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By: Liam Scollins Grace O’ Connell Matthew Bartholomew Stamatov Esquire III.

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1 By: Liam Scollins Grace O’ Connell Matthew Bartholomew Stamatov Esquire III

2 Ceyx and Alcyone Ceyx: A king in Thessaly, his father was Lucifer, he was the husband of Alcyone and he died at sea Alcyone: The wife of Ceyx daughter of, Aeolus, King of the Winds Somnus: The God of Sleep, Iris asked him to give Alcyone a dream that her husband had died. Morpheus: The son of Somnus, gives the dream to Alcyone, he can take the form of any human being.

3 Summary Ceyx has to embark on a journey to consult with an oracle about his fate. Alcyone, his wife, is wary of his journey, because she knows what dangers await in the ocean. She prays for his safety for many nights, even though he has already succumbed to the sea.

4 Juno(Hera), heard Alcoyne’s prayers and sent Iris, the messenger to tell Somnus to give Alcyone a dream about her husband dying. He then sends his son, Morpheus, who has the power to take the form of any human. When Alcyone awakes, she is grief-stricken because she now knows that her husband is dead. She goes out to the shore and sees his dead body floating towards the shoreline. She frantically wades through the water to get to her husband, but as she reaches him they both turn into birds and fly away.

5 Pygmalion and Galatea Pygmalion- A sculptor of Cyprus who hated women. Galatea- She is a flawless sculpture made by Pygmalion, who he eventually falls in love with. Venus- The Goddess of Love and Beauty.

6 Summary Pygmalion, a sculptor, made a beautiful sculpture of a women, with whom he eventually fell in love with. He labor for a long time to perfect her every feature. He tried to pretend that she was real for a while. He dressed her in clothes and put her to bed at night and brought her gifts.

7 Venus noticed Pygmalion and his sculpture, so on her feast day he went to the temple of Venus and asked her where he could find someone like her. But instead she brought his marvelous sculpture to life. He named her Galatea and married her, their child's name was Paphos.

8 Baucis and Philemon Baucis: A kind old who takes in Jupiter and Mercury while they are disguised a poor beggars. Philemon: Baucis’ husband who also takes in the disguised gods. Jupiter (Zeus): The God of the Sky, the Supreme Ruler of the Gods. Mercury (Hermes): Zeus’ son and messenger.

9 Summary The myth of Baucis and Philemon starts with Jupiter and Mercury becoming bored with their home on Mt. Olympus. They disguise themselves as beggars and go down to a village nestled in the Phrygian hill- country. They go from door to door asking for food and shelter, but every house turns them away. After being turned away from hundreds of houses they came upon a humble home of an old couple.

10 An old lady answered the door and told them to come in. The old man and women inside gave them food and drink. The gods then flooded the village, only sparing Baucis and Philemon, a huge lake surrounded their house. Zeus then told them that they had been hosts to gods and that they were very grateful. Zeus then said that they had one wish, they asked that neither of them have to ever live alone, so will they die together. They also asked to be priests to them, and when they died they turned into two trees intertwined into one trunk.

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