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Character Descriptions

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1 Character Descriptions
CRAZY FOR YOU Character Descriptions

2 BELA ZANGLER Principal Singer
Mid 40s – 50s New York Hungarian (will use a vocal accent) Married but has the hots for his dance director Successful Broadway Producer Zangler Follies – Girls Chorus Group Hard nosed, no nonsense, business man

3 BOBBY CHILD Principal Singer
Mid 20s – 30s New York man about town Heir to wealthy banking family Bit of a ‘mamma’s boy’ Wants to sing and dance despite mother’s plans for him to work in her bank Task is to forclose on the Gaiety Theatre in Deadrock Nevada. Falls in love with Polly Impersonates Zangler to win over Polly

4 POLLY baker Principal Singer
Early to mid 20s Deadrock Nevada All ‘American girl’ / sweetheart but a bit of a tom boy Feisty, strong and tough exterior but desperately wants love in her life Falls in love with Zangler (who Bobby impersonates) Daughter of Everett Mother was a famous musical actress who performed when the Gaiety Theatre was in its prime

5 IRENE ROTH Prinicipal Singer
Mid 20s – 30s New York New York Society debutant: posh, sassy, likes to get her own way Bobby’s fiance and follows him to Deadrock Bit of a control freak Seduces and marries Lank Hawkins

6 LANK HAWKINS Ensemble Singing
Mid 20s – 30s Nevada’s saloon proprietor Arrogant, thinks he’s the only good looking man in town Expects to marry Polly Wants to buy the theatre from Everett Has an eye for business and wants to expand his Saloon Marries Irene

7 Everett Ensemble and solo line singing
Mid 50s – 60s Polly’s father Owner of Gaiety Theatre His late wife was a star performer Loveable but lives in the past and doesn’t embrace change Falls in love with Bobby’s mother at the end.

8 TESS Ensemble & Solo line singing
New York Mid 20s – 30s Zangler’s Follie’s Dance Captain/Director Rejects Zangler’s advances as he’s married No nonsense, common sense girl Helps Bobby put on show to save the Gaiety Theatre

9 Patsy Ensemble Singing solo lines
Early – mid 20s Follie’s Show girl Loveable but air head, ditzy. Tess’ right hand woman Adds a comedic element Helps to disguise Bobby as Zangler

10 Lottie Child Ensemble Singing
New York 60s Bobby’s overbearing and controlling mother Very wealthy, business focussed City woman Doesn’t approve of Irene as Bobby’s fiance and doesn’t like the idea of Polly either

11 Eugene & Patricia Fodor Ensemble and solo line singing
A British couple writing a guidebook to the American West In Deadrock to review Lank’s Saloon Stereotypical ‘English’ persona

12 COWBOYS 3 Singing Cowboys: Mingo, Moose and Sam
Men of Deadrock – lazy drifers

13 The Follies Girls Dancers in Zangler’s Follies Bobby’s friends
Mitzi – one of the Follies Show Girls

14 OTHER ROLES Perkins (Business assistant for Bobby’s mother)
Custus (Cowboy) Chaffeur

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