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Making Your Own Luck – “Planned Happenstance” June Kay Career Development Consultant.

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1 Making Your Own Luck – “Planned Happenstance” June Kay Career Development Consultant

2 ∂ “We do not always need a plan to create a career…………” “…….…Instead, we need a plan to act on happenstance – to transform unplanned events into career opportunity.” Kathleen Mitchell, In Praise of Uncertainty, 1998

3 ∂ Planned Happenstance Why? Even experts cannot always anticipate the economic, social and political events that will impact upon employment What? An attitude you adopt and the actions that you take How? 1.Clarify Ideas 2.Remove the Blocks 3.Expect the unexpected 4.Take Action

4 ∂ I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it. ~ Charles Schulz Living involves tearing up one rough draft after another. ~ Author Unknown It’s OK to change your plans and make mistakes Anxiety about the future is normal Finding the right career path is a life-long process You can create future beneficial unplanned events

5 ∂ Alumni Examples PhD Mathematics, David PhD Poetry, Owen

6 ∂ Examples in your life?

7 ∂ Attributes / Qualities Risk Taking Persistence Curiosity Optimism Flexibility

8 ∂ What can you do? Cultivate self-awareness and listen to yourself If you’re curious about something, find a way to learn more about it Be open minded and willing to consider “crazy ideas” Think positive – give ideas a chance before dismissing them See a Careers Adviser to explore ideas When things happen differently than planned ask yourself if this could be an opportunity in disguise Berkeley University

9 ∂ What can you do? Talk to new people, learn to value your wants, to see your interests as legitimate Experiment, learn new skills, make mistakes, change your mind Be open to discover new things about yourself Go ahead and explore Get out and do it Berkeley University

10 ∂ Case Studies

11 ∂ What might you do???...... Network with other students and staff in college & dept Take on a temporary or lower level job and volunteer for additional responsibilities Voluntary work in the community Travel, TEFL, volunteer oversees, pick fruit in the sun…. Work shadowing / experience Join professional bodies Study for a night-class / short OU course etc Join clubs & societies Get involved with hobbies and interests = meet people …………………… What else???

12 ∂ Action Plan!! What 3 things are you going to do in the next 3 months??

13 ∂ Cheese alert!!

14 ∂ Remember don’t wait for your ship to come in………… …..swim out to meet it!

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