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Agenda 21 Locally What does it look like today? How is it implemented?

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1 Agenda 21 Locally What does it look like today? How is it implemented?

2 Option 1 - Sign the ICLEI Charter Promise that none of your zoning laws, regulations, ordinances, policies, plans will conflict with ICLEI and UN policies. You get help from ICLEI and potential grants and matching funds from ICLEI, Federal and State sources. You get help with developing your comprehensive development plans and in networking with media, community organizing organizations, business organizations and other government bodies to sell it. You get to send a voting representative to the biennial meetings of the ICLEI Board to vote on changes to the ICLEI Charter. You get to use ICLEI logos and materials on your website and in your published documents.

3 Option 2 – Don’t Sign the Charter Federal and state environmental laws, grant rules, and development/business regs incorporate many Agenda 21 principles. A whole industry of “consultants”, “facilitators”, and “professional planning” “expert” companies has grown up around Agenda 21. The environmental movement and Left pressure and advocate into local Planning Boards. The push is for Comprehensive Development Plans, Bicycle Transportation Plans, Pedestrian and Hiking Trail Plans, Natural Habitats, Bird Sanctuaries, etc.

4 How do you tell? Option 1 – More Obvious. They usually flaunt it. There are budget items. Or the members are listed at: Option 2 – Camouflaged. You have to recognize the code language, the principles, and the policies which are consistent with Agenda 21. – You have to review the Planning Board document, comprehensive plans, zoning laws, etc. – You have to understand the Agenda 21 principles and precepts to recognize what is being implemented.

5 2 Long Term Goals of Agenda 21 1.Government Ownership and Control of all Land a)Set aside 50% of land as Core Reserves and Corridors – off limits to Humans b)Set aside 25% of land as Buffer Zones with Government controls over resource use and limited human encroachment only as necessary to accomplish government-approved activities. c)All human habitation to be limited to the remaining 25% of land in high-density planned urban areas based on 20 minute rule.

6 2 Long Term Goals of Agenda 21 2.Reduce world population from its current 5.5 billion in 2011 to no more than 700,000. Maintain a stable world population in that range through fertility controls and education. All links and webpages pertaining to the Global Sustainability Summit in Cairo have been scrubbed from the internet.


8 North Carolina Long Range Land Use Map



11 Excerpts of S.P. Policies (P-R.01) Acquire, develop and maintain neighborhood parks in new and existing neighborhoods. (G.04, G.05, G.07) (P-R.02) Continue development of a greenway system, facilitating open space retention and interlinking Southern Pines’ neighborhoods. (G.04, G.05, G.07, G.12) P-R.06) Discourage public investment in new utilities infrastructure through Horse Country. (G.06, G.07)

12 Excerpts of S.P. Policies (P-R.04) Collaborate with Moore County, land trusts and others on effective land use strategies promoting preservation of Horse Country. (G.06, G.07, G.12) (P-S.05) Maintain, expand and improve Southern Pines’ parks, greenway and open-space areas, on-pace and in concert with need and plan objectives. (G.05, G.06, G.07, G.12, G.17) (P-V.03) Pursue open-space and critical-area preservation, using the smartgrowth toolbox or other appropriate strategies. (G.06, G.07, G.12, G.13)

13 Excerpts of S.P. Policies (P-X.02) Make walking or bicycling a more convenient, safe and economical transportation alternative. (G.02, G.04, G.05) (P-X.10) Minimize land dedicated to parking downtown, ensuring space for services and retaining the continuity of storefronts along downtown sidewalks. (G.02, G.03) (P-X.16) Facilitate the development of a non- automotive inter-regional transportation system. (G.13)

14 Excerpts of S.P. Policies (P-V.05) Improve Southern Pines’ sustainability by conserving water resources and improving its quality. (G.12, G.13) (P-V.06) Improve Southern Pines’ sustainability by providing incentives for increased recycling of household and construction waste. (G.12, G.13) (P-V.07) Improve Southern Pines’ sustainability by providing incentives for energy conservation. (G.12, G.14) (P-V.08) Improve Southern Pines’ sustainability by providing incentives for “green” building design, practices and construction. (G.12, G.13)

15 Definitions Green Building Design The philosophy, approach and application of energy and environmental conservation in the design and construction of buildings, often associated with specific criteria for determining compliance, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Greenway A trail facility dedicated exclusively to pedestrian, bicycle and/or equestrian use, usually following alignments other than parallel to roadways and designed Incompatible Uses Uses of land that is not harmonious.

16 Definitions Land Use The specific purpose for which land or a building is designated, arranged, intended, or for which it is or may be occupied or maintained. Landscaping Buffers The separation of land uses from other land uses or sensitive environmental areas by a strip of unoccupied land, reducing potential conflicts and negative impacts by putting distance and screening between the two. Open Space Land in a predominantly natural state or altered for natural resource based uses and may include, but is not limited to: riparian areas, agricultural lands, watersheds, forests, floodplains, and habitat areas.

17 Terms used to disguise Land Area removed from Private Uses Parks Nature Habitat/Preserve Buffer Areas/Zones Transition Areas Hiking Trails Bicycle Paths Greenways/Greenlines Watershed preserves Wetlands Historic sites Land Trusts Open Spaces Common Areas Public Spaces Landscaping Buffers

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