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Noel Heath 12/21/11 ELA: Night By: Elie Wiesel Term II.

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1 Noel Heath 12/21/11 ELA: Night By: Elie Wiesel Term II

2 The dead were not removed from the cars during the journey because the Nazi government insisted that each body entering a car be accounted for at the destination. Each car held more than 120 people, and many froze or suffocated to death or died from disease during the trip to the camps. The rail cars were often strategically located at a distance from the passenger terminals, so that this scene would not cause mass confusion.

3 To further persuade the prisoners that nothing harmful was happening, the SS told them with small talk about camp life. Fearing that the word "disinfectant" might harm their children, many mothers hid their infants beneath their piled clothes. Camp Commandant Höss reported that the "men of the Special Forces were particularly on the look-out for this," and encouraged the women to take their children into the "shower room.“ Some women would suddenly "give the most terrible shrieks while undressing, or tear their hair, or scream like maniacs,“ so the SS immediately took them away for immediate execution by shooting. More SS Lies

4 At the core of the camp was a huge new gas chamber complex disguised as shower rooms with the capacity to kill over 2,000 people at one time. Nazi Photographer Mr. Strangle witnessed the murder of Jews in one of the gas chambers in Auschwitz for his records. There are only a few living witnesses left to testify to the scenes on arrival here at the camp.

5 The "success" of these experiments led to Zyklon B for all the gas chambers at the Auschwitz complex. Near Birkenau, the SS initially converted two farmhouses for use as gas chambers. “Provisional” gas chamber I went into operation in January 1942 and was later dismantled. Provisional gas chamber II operated from June 1942 through the fall of 1944. The SS judged these facilities to be inadequate for the scale of gassing they planned at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

6 The use of gas vans were an attempt to help with the “Final Solution” of the Jews. When all the Jewish prisoners at Semlin had been killed, the gas van returned to Germany and Semlin became a temporary detention camp for prisoners before they were transported to other labor camps in Germany and Norway. After several failed attempts by local Nazi officials to have the inmates deported to a concentration camp in the East, the authorities in Berlin dispatched a mobile gas van to help.

7 The problem is not one of overloading but of off-road maneuverability on all terrains, which is severely diminished in this van. To facilitate the cleaning of the vehicle, an opening was made in the floor to allow for drainage. The upper part of the elbow pipe was fitted with a sieve to avoid obstruction. These were constant problems for the gas vans.

8 The initial, formal killings of the Final Solution were undertaken by the SS Task Forces death squads in June 1941. The initial extermination method of shooting people in burial pits proved poor, so in late 1941, the Nazis established camps specifically for mass extermination via gas chambers. Some able-bodied prisoners delivered to the death camp were not immediately killed, but were forced into labor units to work at the extermination process, removing corpses from the gas chambers and burning them. Because the extermination camps were physically small (only several hundred meters long and wide) and equipped with minimal housing and support installations, the Nazis deceived the prisoners upon their arrival, telling them that they were at a temporary transit stop, and soon would continue to a work camp farther east.

9 thics/episodes/april-24- 2009/holocaust-by-bullets/2756/ This clip is about a French Catholic priest whose grandfather’s World War II story. It led him to seek out witnesses of the Nazi massacre of Jews in the Ukraine.


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