN Up to 2 x GbE LAN Rich IO extendibility USB 4 x USB 2.0 Up to 4 x USB 2.0 Storage 1 x IDE DOM 1 x CompactFlash 1 x 2.5” IDE HDD 1 x 2.5“ SATA and/or mSATA (by SKU) Support up to 9mm 2.5” SATA HDD or mSATA Dimension(WxDxH) 150 x 108 x 46 mm 120 x 120 x 44mm 182 x 257 x 25 mm 134. x 94 x 43mm Smallest dimension 7

8 VESA Mounting Bracket VESA Mounting Bracket Panel
Easy for system integration Good for digital signage applications Mounting bracket P/N: N001 Optional accessory VESA Mounting Bracket Panel

9 DIN-Rail Mounting Bracket
Easy installation for industrial control equipment Supports VESA mounting hole (75 or 100mm) Optional accessory Ordering PN : E *Top-hat rail EN50022 compliance: 35 x 7.5 mm

10 ARK-1122 Development Schedule
ES PVT Status Ship out Date Phase in (ACL tested) (Order P/N) H: None C: Available now F: Available now H: Available now C: 18-Apr’-2013 F: 25-Apr'-2013 H: 12-Apr'-2013 C: 25-Apr'-2013 F: 10-May'-2013 PVT/Phase in ARK-1122H-S6A1E: middle of April, WK16 ARK-1122C-S6A1E: begging of May, WK18 ARK-1122F-S8A1E: middle of May, WK20 PM contact: Conant.Ho ext 1343

11 Performance Benchmark

12 Graphics Performance – 3DMark 2006
N GHz ARK-1122 N GHz ARK-1120 N GHz

13 Passmark Performance Comparison


15 Get more materials from the website:

16 Core Features Centralized Device Monitoring
Collects all embedded device data Displays data in a customized dashboard Auto notifies errors via warning popups and alerts Integrated Remote Configuration Remotely adjust embedded device settings Transfer files to a remote device for firmware or application updates Remote diagnostics via screen captures, hardware log analysis, and windows XP event log files One-Click System Recovery Back-up complete system and files any time Restore a system Smart back-up saves images to offsite FTP Application Scenario

17 Integrated Remote Configuration
Remotely adjust settings of embedded device Application: Digital signage

18 Centralized Device Monitoring
Monitor the health status of all embedded devices Application: Digital signage / Factory automation

19 Application Scenario 19

20 Medical Nursing Cart Low power consumption Space saving Fanless design

21 Thin Client Application
Price competitive VESA mounting bracket Longer longevity

22 Environmental and Facility Management
Centralized device monitoring Remote system control Space saving PH Meter Water Level Meter USB Remote Console ARK-1120 Dissolved Oxygen /Temperature Sensor Device N Internet / VPN Device B SUSIAccess Server Device A

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