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Alfred Dreyfus.

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1 Alfred Dreyfus

2 The Bordereau

3 French 120 mm Gun

4 Maximilian von Schwartzkoppen Military Attache German Embassy
Bordereau found in his trash can by Madame Bastian - French Spy in German Embassy Addressed to Colonel von Schwartzkoppen Gay – Also Wrote to lover Italian Military Attache—Major Allesandro Panizzardi in coded language: “the scoundrel of a D…” Reference to Dreyfus or .. Offered “plans of Nice” “Don’t exhaust yourself with too much buggery” Letter submitted to judges as part of “secret dossier” along with Bordereau

5 Madame Marie Caudron Bastian

6 Alphonse Bertillon Criminologist
Suspect had to be an artillary officer Dreyfus made regular visits to family (from Alsace—now German) Criminologist Bertillon testified that the LACK of resemblance between Dreyfus writing and Bordereau proof of “self-forgery”

7 Drumont – Publishes article on Dreyfus – October 31, 1894

8 Dreyfus Secret Court Martial Guilty of Treason December 22, 1894

9 Degradation Ceremony – January 5 1895


11 Affair Becomes a Media Affair

12 Dreyfus in Prison



15 Madame Bastion Continues to Collect Garbage
All intelligence to go to Major Henry until Colonel Georges Picquart is chosen as new Chief of Intelligence Picquart wants all espionage before Henry gets it Reveals little except that espionage didn’t stop with Dreyfus’ arrest

16 Col. Picquart Shows “Le Petit Bleu” written by Esterhazy - 1896

17 Adam Gopnik: Esterhazy “had done everything short of wearing a nametag on his shirtfront reading ‘Spy.’” Gambling Debts Debauched son of an Illegitimate daughter of an illegitimate claimant to the Hungarian throne Written to mistress that he hated the French Army Notorious for being a drunk He was everything Zola would find in the most degenerate

18 Cover Up Begins Word of Esterhazy-Panizzardi letter gets out
Lucie Dreyfus calls for reopening case General de Boisdeffre transfers Picquart to Tunis in North Africa Eventually, Piquart gets his story to Senator Auguste Scheurer-Kestner, who is convinced Dreyfus innocent

19 Colonel Henry and His “Faux Henry” - 1896

20 The Plot Thickens War Minister General Billot –forces Esterhazy to retire Billot, Col. Henry, and Officer Paty de Clam (left) –warn Esterhazy of suspicions Esterhazy meets Paty de Clam in disguise in a park-Paty de Clam says he will support him

21 Bernard Lazare Tells all to Zola – Nov. 1897
Mathieu Dreyfus begins to publish case for Dreyfus innocence – gets bordereau published in Newspaper Mr. de Castro, Esterhazy’s South American stock broker recognizes writing and contacts Mathieu Dreyfus

22 Mathieu Dreyfus and Scheurer-Kestner get Together

23 “The Affair” Blows Up November 1897 – after conversation with Scheurer-Kestner- Mathiew Dreyfus writes letter to Minister of War Army recalls Picquart but keeps him under surveillance Le figaro begins to publish Esterhazy’s letters to his mistress


25 “The Affair” December 4 – Chamber of Deputies reaffirms Dreyfus’s guilt Jules Meline – Premier: “there is no Dreyfus Affair” December 11 – Ravery Inquiry concludes there is not enough evidence to pursue Esterhazy






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