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E XIT I NTERVIEW W ORKSHOP January 27 th 2011 University of Florida Chi Sigma Iota Beta Chapter.

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1 E XIT I NTERVIEW W ORKSHOP January 27 th 2011 University of Florida Chi Sigma Iota Beta Chapter

2 E XIT I NTERVIEW : E XAMINATION O BJECTIVES To provide students with the opportunity to articulate their personal theory of therapy at this stage of their career; To demonstrate therapeutic behavior congruent with that philosophy; To provide a forum in which they can represent themselves professionally as Marriage & Family Counselors; To help the faculty determine if they are theoretically and clinically READY for post-degree supervised clinical practice as Registered MFC Interns; To help students and faculty identify areas of strength on which students can build as they graduate and begin their post-degree clinical supervision.

3 S TEP 1: I NTEGRATIVE P APER Your conceptualization of the client/system and relevant attributes as situated in a broader socio-cultural context. Your views concerning health and pathology in client systems. Your approach to assessment and diagnosis. Your approach to generating goals and objectives in counseling/therapy. Your understanding of the processes of change/no change. Your preferred intervention strategies and their purpose. Your approach to evaluating the effectiveness of therapy. A summary of the research literature supportive of your approach and, if applicable, a summary of the implications of your approach for future research.

4 P APER F ORMAT This should be a scholarly, referenced (use APA format) paper of between 10 and 15 pages in length which articulates your identity as a behavioral and social scientist. It is imperative that copies of the paper be given to each member of your examining committee no less than one full week prior to the presentation. (If your paper is not distributed one full week in advance of the scheduled examination, you must reschedule it.)

5 S TEP 2: W RITTEN S UPPLEMENT Please give a written supplement to the videotape that you will be presenting to members of your examining committee forty-eight hours before your oral presentation. Remember, the primary purpose of your presentation is to demonstrate interventions that are consistent with your theoretical position. This supplement is to: Give faculty a context for their viewing of the interventions presented on videotape. This might include a description of the client/system, their presenting problems, their goals for counseling, and your goals for your work with this particular client/system. Include your rationale for the four intervention examples you are presenting to the faculty. Tell the reader the length of each video segment and what element of your theory the selection demonstrates. Attach written evidence of the effectiveness of your approach with at least one client/system (for example, a completed feedback instrument which provides outcome data relevant to your approach). Be sure to disguise identifying data about the clients/systems so that their privacy is protected. Collect the video supplement after the examination and dispose of it properly. Erase the videotape, unless you have written permission of your clients to preserve the tape (and written materials) for educational purposes. Since the focus will be on your interventions rather than on client behaviors, it is not necessary for you to present from only one case. Indeed, your video segments may be from several different cases (although, it's easier to organize material from one case). Make sure you have appropriate release forms on file for each tape segment (i.e., client/system) shown.

6 S TEP 3: P RESENTATION You will have one hour to present and explain your work. Your advisor will serve as moderator for the examination, calling the examination to order, notifying your committee when questioning may begin, and stopping at 60 minutes so that a formal process of evaluation can commence. We recommend that you work closely with your advisor in preparing all materials so that your examination runs smoothly.

7 E VALUATION AND R EMEDIATION In order to pass the examination, you must earn a minimum average score of three (3) on each of the four work samples presented (i.e., your personal theory paper, written supplement to the videotape, videotape presentation, and verbal presentation). In the event that you do not earn a passing score on the written materials (but do earn a passing grade on the videotape and the oral presentation), you may redo these papers without making another presentation; however, failing the oral or tape presentation will necessitate a second examination.

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