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Other Sleep Disorders AO2

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1 Other Sleep Disorders AO2
Explanations of Sleep disorders: Narcolepsy Sleep Walking

2 Narcolepsy Refresher Psychological explanations REM HLA Hypocretin
Lehrman and Weiss, 1943 – disguise sexual fantasies REM Caused by malfunctions in the system regulating REM sleep, hence cataplexy, hallucinations etc. HLA Honda et el 1983 – increased HLA – mutation of immune system. Hypocretin Low levels of this neurotransmitter which regulates emotion and homeostasis in the hypothalamus (Sakuri, 2007)

3 Somnambulism (Sleep-Walking)
Incomplete arousal Brain activity shows delta waves (SWS) and beta waves (Awake) – brain is not fully aroused Risk factors Sleep deprivation, alcohol, fever, stress, psychiatric conditions (Plazzi et al, 2005) Hormonal changes at puberty Some people may have inherited vulnerability – diathesis stress model Why children? Children have more SWS System which normally inhibits motor activity not sufficiently developed (Oliviero, 2008) Psychological causes Sleep walking result of acting out dreams representing repressed traumas and anxieties

4 From the hand out and your own knowledge…
In pairs, you should work on either Sleep-walking or Narcolepsy (one each). When you are done, swap! Find: 1 x IDA 2 x studies 1 methodology 1 x RWA

5 Narcolepsy Sleep-walking
RWA – treatments being worked on involving artificial hypocretin replacement RWA – Jules Lowe used sleep walking research as defence in murder case Study 1 – Vogel, (1960)/Siegel (1999) Study 1 – genetic link – Broughton (1968)/Lecendreux et al (2003) Study 2 – Migon et al (1997) Study 2 – Diathesis-stress model support – Zadra et al (2008) IDA – Biological approach supported by research into hypocretin as a cause IDA – Psychological cause unlikely – refutes Psychodynamic approach Methodology – animals used in research Methodology – lab experiments, problems with measuring sleep etc.

6 Implication check… Does it say what the information you have discussed in M and I suggests about the explanation for narcolepsy/sleep walking? Does it say how you know this? Does it make a justified judgement upon the value/usefulness of the explanation? Does it link back to the question?

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