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“Look Again” Types of Camouflage

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1 “Look Again” Types of Camouflage
Tracy Wynn 2nd Grade

2 Introduction What is camouflage? It’s the way animals use their patterns, colors, disguises/costumes, and mimicry to blend in with their surroundings. Have you ever wondered where these animals are hiding? How they survive? How they sneak up on their enemies? We will be studying types of animals that use camouflage. You will learn the answers to these questions and much more! Your mission is to find out which animals use each of the 4 types of camouflage!

3 Task As our class studies 4 different types of camouflage, you will visit websites with your group to help us figure out which type of animals use each of the 4 types of camouflage. As you explore each type, you will collect interesting facts about each animal. At the end of our study, your group will design a poster to display the facts you've learned about the different types of camouflage and the animals that are in each category. Your group will present your poster to our class.

4 Process To accomplish this task you will follow the steps below:  1. First you will be assigned your group.  2. Each group will be given a fact sheet to record your findings about each category of camouflage.  3. Then you will click on the links that have each type of camouflage. 4. Enjoy your field trip, but don't forget to fill out your fact sheet about each category.  5. After your group has gathered your information, your group will work together to design a poster to display and share all that you have learned.  6. When you have finished your poster, your group will present it to our class.

5 GROUP 1 Concealed Coloration
Animals that change color 1 Animals that change color 2 Animals that change color 3

6 GROUP 2 Patterns Patterns Animals that use patterns 1

7 GROUP 3 Disguise/Costume
Animals that disguise 1 Animals that disguise 2 Animals that disguise 3

8 GROUP 4 Mimicry Mimicry Animals That Use Mimicry 1

9 Conclusion You’ve completed your electronic mission about various animals that use different types of camouflage. You’ve learned how they hide, where they live, what they look like, and many other interesting facts!

10 Evaluation Rubric Poor Good Great Score 100 Points Possible
Animal Research 1 fact about an animal 3 facts about animals 4 or more facts about animals Teamwork Could not work well together and needed constant  redirection to stay focused on the assignment Able to work well together but sometimes needed redirection to stay focused on the assignment Able to work well together and stay focused on the assignment Neatness of Poster Unreadable and sloppy illustrations. Readable with some errors. Neat handwriting with bright and colorful illustrations. Presentation Presenter didn’t discuss any facts from the poster. Presenter only discussed a few parts of the poster. Presenter presented and discussed the entire poster thoroughly.

11 Teacher Page 2nd grade Biological Science-SC-EP-3.4.3 SC-P-UD-S-7
Students will ask questions that can be investigated, plan and conduct fair tests, and communicate (e.g. write, draw, speak, multi-media) findings to others.

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