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Steering Committee on Arizona Potable Reuse (SCAPR)

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1 Steering Committee on Arizona Potable Reuse (SCAPR)
LEAGUE OF ARIZONA CITIES AND TOWNS Conference August 21, 2014 Presented by: Tim Thomure, PE, PMP, ENV SP Water Reuse Practice Lead HDR Engineering, Inc. Past President WateReuse Arizona

2 The 5 “D’s” of Discussing Potable Reuse
30 Years Ago: 15 Years Ago: 5 Years Ago: Today: Deny (or) Delay Depend Disguise Direct

3 DPR Frameworks Are Emerging
Reality in Texas – guidance under development The California DPR Initiative On the radar in Florida – DPR demonstration in the planning stages New Mexico process has just begun WateReuse Association

4 Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Water Sustainability
B.3 – Facilitating Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR) Create an IPR Multi-Agency Steering Committee to advance the use of IPR Create an IPR Advisory Panel Open a rulemaking process to develop the regulatory framework

5 Sandy Fabritz-Whitney
The SCAPR Current Roster Tim Thomure (Chair) John Kmiec (Co-Chair) Mike Fulton Chuck Graf Mike Lacey Jeff Trembly Jim Armstrong Channah Rock Guy Carpenter Sandy Fabritz-Whitney Graham Symmonds Brian Biesemeyer Jean McLain Purpose: To guide Arizona water interests in identifying and mitigating impediments to potable reuse (real or imagined) within industry standards of practice. Initiated: March 2013

6 Process Form the Steering Committee Conduct Advisory Panels
Technology Toolbox Emerging Contaminants (APEC) Public Acceptance Water Quality Regulations & Guidance White Paper(s)

7 Current Status White Papers Concurrent Efforts Multi-phase Engagement:
Expand stakeholder involvement Workshops/briefings with elected officials Legislative and regulatory procedures

8 DPR in AZ Workshop Concept
Target: Remote communities facing a supply shortfall Primary Audience: Utility leadership and staff Elected officials and staff Regulatory agencies Location: Prescott Objective: Provide confidence that DPR is safe Prepare for the Public Conversation

9 What Does Success Look Like?
“I grew up in rural Archer County and I don’t remember teaching any of my cows to get out of the water when they do their business. We’d rather not think about it in those terms, but all water is recycled.” Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom Fort Worth Star-Telegram 3/14/14

10 Recycled Water in Arizona: Right Water for the Right Use
Direct Potable Environmental Uses Indirect Potable Reclaimed Water Energy Production Industry & Agriculture

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