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1 Demeter

2 Do you agree with Hamilton’s condemnation of the Greek Pantheon as mostly “harmful” and “capricious” in the first paragraph of the chapter?

3 Of what is Demeter goddess?

4 Why does Hamilton argue she should be older?
Why does Hamilton argue she should be a woman?

5 Who is Persephone? Where does she go?

6 How does Demeter react to Persephone’s disappearance?

7 Why does Demeter disguise herself? Where on earth does she end up?

8 How does Demeter try to give Demophoon immortal youth
How does Demeter try to give Demophoon immortal youth? What is the outcome of this plan?

9 Who is Celeus? How does Demeter suggest he can win back her good graces?

10 What effect does Demeter’s grief have on the earth?
What action does Zeus take?

11 What does Zeus tell Hades to do?
How does Hades thwart this plan?

12 What sad message does Rhea bring to Demeter?

13 While the Olympians were “the happy gods,” what emotions are present in the stories of Demeter and Persephone?

14 Dionysus

15 Of what is Dionysus god? What other name is he called?

16 Who are Dionysus’ parents? What is unique about this?

17 What awful fate befalls his mother
What awful fate befalls his mother? Why does Zeus have to uphold his promise to her?

18 Why is Dionysus’ birth of fire and childhood of rain appropriate for his function as god of the vine?

19 Why do the pirates kidnap Dionysus?
How does Dionysus show his divinity to the pirates? What fate do they suffer?

20 Who are the Maenads or Bacchantes? What do they look like?

21 How do the follwers of Dionysus differ in their worship from the attendees of the other gods?

22 What are the two ideas present in the worship of Dionysus?

23 Why does Dionysus return to Thebes?
Who is Pentheus?

24 Why does he ignore the advice of Teirsias and the band of soldiers?

25 What awful fate does Pantheus experience?
Why do you think Dionysus encouraged his demise?

26 Besides knowledge of winemaking (viticulture), what is Dionysus’ greatest gift to the word?
Where is his festival celebrated?

27 Why and how does Dionysus die every year?
What is more hopeful about Dionysus’ death than Persephone’s?

28 12 line poem & Illustration
Biopoem 12 line poem & Illustration

29 Line 1. Name: Line 2. God/Goddess of: Line 3. Relative (“brother,” “sister,” “daughter,” etc.) of: Line 4. Four traits that describe character: Line 5. Who loves (list three things or people): Line 6. Who hates (list three things or people): Line 7. Who feels (three things): Line 8. Who fears (three things):  Line 9. Who gives (three things): Line 10. Who would like to see (three things): Line 11. Resides in: (Line 12. One more line somewhere in poem)

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