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1 Introduction USG – 573 RMDS - Radioactive Material Detector System.

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1 1 Introduction USG – 573 RMDS - Radioactive Material Detector System

2 2 RMDS - Introduction Radioactive Material Detection System (RMDS) for seaports, airports and land border crossings. The system was type tested for compliance with the IAEA technical guidance (reference manual 2006) and ANSI N42.38 standards

3 3 Installation of RMDS in Haifa, Israel as part of the MEGAPORT Initiative

4 4 System Features  Capable of screening passively, every vehicle and its contents while in motion.  Drive through unmanned operation (usual traffic flow, speed up to 8 km/h - 5 Mph). Consists of up to 32 detectors NaI(Tl) 3” X 3”’ successfully integrated into two shielded Isolated stands with thick lead casing inside. Neutrons detection by integrated He3 detectors. Two pillars, 50x40x450 cm each. Easy to assemble and disguise in the surrounding. System output: Audiovisual detection alarms, Isotope identification, Materials location.

5 5 System Features II Minimization of false alarm rate of less then 1:6000, by unique software which processes correlation of 32 detectors. Prevention of innocent alarms by spectroscopy and Detection probability rate is better then 99% for Cs137 (15 µCi) and Co60 (7 µCi). (According to Beta site testing). Simultaneous Isotope identification of Norm and Hazardous materials also in the drive trough mode due to high efficiency of the detectors. Location of source is available due to multitude of detectors. Completely automatic self calibration without the need of radioactive source.

6 6 System Features III Energy range is 25 kev to 3.0Mev. Functional in high background fluctuations. Saves history data (spectra, events) for any required period of time. PC-based technology. Communicates locally and remotely via Ethernet communication or dial-up modem. High availability of parts in case of malfunction (COT’S). Electronic seal reader integrates cargo description and origin for variable risk level analysis.

7 7 Installation of RMDS in in Hazardous Material Waste site, Israel

8 8 8

9 9 Detection is done automatically, giving GO / NO GO signals. Simple Operation

10 10 Simple Operation Location Determination of the alarming sources

11 11 Installation of RMDS in Sidney, Australia for the Australian Customs

12 12 Processed spectrum for selected points above (in blue) Am241 and Ba133 Detection shown in history Highly detailed, easy to review, History display

13 13 Second Tier Gamma spectrum or Neutron count rate display is available

14 14 Spectrum Stabilization & Analysis in automatic mode Simultaneous measurements of Ba 133 Cs 137 and Co 60 at 47 ºC stabilized and summed detectors spectra.

15 15 Installation of RMDS in Valbruna, Italy

16 16 System Tests Identification tests –SNM Isotopes –Industrial isotopes –Medical isotopes –NORM isotopes Environment tests –Temperature –Humidity –Mechanical vibrations –EMI Simultaneous Identification for Combined

17 17 Radionuclide Test no. Simultaneous Radionuclide Identification Test Method Results Detection Identification IsotopeNORM Fertilizer 1 Stationary measurement 100%n/a100% 2 passes with moving truck 100%n/a100% Co 57 (20 μCi) + Fertilizer 3 Stationary measurement 100% 4 passes with moving truck 100%90%80% Am 241 (50 μCi) + Fertilizer 5 Stationary measurement 100% 6 passes with moving truck 100%90%100% Neutron Detection – Cf 252 (12,000 N/s) + Fertilizer7 passes with moving truck 100% 90% Cs 137 (15 μCi) + Fertilizer 8 Cs 137 - activity level as per ANSI N42.38, stationary measurement. 100% 9 Steel shielding is gradually added until RMDS cannot detect Cs 137 10 Cs 137 activity is increased until RMDS detects again. 11 Steel shielding is added again up to 3cm and 80μCi activity. 12 passes with moving truck (with 3 cm steel shielding) 100%80% Simultaneous Radionuclide Identification – Cs 137 (15 μCi)+Co 57 (20 μCi)+Am 241 (50 μCi)+ Fertilizer 13 Stationary measurement 100% 14 passes with moving truck 100%90% DU (4.5 Kg) 15 Stationary measurement 100% n/a 16 passes with moving truck 100% n/a

18 18 RMDS Data Sheet Performance No. of Detectors Distance between Pillars SensitivitySpeed 185.5 m’ITRAP / IAEA8 Km/h 2165.5 m’ANSI N42.388 Km/h 3325.5 m’Above ANSI N42.38 requirements Better spatial resolution; High traffic load 8 Km/h

19 19 Installation of RMDS for Steel Yard, Israel

20 20 Installation & Assembly

21 21 algorithms Minimization of false alarms by correlation algorithms of 32 sensors. Prevention of innocent alarms by NaI (Tl) isotope identification. Detecting source position and approximates the strength. Neutrons detection by integrated He3 detectors. Electronic seal reader monitors cargo description and origin for variable risk level analysis. Remote diagnostics by experts or authorities using internet. RMDS Advantages

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