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Wordlist 26 A Face in the Airport Crowd

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1 Wordlist 26 A Face in the Airport Crowd

2 1. All in all (adv.) Definition: altogether, utterly Synonym: altogether, utterly Example: All in all the plan was successful. Word Family:

3 2. Controversy (n.) Definition: a lot of disagreement or argument about something Synonym: dispute, disagreement, debate Example: There was a big controversy surrounding/over the use of drugs in athletics. Word Family: Controversial (adj.) Controversially (adv.)

4 3. Disguise (n.) Definition: something that serves or is intended for concealment of identity, character, or quality Synonym: concealment, mask Example: Noble words can be the disguise of base intentions. Word Family: dis·guis·a·ble, adjective dis·guis·ed·ly, adverb dis·guis·ed·ness, noun dis·guis·er, noun dis·guise·ment, noun

5 4. Frantically (adv.) Definition: done in a hurried way and in a state of excitement or confusion Synonym: furiously, Example: I've been working frantically all week to get it finished on time. Word Family:

6 5. Hijack (v.) Definition: to take control of an aircraft or other vehicle during a journey, especially using violence Synonym: skyjack, snatch Example: Two men hijacked a jet travelling to Paris and demanded $125,000. Word Family: an·ti·hi·jack, adjective

7 6. Inspire (v.) Definition: to give someone an idea for a book, film, product, etc Synonym: prompt, cause, trigger Example: The design of the car has inspired many imitations. Word Family: in·spir·er, noun in·spir·ing·ly, adverb pre·in·spire, verb (used with object), pre·in·spired, pre·in·spir·ing. pseu·do·in·spir·ing, adjective

8 7. Justifiable (adj.) Definition: If something is justifiable, there is a good reason for it Synonym: legitimate, defensible Example: Her actions were quite justifiable in the circumstances. Word Family: jus·ti·fi·a·bil·i·ty, jus·ti·fi·a·ble·ness, noun jus·ti·fi·a·bly, adverb un·jus·ti·fi·a·ble, adjective un·jus·ti·fi·a·ble·ness, noun un·jus·ti·fi·a·bly, adverb

9 8. Lawsuit (n.) Definition: a problem taken to a law court by an ordinary person or an organization rather than the police in order to obtain a legal decision Synonym: judicial proceeding, Example: Two of the directors brought (US usually filed) a lawsuit against their former employer. Word Family:

10 9. Tilt (n.) Definition: the act of leaning, inclining, sloping, or slanting. Synonym: lean, slope Example: Mum’s cup was on a tilt. Word Family: tilt·a·ble, adjective tilt·er, noun

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