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STEM UNIT Mixtures and Interaction

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1 STEM UNIT Mixtures and Interaction
Superhero/ Villain Descriptive Paragraph

2 REQUIREMENTS 4 paragraphs 20 ______ 2 similes 20 ______
1 Idiom ______ 2 Onomatopoeia ______ 2 super powers ______ 1 weakness ______ Picture of hero (colored/neat) ______

3 What is a descriptive paragraph?
The purpose of descriptive writing is to make our readers see, feel, and hear what we have seen, felt, and heard. Whether we're describing a person, a place, or a thing, our aim is to reveal a subject through vivid and carefully selected details.

4 Figurative Language Review
Onomatopoeia – Writing words to portray sounds Ex: I hit and kicked the punching bag as hard as I could.“POW! BOOM! BAM!” Simile- making a comparison using “like” or “as.” Ex: She’s as pretty as a picture. Ex: His smile was like a bright beam of light.

5 Vulnerabilities and Powers
Vulnerabilities – weakness of your character or “kryptonite.” Ex: The best weaknesses are side-effects of the hero’s strengths.  For example, a hero with supersight might be vulnerable to intense light.  Someone with superhearing might be vulnerable to loud sound.   Powers– the powers or super strength that your character will have Ex: Has laser vision

6 Brainstorm Introduction- Body Paragraph I- Body paragraph II-
Hook/Lead Sentence: Profile: What is your superhero’s/villain’s name? What does he/she look like? Is he/she muscular? Short? Funny looking? Describe the personality of your superhero/villain. Why did he or she choose good over evil (or evil over good)? Secret disguise: What is your superhero’s (or villain’s) secret disguise? What does he or she wear when fighting (or committing) crimes? Body Paragraph I- Powers: What powers does your superhero/villain have? What can he or she do that other humans cannot? Body paragraph II- Vulnerabilities/weakness- How are the powers of your character limited? Is there something that can make him or her weak? Conclusion Goal- What does your superhero/villain want to achieve on Earth? Is he or she a crime fighter or a modern hero who fights against pollution? Or is he/she a villain who wants to destroy things or rule all? How does he or she do that? Who is preventing the him/her from reaching this goal?

7 Brainstorm Outline Introduction- Body Paragraph I- Body paragraph II-
Hook/Lead Sentence: Profile: Secret disguise: Body Paragraph I- Powers: Body paragraph II- Vulnerabilities/weakness- Conclusion Goal-

8 Descriptive Writing Example:
Wonder Women It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s WONDER WOMAN! Wonder Women is 6 feet 5 inches tall. Her suit is blue with pink and purple polka dots. She has blond curly hair as beautiful as a sunset. She is kind and smart. People are drawn to her beauty and personality. Wonder Woman has many powers. She can run all over the world in 1 minute. Zoom! There she goes! She can get to Africa in 50 seconds. She helps people everywhere. Another power is she can fly. She can fly up on top of every building. She flies when ever she wants to help people. Lastly, she is strong. She can lift 2 cars at one time! She is so strong she can lift 4 Sumo wrestlers with one hand! Though Wonder Woman has many strengths, she also has a vulnerability. Because she is so strong, men are intimidated by her. She longs to be loved. Her vulnerability is love. When love is around, she cannot concentrate on her task. All Wonder Woman wants is for a peaceful world. She wants to protect all human kind from the evil villains that roam the cities. Though fighting crime seems like a piece of cake to her, her arched nemeses Paula Von Gunther proves to be a constant struggle. Will she be successful in her endeavors? Only time will tell

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