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September 11th, 2001 The shadows in the history. This is the Inquiry Committee.

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1 September 11th, 2001 The shadows in the history

2 This is the Inquiry Committee

3 but the report does not answer several crucial questions... In 2004 they presented their final report

4 At 17:20, long after the Twin Towers had fallen, the No. 7 World Trade Center tower imploded vertically exactly as it happens in controlled demolitions, even though no plane hit the tower which is 100 meters from the Twin Towers. This extremely important fact is absent in the research report. ??? NOTE : Why was this important fact not highlighted in the media or was only briefly mentioned? Building No. 7 World Trade Center

5 No wreckage? No fuselage? No engines? No seats? No luggage? And no bodies? ???? Official Explanation: The combustion of jet fuel carbonized all up to the point of disappearing. The Pentagon

6 And this? Look at this photo: Is it possible that jet fuel cause an entire aircraft, including passengers, to disappear but leave intact a computer screen and other office equipment?

7 Look at this photo, why the wings of the Boeing 747 did not damage the part of the building where it is supposed to have an impact?

8 This photo was taken shortly before the Pentagon wall collapsed. The hole through which supposedly passed a 747 is not more than 5 meters. Find out the size of a Boeing 747 and you will understand that they have done nothing but lie. Do you really believe, seeing this photo, that a plane the size of the Boeing 747 entered through this wall ?????

9 Keep watching


11 After a controversy over the fact that there was no plane at the Pentagon, the authorities decided to silence those "rumors" publishing these 5 photos from a surveillance camera outside the building. Here they are: The Pentagon represents the US military, the power of the United States, yet, the most secure building in the world seems to be monitored with apparently second rate cameras which were only able to get only get these 5 photos ????? We note again that no plane is seen

12 The collapse of the Twin Towers According to the report of the inquiry commission, floors collapsed one on top of each other.That theory does not hold! The fall would have slowed down regularly if that had been the case. The towers fell nearly at the speed of free fall. The 4 main pillars of steel should have remained intact if there had been collapsing floors. This collapse is impossible without the help of explosives and as the towers had collapsed in the lower floors, projections outwards are a good sign that there were explosives.

13 In this picture you see how the top of the tower falls aside (it landed on the roof of the hotel of the World Trade Center complex). Therefore, there was less pressure on the lower floors. So, why would the tower collapse on itself?

14 Many survivors, then present in the towers, mentioned having heard repeated explosions, including William Rodriguez, who was the last person found alive in the rubble. He was a porter at the complex for many years. Today he fights for the truth about September 11th, 2001 with various organizations. You can find on- line video with his narration which is very interesting.

15 Flight 93 Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. Here are the photos: Again, there is nothing to prove that here was a plane, and the hole seems too small for an aircraft of such size.

16 That is not all! Do you know who is Larry Silverstein? He was the new owner of the World Trade Center. In July 2001 he signed a lease for 99 years and an insurance policy against terrorism. After September 11th, they compensated him because he brought it to justice having as argument that it was not one terrorist act, but two, claiming double compensation, and he won the case. Finally, the Manhattan district court agreed compensation of $ 4.6 billions... Would not be Larry Silverstein aware of what was going to happen???

17 NORAD is the organization that controls the airspace of the United States. The rules require that in case that a plane is diverted or in wrong path, NORAD calls directly to the Air Force, which sent F16 aircrafts, without need of agreement of the Department of Defense. From January to September 2001 they intercepted 67 planes that diverted its course in under 15 minutes. In September 11, 2001 they would have failed their mission 4 times ??????

18 Crimes of the « insiders » Shortly before the September 11 many insider crimes were confirmed. Between 6 and 7 September, 4,744 sale options were placed in relation to the shares of United Airlines, compared to only 396 acquired for sale. On September 10, the day before the attacks, 4,516 sale options were placed for acquiring options for American Airlines versus 748 for sale. « certain American authorities (...) conceal or disguise the most spectacular crime ever observed. You will not find anyone in the financial community believing the official fable » John Kinnucan, a figure of Broadband Research, says: « I saw the highest number of buy/sell operations in the 10 years that I have been in the market, particularly in the options market » (Associated Press 9-18-2001; San Francisco Chronicle 9-19-2001) Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg Business News, talking about the movements of Morgan Stanley and other companies, said: « This would be one of the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of humanity if it were a coincidence » (ABCNews 9/20/2001) =

19 There are still many inconsistencies in the final report of the commission of inquiry, and we can not list them all. Some think (and certainly with reason) that what happened on that day was perfectly organized and planned by certain elements within the US government as a first step in the Middle East to get their hands on the oil.

20 40 Million US $ vs 600 000 US $ Do you know that $ 40 million US dollars were spent to investigate the sexual life of Bill Clinton versus only $ 600 000 US dollars on the September 11, 2001, investigation? Some members of the commission investigating the case Clinton / Lewinsky also were part of the commission of inquiry for the September 11 events.

21 The things that are not seen in the "traditional" media: Today many people are striving for truth and for reopening the investigation through demonstrations in New York. Associations of families of the victims, websites, conferences worldwide...

22 Do you think Congress should or should not investigate the conduct of the Executive Branch, before, during and after the attacks of September 11? They should investigate They should not investigate Without opinion

23 This presentation is dedicated to all the victims and their families with the hope that the truth will be exposed one day through the effort of all of us.

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